Sunday, June 14, 2015

Teens. Testing Boundaries.

It's been an interesting week around Casa Walsh.

My darling adorable beautiful daughter came home one SUNDAY MONDAY morning at 2:30 am. Uh huh. She was out with her guy friend at the drive-ins.  And no, I wasn't worried about any misbehaving, I was pissed she was out so late.  I expected her home at midnight. Yet, for some reason, we don't have a curfew.  It has never been an issue. So I couldn't ground her ass.   And, being the Type A mom that I am,  I was awake, waiting for her, sending messages back and forth to track her where-a bouts, and that I would NOT be a happy camper come Monday workday.

The long story is, she drove her truck to Union (25 miles away) to meet the boy-child, and they drove his truck to La Grande (another 10 or so miles) to go to the drive-in which did not start until 9pm, and there were two movies.  So, technically, that's 4-5 hours of movie viewing.  Right?  And she had to reverse that trip to get home.  The bummer about all of that is the drive to Union is in a canyon with no cell service.  So, naturally, I assume breakdowns, and ax murderers and kidnappings.

Keep in mind this is the girl who just pulled a 4.0 on her report card, is the incoming ASP School President, and does amazing things.  I am not worried about her being irresponsible and making very foolish choices (like her teenage mother did) (Correction:  My teenage self, I was not a teen mother.  I was 35 when #1 was born, and 36 with #2).  I was not happy that in her mind - everything was perfectly fine.  During our texting conversation she kept telling me she was OK and everything was alright, that she was at the movies and the 2nd movie just started (midnight when I asked why she wasn't home and where the heck was she) - and I was trying to communicate with her that everything was NOT OK because her charming little self was not home tucked in bed.

Oy veh.

So.  I imposed a curfew. Ten pm. during the week, midnight on the weekends.  With her father's support.  Which meant this week she could NOT spend the night at the Eastern Oregon Livestock Show (in Union) with a girlfriend,  as she had planned, because she was also leaving for 5 days for basketball camp starting Monday (tomorrow).  Besides, with the guy friend in Union I did not want to push our luck.

She found out about the new curfews Tuesday night.  And she was heartbroken. Giving me her sad little 5 year old self brown eyes (no she's not 5, that is just what she reminded me of).  Especially when it was 9pm and her friends were just now going out to the movies. Poor sweet thing. Sniff.

Then Friday night?  Back in Union.  For the Eastern Oregon Livestock Show (FFA animals, rodeo, carnival, etc.).  Instructions were she had to text me when she arrived and each time she went somewhere else.  Seeing how she is so darn mobile now.  Curse you independent driving children! Our texts were something like this: She said she was with her friends.  I wanted names.  She said the usual.  I said tell me who.  She said why?  I said in case you go missing and I have to track down parents of your friends.  I''m sure she thinks I am a total crazy lady. So, I got names. And, she got home at a nice, decent hour.  Almost 11 pm.

But last night? We almost had a repeat of the over midnight saga.  She was in Union again..  I texted around 8.  Told her I wanted to know where she was and it was time to check in with me.  She was at the Carnival.  Fine.  Then she sent a message at 9:00 that her group was headed to La Grande to see the movies (to her credit she gave me names - which was two girls, including her, and two boys - all of which I know.  Apparently the Union guy is just a friend now).  Holy Crud.  I said fine, but she had to be home by midnight (Did she forget? Testing my last nerve, I tell you).  She sent a message about 'but the movie doesn't start until bla bla bla'.  I said if she wasn't home by midnight, she would be grounded. She said they were almost to La Grande.  I did not respond.

She got home at 11:50 pm.  Ta Da!  Good choice!
So this morning, I told her I was proud of her for getting home on time.
I was greeted with the silent treatment.  (Except to borrow my tent and a chair for the camping week).

 Oh.  And the sugary snacks above?  They were part of a snack run they did to Wal-Mart.  I guess they played in Wal-Mart instead of going to the movies.   This. From the girl who insists on no gluten in the food I cook for her.  But I get it. 

We shall survive.  I am certain of it.

Hello, Beautiful Summer - 2015

Sunday coffee, and view from my yard (south side of house). June 7th.

Coffee cup, green Adirondack chair and west side of yard. June 7th

One of those beautiful June nights. Monday, June 8th

Saturday Walk - June 13

Saturday Walk - June 13. There is a blue Heron way out there!

What a beautiful, sunny month this June has been (so far). I am a sunshine girl.  I love when the sun comes up early, and stays out late. I love the daily crawl toward the solstice with the days getting longer.
I like the light. And I love the heat (although it was a cold 35 degrees this morning).
June just takes my breath away. 
And summer nights?  Splendid.  Nothing beats sitting outside on a hot day.  Staring at the mountains as the sun goes down. Cooking dinner on the BBQ and eating out in the yard (kids and I earlier this week: potato salad, watermelon, chicken legs).
One day I stepped outside the office building during the lunch hour and I was slammed with the scent of a Missouri Summer.
It made me homesick for my Missouri life, and fireflies, and cicadas and my little sister. And the river bottom country with all the fields of corn and the big lush green trees.

I love summer. So glad it is here.  At last.