Saturday, June 18, 2016

Happenngs Around Here. June 18th

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Sami with two of 'her' babies

The Prom Queen, with her sweet, handsome prince

Jake with his Prom Date

Grandma Pat, Sami, and Me

Graduation Day

The Class Valedictorian - who also rec'd approx. $22,000 in scholarships

Top Photo: Grandma Pat, my sister Christy, Me, Sami and Jake.  Bottom Photo: My Bestie Erin, Me, Sami, Jake, and Erin's daughter Shannon
It has been a crazy 'past' month. So, I am catching up.

Birthdays in May:  Jake and mine. Along with Mother's Day.   And Phil's birthday.
May 7th was Prom: Both kids went. Sami was picked up in a beautiful classic mustang, and crowned Queen.
Graduation?  Oh lord.  It was a five or so day whirlwind.  Setting up and decorating both the party location as well as the school, hosting out of state guests, being the last parent standing at the party (all my guests and Sami's dad ditched me - they were tired.  Uh, yeah.), surviving graduation, cleaning up after the party, saying goodbye to guests.
And, I will say, I was surprised at who made the effort to share this day with us, and who did not. I am trying not to let it get to me. 
Phil's Birthday was the day after graduation.  He went to a friends cabin for a BBQ and stay-over.  I like to say 'sleep over' but heck, he's a man.  Apparently it isn't cool to say 'sleep over' for guys.  I still had guests. So, we celebrated Memorial Day evening.

Today it is raining.  On June 18th.  I am still in my jammies recovering from yesterday's migraine and a stupid sore throat that won't 'evolve' into anything.

So, for International Picnic Day, I have a tritip roast to throw on the grill (basking in a rub as we speak), and am between the stages of making potato salad.  Since it is raining, the kids (teens, young adults, whatever) and I will picnic indoors.

Have a great one!