Friday, August 29, 2008

Fat Book Pages for August - Independent

Fat Book Page - (Front) An Independent Woman

This is the 2nd half of the August Fat Book Pages (the cowgirl was the first).
I chose Susan B. Anthony for my independent woman.
She never married, did not need a man to gage her success or worth,
and she fought for civil rights, civil liberties, and as most of you know, our right to vote.
There are some awesome quotes from her, the 'Independence is Happiness' is from her, which went perfectly with the theme, yet my favorite is:

Men their rights and nothing more;
women their rights and nothing less.


Note: A silver dollar was created of Susan B. Anthony in 1999.
One of my ideas was to create a pocket and put a real Susan B. Anthony coin in it,
until I discovered how rare the coins are!
So, I 'created my own' .
The front and back of the paper coin are attached to acetate,
so the coin can be seen on both sides
(I punched a circle through the darker card stock).
Stamps: Purple Onion Design (flourish) on front and back. Sugarlump Studios (key) on back.
Images from the web.
Ink: White Cotton & Timber Brown Stazon; Ranger Distress Vintage Photo.
Patterned Paper and darker card stock: CTMH
Acetate (covers entire front) - Top Layer.

Thanks for Looking!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Place To Find Your Cowgirls

Otay pals!

Some of you (ok, so far one of my faithful readers!) would like to know where I pilfed my Cowgirl image... Ya know, it is a good idea to share sources.. After all, it is like enabling! Sharing the Wealth! Spreading an obsession! (too much coffee over here)...

Hold on to your hats!

Here is the link: Super Fun Cowgirl Site.

Now, I didn't find that all by my lonesome.. Roni sent me!

Have a great day...

And, Happy Cowgirl Imaging!

Cowgirl Up! August Fat Book Pages - A

August Fat Pages

This months' theme for the Fat Book Swap
(Sponsored by Roni, of Ink Stains)
is Cowgirls and Independent Woman.
Here are a few of my cowgirls! (I'll share my Independent Woman on another post).
We have to make 10 of each disign so my embellishments differ on each page.
Just depends on what is in my 'stash' of theme related goods.
(Click on the photos for a bigger view)

Isn't She Just a Vixen?
I love retro Art! Too darn fun..
Supplies Used (on front):
Stampin' Up: Wheel (Bronco), Hardware (star brad), twine
Making Memories: Brad (the one on the left)
PP: Daisy D's (the back page shows the pattern, the 'front' here is solid).
I don't know the source of the 'barn wood' or 'tree' pattern paper.
Inks: Ranger Distress! Love that stuff.
Image: Pulled off the web.
Text typed in word.

The Back
Stamp by Stampin' Up (Bronc Buster Set)
Ink: Stazon (Midnight Blue)
Text typed in word

Thursday's Thoughts:
And so, there you have it. I finally squeezed in some time for one of my committed projects. I am so far behind! This month has been a crazy 'go fast' month. I can't believe it's already August 28th! GADS! The kids go back to school on Tuesday, my husband's birthday is Saturday and tomorrow I drive to Boise (again - that's the 5th time this month!) to meet The Sausage Man (it kills my sister every time I say that!).. oh.. and I have a market tonight!

Missed Dates:
I missed a few important dates! My super sweet lifelong BF (Erin) had her birthday, and my super sweet BF from my career days (Rebecca) also had a birthday.. Gads.. I am falling behind.. Not only that, my husband's sister turned 50 last week!!! Missed that one, too. Sherry and Dick are one year apart.. So that means my husband will be 50 next year! Oh I can't wait for that party! Gonna be a whopper... if I have my way, that is... OH.. I also missed my 1 year blog-anniverary... that was August 5th. Oops! I'll have to do a RAK later... behind on those, too!

Might as well just kick myself in the rear with all the things I am falling behind on! Geeze...

Weather Report:
Boy, has the weather been gorgeous! Super crispy cold mornings, (high in the 30's to low 40's), sunny beautiful days, and cold crisp nights... We sleep with the windows open, and we are gradually closing them.. Each night the 'opening' gets smaller and smaller, the sheets get colder, and we are burrowing deeper into the covers... Fall is creeping in... (although yesterday was a cloudy cold day until about 3pm.. it was 65 degrees in the casa! Brrrr!)... The 'light' (angle of the sun) is so darn beautiful.. I love my early morning chores - catching that early crisp scent of the air. Just gorgeous. Fa la la la la! I LOVE fall!

Kid Report:
Soccer season has officially began. Our first practice was Tuesday night, and the kids go again tonight (BFF Michelle will pick the kids up from the market).. Their first game is September 6th! (Oops, I'll be in Boise, so gonna need BFF and Mr. Dad to work together on kid logistics!)... As you can see, there's a scheduling and balancing act going on. For six weeks I'll be juggling kids, their school and the markets... This is when I really need to be organized! Oh, yeah... And the kids have a new school schedule. Our school is going to a 4 day school week.. No Fridays... Which is good for us. This means the Thursday night practices or games or markets won't be too hard on them the next morning...

Well, that's it for now! Gotta run!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Not for the Sight Impared....

Today is another cold day... It's 5:00 pm and 55 degrees.... and when it's cold I tend to channel my inner Domestic Goddess... Cook a fun lunch (beef fajitas), do some laundry, get dinner into the crock pot (lamb shanks) and make a dessert for after dinner...along with mowing the lawn for 2 hours, and all those other pesky interruptions...

BUT I did not quite get to the dessert. Somehow I got sidetracked and forgot... See those two boxes sitting on my counter? Well, I tend to buy boxed mixes for the school events, and quick desserts, when I don't have time for the real thing..even though today would have been a great 'from scratch day' I wasn't up for it. Well, I had grabbed the two boxes above and put them on the counter to 'get some help' from any willing family members to pick which one they wanted...

My husband picked. But, not in the way I had hoped... You see, my darling husband has an eyesight problem. He did see the boxes and the pictures, but he neglected to read the fine print (as in Supreme Mix - it's there, under the title)... So, low and behold he ripped open the raspberry bars, hoping for a tasty snack, then somehow ripped open one of the interior sacks (the crust one) still without seeing what was inside (rather tricky I might ad) and shoved his hand inside - to find loose stuff...

This is what I heard coming from the kitchen...


So, naturally I go running in...

And this is what the kids heard coming from the kitchen...


Then the kids come running in, and Sami could be heard saying...


And me, responding, back in my normal happy mommy (slightly snarky and sarcastic) voice...

Daddy is just helping me pick what to make for dessert!

Well, we did have a good laugh. And Dick did need some snacks for his early morning trip tomorrow (hauling animals to the processor), and we will have a tasty dessert tonight, with real whipped cream (not holding back there)...

And the bars are cooking while I write!

Have a great day.

We all deserve a good laugh at our lives every now and then...

Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Windy Day and the Lucky Number '51'

This last Thursday was a very chilly, rainy and windy day...A typical 'what the heck is our weather doing now' day in Eastern Oregon.. I did panic.. I am not ready for summer to pack her bags. We started out with 35 degrees, which motivated me to start working on our Fall Newsletter (Ranch business - for our customers).

We decided it was time to take down the tent. Which is a bummer. It's fun having it outside for the kids to play in, sleep in, and just looks like summer! But, it was to rain during the day, so Jake and I got to work. Here's some trivia about our tent.
  • It is 51 years old!
  • My in-laws got it for their honeymoon trip to Alaska (they were guides on a packing trip. See where my husband gets his work ethic from? My father and mother in law worked on their honeymoon! ).
  • They used it as a couple, then for family camping with their 3 young children (rumor has it that they bought a second tent as the kids got older and separated the boys from the girls),
  • then my husband inherited it.
  • We used it when we camped as a couple during our single days
  • And then, all four us slept in this baby when we went camping last summer...
  • The last time it was used was when Sami was 6 months old (during the Walsh Girls family reunion ski boat/House boat trip at Oroville Lake, CA) - 10 years ago!
  • We are looking at a repeat performance later this week (the four of us camping and fishing)! Oh boy!!!

Late in the afternoon the sun came out, the clouds parted, and Dick and the kids flew a kite. Notice my husbands garb? That's his cold weather work gear! Mr. Carhart.

What cracks me up is Dick and Jake went and got their 'buz' cuts.. right before the cold snap! But, alas, today's high is to be 97, so all in all, perhaps the buz cuts weren't too premature.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

One Hundred and Twelve....

OK.. I might have a bit of an obsession....

I love to read.. I love to write... I love to create...
And, I love to catch up, swap ideas and see what others like me do as well...

So, I subscribe to blogs that catch my attention... and on my blog reader there are 112... yep.
I update the list, remove, add, things like that...

So.. for my friends that have been feeling lonely, because you weren't on my blog as one of my fave places to visit.. (the pain of going back and forth adding them kept me from doing this) you are now!!! Blogger has a quick and easy way to add all the blogs you subscribe to!

So, I did it!

Down at the bottom.. They are all there...

If anyone is feeling lonely, let me know. I'll see about adding you to my ever so growing list!

I'll Be Your Huckleberry.....

Today's Breakfast - 10 am.
Yes.. even though up for hours.. This is my breakfast.
Mama style. Huckleberry waffles...

Eastern Oregon Gold
Huckleberries - and there all mine!

Oh yes.. Tombstone was a chick flick.. lots of eye candy, girls... Lots of eye candy...

'I'll be your Huckleberry...' rolled off of Val Kilmer's luscious (well, as Doc Holiday he was dying from Tuberculosis) ashen lips in Tombstone several years back.. Tombstone was/is one of my all time fave movies... Why, you ask? The scenes...the cowboys...the independent dance hall vixen who I had to be (she was Kurt's babe of choice) the ever so HOT Kurt Russell.. on the big screen, with those awesome brilliant blue eyes against his ever so tan face... Oh my... Which, may be another reason why I fell head over heels in love with my husband.. eyes... dark hair... tan working man...

WAIT!!.. Tombstone is NOT the purpose of this post! )And now you are privy to how my mind really wanders!) The real reason for this post, is Huckleberries. And, thinking of Huckleberries, made me think of that Doc Holiday line from the movie.... which I never fully understood...

So to get back to your regular scheduled program, I must start from the beginning...

**** Hold on, grab some java, this will be long *****

If you recall, we dined/played/fire & moon gazed, and set up the camp tent four nights ago... the night of the ever so beautiful full moon... Well, we just could not pass up a repeat... So we did it again on Sunday night, when our temps reached 97 degrees... Oh the delight! When the sun goes down the temps drop rapidly here at 3,500 feet and boy was it a gorgeous clear, crisp evening ...

And since two nights were so darn successful, we decided to do it again last night, with friends. Share the wealth, ya know? ....

So, lamb kabobs were to make a repeat performance... and super sized marshmallows for the S-mores! And, even though the weather predicted a 30 percent chance of thunderstorms - we proceeded with plans.

Guests were to arrive at 7pm.

The storm hit with a vengeance about 6:30 pm. Dick and the kids got caught in the torrent while irrigating.

The power went out about 6:45 pm. I proceeded, by candlelight, in my kitchen to skewer Kabobs. No biggy... I mean, the grill is gas. No problemo.

Guests called at 7pm. to say they were running late and the storm caused major freaky damage in their neck of the woods... but they had power ... I figured they were exaggerating.

Guests arrived. Still no power.

The storm came and went, came and went. We saw a double rainbow, dramatic sunset, wind, and Jake started the fire in the pit all by himself. Dressed like an Eskimo.

Since the temps were 65 degrees, instead of 85, we dined indoors... by candles, lanterns, and great cheer. We all had a blast! The power came back on about 8:30 or 9 pm, but we turned the lights off, no need to interrupt our great fun.....

At some point, my BFF asked why Patchie was not going into his dog house in the rain. 'Oh, he just doesn't use his dog house much' one of us responded. Which is sympathy here.

The kids stayed outdoors making S-mores while the grown-ups laughed and drank around the big table indoors...

The festivities ended about 10:30 pm. The tent was blown down from the storm so the kids slept indoors...

We went to bed...

Ahhh... But the night was not over dear friends.. The night was not over...

About 2 am (I think.. the power had knocked my clock out - so it was flashing some weird time), I heard chickens squawking.. Chickens do not squawk at night.. I bolted awake. Put on some ever so fashionable clothes.. grabbed a flashlight and went to investigate.

I found the squawker outside the pen. And, only 2 chickens were in the house, out of 20... Uh oh.. I thought. Somethin' is nabbin' my chicka wa wa's! (and, the red wine was still flowing in my bloodstream.. so I admit, I was a little twisted...)

I figured somethin' was up.. And went back to bed since no culprets were about.

Repeat squawk and wake up routine 2 more times. Each time I went out, I found a lone chicken outside, and put her in. Oh the madness! What the heck was going on? And why was it just one chicken at a time? Was it an alien abduction? Were aliens dropping them back, one by one? Freaky...

Then, I noticed Mr. Patchie. His chain reaches all the way to the chicken pen. I figured he was freaking out the chickens and keeping them from getting inside (why they were out did not cross my feeble mind) and I decided to shorten his chain... Then, I decided to move that darn house he doesn't use... and dang was it heavy! And DANG didn't the entire house squawk!

Lordy... The chickens in their infinite wisdom took refuge during the storm in Patchie's dog house.. He never touched them! He never ate them! And, I figured, he must have been sticking his nose in each time I heard a squawk and one would run away to their own house...

So, back to the house I went and woke my husband...

'Honey.. Guess where I have been and what I found!'.. By now it was just before 4:30 am...

He woke, got up and helped get all the chickens gathered into their own casa de chicka chicka...

While we were gathering them, his 4:30 alarm went off... (that is how I knew what time it was!)

So... back to bed I went again... for a nice sound slumber until 6:00 am...

Mr. Sexton woke me to 'rouse' the kids for irrigating duties, chores, etc...

Draggin' my body, folks, draggin' my body... I made a simple breakfast for the kids... eggs, and toast...

They came back.. famished... it was decided a 2nd round of breakfasts was in order.

Sami had french french toast (our term for when using a loaf of french bread).. that was restaurant order number one.

Jake had waffles.... restaurant order number two... Normally, I do not have the patience for special orders that take the morning away.. but, like I said, I am dragging...

For Mama?
I had huckleberry waffles, almond butter, a cup of joe, and the Capital Press (the Ag version of Wall Street Journal)...

Which brought us to 10 am... then, Mr. Sexton came home and insisted we fix the tent, and the kids ride the horses... Slave driver... I am still in my jammies and have no plans of going anywhere...except back to bed.

Oh.. and about the Huckleberries.. They are considered gold out here in Eastern Oregon.. Tasty little gems.. I bought a pound of them in Boise... and bring them out for tasty occasions!

Have a great day!

All my appointments have been moved to tomorrow.. Forecast is rain.. So Vacation Wednesday is now moved to Thursday.

This broadcast has been brought to you by one very sleep deprived mother who stayed up way too late, followed by four visits to the chicken house before daylight!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

What a Week! Still Seeing Stars....

Rotational Grazing
I've been meaning to share some cattle photos!
Here.. I am finally sneaking one in. I have more,
but I am 'running in place' and am sharing just some highlights.
This photo shows rotational grazing..
the use of hot wire to move animals from one section of a field to another.
See the difference in the grass height? I love it.. I think it is cool.
The same effect occurs in my yard - the difference in my rotational 'go mow for an hour and come back later' lawn mowing technique.
It happened again this morning. I had great intentions!
But ran out of gas, and when I went to fill-up, Mr. Sexton had
taken all my gas! Stinker...
I'll mow again another day.
My BFF refers to my mowing technique as 'painting the golden gate bridge'.
Start at one end, get to the end, and start over.

Meet Star
We now have a new bottle baby. This time a calf.
A heifer became a momma a little too early
(a heifer is a cow who has never had a baby before).
Needless to say, she did not know what this alien thing is,
and Sami has a new babe, again.
*** Note: We weaned the bummer lambs this past Thursday!
I just cleaned up all the lamb bottles this morning and put them away! ***
Dang. Here we go, again.
I am tempted to scream...
A day of 'rest' from bottle assistance would have been nice.
Guess who got to reach Star to drink?

Last Sunday's Riding Crew
I love Sami's technique for mounting Doc.
Ride, Sami, Ride
See Dick's horse (aka Toby the wife killer?)
Toby's got his ears back and looks ready to kick.
I recognize that snotty horse's attitude anywhere.

Vacation Wednesday
Poolside. For just 2 hours, before the Boss found us!

Last Nights' Party
We are experiencing a heat wave.
Too dang hot to hang out in the house! Or cook!
It was 97 degrees when I left Boise yesterday - at 2pm.
Mr. Sexton had a great idea...
Put up the camping tent, build a fire, eat dinner outdoors (lamb kabobs),
make s'mores (oops, with mini marshmallows!), play guitars
and enjoy the stars and full moon.
Kids slept outside (with a dog)
Mom and Dad slept in their cozy bed.
Let's pretend we are camping!
(because, uh, we are running out of time for our big idea for a
vacation to the coast and there is no end in sight of our work!)

Can I just say 'Thank You LORD!'.
Last night was awesome...
My kinda night.
A great way to end the crazy week...

*** The Longer Narrative Version ******

All I can say is, 'What's my name again, and how did it get to be Sunday?"

What a Week... Crazy days here...

  • Last Sunday was another one of those out on the ranch working horse rides for the kids. Dick wanted to go get the steer they left the week prior. They got it. Everyone came back alive, as in no one was hurt..... And the kids have been riding the horses daily. Well, they brush them, put on a bridle, and play in the yard doing trick riding stuff. Things a mom closes her eyes to.
  • Wednesday the kids and I had Vacation Wednesday... interrupted by Mr. Sexton. We were at the pool and my cell phone rang..... Mr. Sexton says 'Where are you?', I reply 'At the pool, it's Vacation Day'. Mr. Sexton says 'Well, I didn't know it was vacation day.' (Wednesdays are supposed to be vacation days, he chooses to ignore them.. I am certain.. which is why he always schedules work for us!).. Anyway, he needed some parts... two errands worth... I told him we would be home in a couple hours... We took a detour by Dairy Queen, got some blizzards, then ran errands... A fun day...
  • Weaned bummer lambs on Thursday, and had the Baker Market Thursday night. We did a tasting - handed out lamb salami.
  • I drove to Boise on Friday to pick up meat, and yesterday for the market .. go again this Tuesday... I am dragging my knuckles on the ground! Worn Out!
  • Last night was beautiful. A wonderful evening in the backyard.
  • Today, it's supposed to get to 98 degrees.. We are planning a repeat of last night's activities.
And, alas... A baby calf showed up this morning.... Here we go again...

Hope your week is going great! Summer is definitely cranking out at full speed isn't it?

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Oh Yes... We are Still Here!

Oh dear... It's been 15 days since my last post (confession)... Forgive me my dear friends....

We are definitely up to our ears in projects!

Here is the short list (I know you just love these):
  • I attended a women's golf clinic (2 nights) - and had the time of my life! That sums up my fun for the last 3 weeks...
  • Kids have been riding horses daily. Let's see, Sami has had her foot stepped on and her thumb bit. Jake - he's too busy doing tricks off the back of the pony - he begs for trouble!
  • Already had a PTCO meeting to get ready for this next school year - which starts Sept. 2nd
  • Helped at the school registration - 2 hours of fun and excitement
  • 25 lambs and 5 mutton have been processed. I have to go get them, do deliveries, etc.
  • Markets, markets, markets and markets... That is my weekend schedule... Well, Thursday thru Saturday.
  • Lawn Mowing. Do that 2 days a week. Usually Sundays, Mondays.
  • One of my restaurants closed. No call. No word. That's 1200 lbs. of beef we had reserved for the restaurant - what do do with it now? Stressed...
  • 11 processed grass fed beef are going to need homes... More stress.
  • Kids are irrigating again. Am and Pm.
  • A friend of mine was diagnosed with breast cancer (that's her card, at the beginning of this post). She has already had an operation, had the lump and lymph node removed, and is now undergoing radiation treatments. All within this past month. The cancer lump was only 1 centimeter. One centimeter of hell that has turned her entire world upside down. I hate that... Ann is in my book club. We have known each other for about oh, 8 years. She comes to my scrapbook parties, we drink wine together, and she is my sushi sister, i.e. we make sushi together at our get-togethers. Ann at one point was considering a double mastectomy, or chemo.... see? While the rest of us are deciding what to cook for dinner, Ann is making these horrid decisions. Life changing. Breast changing.
So... got my hands full. Trying to juggle the meat business, kids, emotions and this life of mine.

I have a little knot in my stomach.

This too, shall pass...