Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Circles and Dots - Cards

Just thought I would share several cards I made for a Circle/Dot Challenge over at 2peas... This batch was part of my 'end of the sickness' therapy. It was nice to make something while still feeling a little out of it! OH.. Still have not drank coffee! Amazing..

Card for Christy (Happy Birthday!)
Supplies: Stampin Up stamps;
Scenic route bird chipboard circle, and fun stickers!
Also used the oval punch by Stampin' Up for the sentiment.

Life - Make It Count
I like this card.. I used the SU build a brad with stamps to make, well brads!
All supplies are Stampin' Up, except for the flower, which is Making Memories.

Happy Birthday To You
Made with POD stamps, and some fun papers
(from Self Addressed kit, several months old)!

Life - Play - Make it Count!
Stamps by Stampin' UP, some doodlin' happening here,
and circle chipboard by Scenic Route.

I'm trying to get my card supply replenished! I am SHORT on birthday cards... Also, very short on Easter Cards! That will be the next project since Easter is 24 days away! Gotta get crackin!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Just The Same Ol' Same Ol! Plus Mr. Patchie

So, it's the same ol' same ol' over here at Casa Sexton... It's snowing, and I am still coughing...
One of these days I hope to shake this cough! Here are some highlights from the past week (I'm sure you are all dying to know what the heck I do when I am sick!):
  • Saturday: Sick. Decide it's a good day to stop drinking coffee (what a dork!) and switch to green tea...
  • Sunday: Sick
  • Monday: Holiday. Kids & I still moping around with our colds
  • Tuesday: Kids to school.. Momma decides she feels so much better, so I 'over do it'. for some wacky reason I decided to Spring Clean. Cleaned the ceiling fan (20 feet up); the trophy critter heads (also up there) and discovered I could clean the walls too! And dusted... Then, later that day, wiped out!
  • Wednesday: Relapse into sickville. Walking Zombee. Watched the Lunar Eclipse in the pm after my little sis called to remind us! Super duper cool! Not a cloud in the sky!
  • Thursday: Decide I better complete Ginny's Small Studio 'Empty Mailbox' Contest! if I was going to play... So did a black and white number... Then, got to run errands. Too tired to even do fun shopping. Came hope & slept. Really missing that morning pot of Joe... Having second thoughts. Since still a zombee. Husband tells me on our diet (Candida - 2nd week into it, almost 3rd!) I can have coffee once every 4 days... hmm.. I'm starting tomorrow... Saturday.. gotta plan my coffee days now!
  • Friday: Oh! That's today! Gotta go to a meeting...more errands. Having visions of coffee and sweet things.. hmmm.. wonder what's being served at the meeting...
OK. That's my life.. right now it revolves around tissues, and meals, and naps.
See ya!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Blog Looks - Still working!

OK.. so I've had comments like 'pepto bismo' and pink being too harsh on eyes, and that you cant read the recipe card....
I'm working on getting a softer look...
Thanks for all your comments!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Super Cool New Header, Eh???

Check out my new header!!!!! I am so excited! My fellow stampin' and scrapin' buddy at 2peas, Sandy Allnock, created this! SHE IS HOT!!! I just Love it!!!

The photo is one of my absolute favorites.. It's of the kids one October day, in 2005.. Yep, over 2 years old.. They are eating apples from our yard, and standing on top of the pump house (in our yard) and contemplating the Universe! Just one of those 'caught ya' moments...

So, whatcha think, eh? Comments???

OH! Go to Sandy's blog and click on the video she has posted today.. It is awesome!!!!!!!!!

This is a fa la la la la moment!!!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Blog Header - Any Experts Out There??

So, I am still playing around with 'the look'..

Do any of you experienced bloggers have any tips on how I can 'fix' my photo in the header to just be the size of the original header space???
Having technical difficulty here!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

New Look

So.. .What cha think of the new blog look? Is there too much white????
I'm Spring Cleaning, so to speak...
Needing some change...

Let me know what you think!

Who Loves You!

Valentine's Cards Made during Winter Stamp 08

Card I Made for the Chocolate WS Challenge
I gave this one to Jake.. See the chocolat ribbon???
Very special stuff that I got from a RAK from Ginny's Small studio!

This was for a stencil/template challengeThis card I gave to my husband...

Hello everyone!
Well, I'm sitting here with a box of tissues and pocket full of Ricola throat lozenges... Sore throat, runny nose... That's me... The germs my kids have been swapping with other kids decided to jump ship to an older more stable All the moms out there can sympathize, I'm sure... I mean, what is the justice in being your kids nurse only to have their germs turn on you??? Last night, my daughter came into our room with a high fever, bad headache, and needed some momma Love... her ailments were hinting at a horrendous ailment, I was certain.. so, to ward of the bad juju, from midnight until about 3:30 am I nursed my baby girl (who is actually 10)... Back rubs, cold wash clothes and a bath were here addition to Children's Motrin. and momma in her bed...holding her tight... son went through this Sunday night...

So, today, while I was 'down' from lack of sleep, the germs attacked. And, after breaking her fever, my sweet little daughter decided she was just fine and happy as a clam... and tired of hanging out in her bed... That's her down there, watching TV and laughing... and me? Cough cough sniff sniff... can't wait till bedtime!

OK.. Back to Love...
I really should not complain.. (but my cousin Deb started it!)...
Yesterday I took a wonderful road trip to Boise.. the main purpose was to deliver a meat order, to one of my favorite Boise customers... But Boise needs to be savored! Enjoyed! Appreciated!

I talked my ever so wonderful friend Michelle into going with me and we had a great day! Here we were, 2 moms who dropped our kids off at 7:45am at school then hit the road... our husbands were in charge of picking up our kids in the afternoon while us mommies played in the big city... Such great guys!!!!

We shopped for our valentines (kids and husbands) at Cabellas and various other stores... Ate a great lunch at Olive Garden (Thanks Michelle!!!!), played at some cute fun stores and then came home... Such a great day... Girlfriends are the best!!!

Tonight I put out the gifts, made the table pretty with candles, and served my Valentines Rib Eyes, Garlic Mashed Potatoes and a salad.. we toasted our apple cider and said Happy Valentines Day! My sweeties gave me roses.. sigh... Everyone loved their gifts...nothing extravagant.. just some 'I'm thinking of you' goodies...

I'm feeling the Love.. Love of sweet friends, and my sweet family... I hope all of you are feeling the love as well... I love the fact that you come to visit me, hear my ramblings and leave little notes...

Have a beautiful evening...

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Hello From Snow Land! Weekend Recap

Accepting a Big Ol' Honkin' Check from the Bella-ettes - of Bella in Baker City
(That's me on the left wearing snowpacks.. Eastern Oregon fashion)

Hello my faithful readers, friends, family members and Ranch customers! I am still here, recovering from the Chili Feed.. and Super Duper Ever So Fabulous Super Bowl!!! Uh, can you tell MY team won? This past weekend was the Chili Bowl and Super Bowl.. BOTH events were super successful! TA DA! As a segway, my favorite commercials were (1. Pepsi with Justine T; 2. Budweiser Clydesdale w/ dog trainer; 3. Sobe Hot Chick dancing w/ lizards to Thriller! Way HOT! I know that girl is famous, but I don't know who she is!!)... And the game was HOT as well! OH.. one more segway.. what's with that dorky coach walking off the field before the game is done? Sore loser... Guess he was on his way to the serve time for STEALING info from the St. Louis Rams! Don't mess with St. Louis, my ever so favorite home of awesome sports teams...

Back to other interesting stuff:
At last count our little itty bitty school made $6,700! Ya Hoo! History in the making... We only have 80 kids... THANK YOU to everyone that helped! Only one ticket that our family sold won a raffle item.. and that was a neighbor down the road (as in 3 miles - one of our closest)! Sorry your tickets did not win, but our kids sure did... Gracias!!!!!!

Weekend Bad news: That rodent Phil did not see his shadow... which means, HELLO! More Winter! Like, we need it! If you go to the weather channel online, and key in 97833 (our zipcode) you will see snow for the next TEN days... this story is getting old... It must be Ground Hog Day! (the movie).. My back is tired from shoveling snow... my car is tired of 'waiting' to make it's grand escape - having to postpone trips because the driveway isn't plowed... and I am CRAVING Sun! I do have places I would like to go for crying out loud.. Like I said before, no Global Warming in this area of the country...

BTW (by the way), if you are one of our ranch customers, I have a 'more appropriate' blog for you at: The Sexton Ranch Round Up. That is where I post customer related info... you are more than welcome 'to hang out here, too', but just in case you are confused by my ramblings, this is the place where people hear about my crazy interpretation of our life! Ranch trials and tribulations... adventures, and my passions... mommy stuff.. critter stuff... you know.. Life!

Speaking of Life.... gotta run. Time to walk through the drifts to the bus stop. Just wanted to say 'Hi'.. I'll be back... Promise!