Monday, August 4, 2014

Happy August! Monday, August 4th

Do You Recognize That Girl? Andi, Chico, CA 23 Young Years Old

A friend from many years ago found me on Facebook this weekend.  Jerry Otto. I'm talking a good 30 years!  Some of you may remember Jerry. We were together when I was attending the College of San Mateo.  We had our group that hung out together; He and I; Erin and her guy friend (from South Africa, I can't remember his name!); Ruth, etc.  Oh, those were the days.

This photo is from my first year at Chico State. I must have been 23. It's before my dad died, I can tell my the location - which was the first place I lived in Chico. With my crazy friend Colleen - the one I hitchhiked across America with (yes, I did!).  One of my landmark years to remember things is when my dad died in 1990 - and I was 28 - and finishing my Master's, also at Chico State.  So, Master's was when I was 26, 27 and 28.  Undergrad was 25, 24, 23.  I am doing the math over here!  College of San Mateo was 21 & 22.  Before that? The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in SF - I had a scholarship, when I was 18, and working in San Franciso (took the train); then worked for a couple of years for the California Society of CPAs.  See how that works?  All mapped out. 

What was the point of this post?

Jerry.  He shared his life story with me.  Where he is, what he has been doing. He has been through quite a lot.
Do you ever wish you could have a do-over?
I know things work out for a reason, and it's all good, but at times, I wish I could go back and undo some of the things I did.
Not that my time with Jerry was a mistake - but how I ended our relationship was.
I hate myself for knowing I hurt someone.
Wait, maybe I do get a do-over.

I am amazed on how our lives weave back and forth together over the years.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

June 14 - Notes From Casa de Walsh

Selfie: Sami and I on Our Way to the Eastern Oregon Livestock Show June 7th

How I Feel
Happy June my friends.

It's a dreary day here at Casa Walsh in Haines, Oregon,  so I thought I would actually take time to write!  I know, don't fall off your chairs.

What's New?

  • My teens are very independent.  Sami has a busy social life, and Jake just prefers to play on his computers.  So I find myself 'alone' these days. Sami will be a Junior next year and Jake a Sophomore.  Crap.  
  • Speaking of Sami, she went to Greece for 12 days.  Spring Break school trip.  Did I mention independent?  She survived being away, without a blink of her eye.  This girl will do amazing things in her life.  She also registered for an immersion program at the local University.  Three weeks over the summer.  After her 1 week of basketball camp.  She's 16.  
  • My kids don't need to know what I was doing when I was 16. Drugs. Sex. Rock and Roll.  They have an idea.  Just not the details. 
  • Jake:  15. Brain child who prefers to be in his own world.  No desire to travel.  No desire to go the extra mile.  His goal?  Work during the summer on the ranch so he can buy a truck. I tell myself he is just like every other man child. Am I right? 
  • Me? No, no boyfriend.  Dating now and then. Ended a 3 month 'getting to know you' relationship that did not work.  For some reason I just don't have luck in the love department.  I want love and a partner.  The men I am attracted to?  Want a toy.  God has a plan.  I trust his judgement.  And, I am where He want's me to be.  I am coming to realize that.
  • Work?  I still love my job!  It will be three years at my 'divorcee' job on July 1st.  Time flies.  I call it my divorcee job because it is the first full-time job I have had after 16 years.  Boy, did I luck out!
  • Finances:  Debt is my problem.  I was too proud to ask for help.  So 'everything' was put on credit cards: my lawyer fees, furnishing a 3 bedroom house, and living expenses until I could land on my feet.  I need to figure out how to get out of debt.
  • Compass:  My 2014 One Little Word.  Using it to guide my choices and path.
So.  There you have it.  Just thought I should check in and let you know I am still here!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Come on Brian.... Jan 6, 2014

Yes.  I said the F word... I dropped the bomb.

At about noon today I had a message from one of 'my gang' from San Carlos, CA.

'Andi.. call me.. right away... as soon as you can... major news..'

Ug.  I knew it wasn't going to be good.... 

So I did.

And, I found out that one of my most favorite boyfriends from my San Carlos Gang had a massive heart attack last night.

Massive.  His daughter was trying to keep him alive until the paramedics arrived.
His heart stopped for 9 or 90 minutes.  I am hoping it was 9.
I lost all ability to think during the conversation.

He is at the hospital in an induced coma to keep his brain temp down.

And, they will bring 'him back' sometime this week.


Please Lord.  Let this man make it with  his ever so sarcastic sense of humor intact.  

Love him dearly.....

Brian K, Erin O'B, and me.... At Jimbo's 50th. March 2011

Brian K - at Ruthie's Memorial Summer 2011

Mr. B.K. - Host with the Most!!!!!!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Christmas Eve Gnome's Adventurous Day

Thought I would share the photos from Christmas Eve when my friend Lori and I were shopping and goofing off.  We picked up a super cute little ornament for our friend Pam Maxwell, whose home we invaded instead of mine.  Here are our adventures with the Gnome:

Eating breakfast at the local hot spot in Haines

At the bar, in Haines.  Just being a sassy little gnome

With my gift from Lori - A gift certificate to BELLA.  The same exact place the gnome was purchased!

At Bella, shopping for Christmas Eve treats.  See that felt mistletoe in the background?  New Year's Eve, baby

Before the big shopping trip at the Dollar Tree

Prime Rib before going into the oven

Feeding cows time!

At Martha Jane Spratling's Place - Lori got to help hookup the feed truck.  Martha Jane was our breakfast partner

At the grocery store shopping for goodies

Basket goodies for the hostess - Hawaii Bowl treats

Our hostess, Pam Maxwell with her bottle of Huckleberry Wine and the Gnome on the bottle!  And special headband, goodies from her hostess basket

Saturday, December 28, 2013

DD #24 Silent Night....

I think I love Christmas Eve more than the 25th.. It is the night we actually have a celebration and it includes a great meal, games, and silent reflection.  Our tradition has been that I cook a  Prime Rib and put together a baked potato bar.  Everyone does everything else in terms of side dishes and desserts.

My house it tiny.  And this year, the Hawaii Bowl (football) was interfering with our festivities since I don't have satellite TV.  And the guest list grew. So, the party was moved to the Maxwell's, the folks who we have been celebrating Christmas Eve with for years....and the ones where I go for our Red Neck Thanksgiving (aka we blow stuff up before dinner).   Just now we do it at my place or theirs.  In total?  There were 17 people.  Usually at my house there are 8. 

So, Christmas Eve day was a whirlwind.  I had to intercept a box being held hostage at the local post office in Haines that G.G. sent.  It's beyond me why people wait until the freaking last minute to send gifts (that would be me)!  Our post office has hours that do not allow me to go in before or after I leave or come home for work, since I commute.  Good thing I had Dec. 24th off!

My friend Lori and I spent the day prepping and shopping and we purchased a cute little mascot for the festivities. A gnome.  He had photo ops along the day.  Made it quite fun!  I will share his journey in a separate post.

After leaving our friends and coming home, the night was clear and beautiful.  Our part of the neighborhood is all lit up with lights and it is so festive.

I crawled into bed, said a prayer of thanks for all this beauty and love, and snuggled into the most beautiful and Holy of Nights.  The Silent Night.

Our Christmas Card Display

Love the message on the eggnog carton!  Do you see me?

Just one more day. Two bottles of wine and gloves from my secret santa

Mexican Hot Cocoa on the stove - another tradition

Mexican Hot Cocoa.  Remember when it was wrapped in paper?

Even Rosie has a Christmas Stocking! Thanks to Sami

All ready to take to the Maxwell's!  3:45 pm.. Game is at 5pm

Our Destination: Home of the Maxwell's

Inside the Maxwell House

Watching the Hawaii Bowl:  Boise State v.s. Oregon State. Oregon won!

Jarrod Maxwell Carve's the roast beast (Prime Rib)

Baked potato bar and then some (no the mustard is not my idea, it's for the meat)

Monday, December 23, 2013

DD # 23: Monday.. Two more Days!

Fa la la la la!  Yes, In my kitchen.  Hanging off the ceiling fan

A few more packages under the tree

Only 2 more days!  Today's cup is gold.
The Eve, of Christmas Eve. 

 Last night my friends the Binghams (Jake, Wendy, Roper, Dallee Jo, Range and Brand) all came over to surprise us and sing a Christmas Song.. Silent Night!  The kid's dad arrived at the same time, so Sami and Jake missed the singing.  Dick never made it to Portland.  He left, on Friday, and called yesterday morning to get the kids.  I told him we were going shopping and that I didn't think he would be back until Sunday evening (message from the kids).  His truck broke down near Arlington Friday evening.  The tow truck would not bring him over the mountain, only to Pendleton. (Big storm, interstate got closed for a bit, etc.)  He actually got home at 3pm on Saturday.

I am going to work today.  It would be a great day to take off, but I am taking tomorrow off to prep for the evening's festivities.  I still have to go grocery shopping, buy a little gift for Rosie the kitty (apparently I slipped up by NOT having a Christmas stocking for her - kids said so) and try and intercept boxes sent via the US Postal Service from Mountain View, CA.  They don't deliver to my house, so I have to go to the post office in town, which is closed by the time I get home from work, or when I leave for work. 

GG said she sent a box 3day shipping, 'over a week ago' and it has not arrived.  Avis' box said 'GG is sending Jake's gifts' - they went in on it together, so right now there are no Jake presents under the tree.  The good news is Jake and Sami got to go shopping yesterday and get their big gift - I-Phones.  So I am thinking there are no hurt feelings or disappointments - just the baggage I carry and need to let go of.  Oh, the letting go. 

I host dinner at my place on Christmas Eve.  Prime Rib, baked potato bar, etc.  Friends. Games.  It's a wonderful time for us.  I invited three more people this year.  Not sure where they will sit!

It's about 32 degrees outside and the weather is going to be snowy, rainy, yucky. 

Have a beautiful day, everyone! 

Sunday, December 22, 2013

DD #22: The 4th Sunday in Advent... December 22nd

(Note:  To skip the narrative and go straight to photos... scroll on down!)

Ahhhhh.... Sunday.

I had a rough night last night.

I had to meet the kids school bus at midnight.  In North Powder, which is 7 miles from here.  Which means, I had to stay up past my bedtime (anywhere from 8pm to 9pmish), and drive with acceptable clothes on (which means, not slipping into my ever so cozy jammies and crawling into bed, which is what I WANTED to do).

So, after coming home after a Holiday party at friends (I was the only single person there) where the only people I knew were the hosts, I laid on the couch in my uncomfortable clothes with Rosie the kittie and waited for the kids to communicate with me on where they were and when they would be home.  This went on from about 10pm on.  Their basketball games were in Jordan Valley, 4 hours away, and apparently the entire town had absolutely no cell service - which explains the 'call me when you get there' silence.  And, the 'call me when you are leaving' silence.  And the chat with the bus barn leader, on a Saturday night, about 'when can I expect my kids home?' call. It's a small town.  We do this sort of thing.

Anyway, all the above resulted in this morning's slow moving body.

But, both kids and home safe and sound, and all the basketball games were won by our school.
Jake is now sitting on the couch watching episodes of Myth Busters... after spilling a little bit of cereal and milk on the couch.

Sami is still in bed.. a good place for her.  She needs her beauty sleep.  She was VERY grumpy last night.  Think I will let her sleep until noon!  In truth I think she was upset that I picked them up.  She sent me a message  'I think Tyler is taking us home'.  I texted back and said 'to my house?  Let me know for sure'.  I thought she was talking about neighbors by the ranch.  Why the heck would they drive to my house?  I did not get a message back from her.  I texted Jake and asked 'am I picking you up in NP' and he said yes.  

Turns out it was the wrong Tyler.  The Tyler Sami was talking about is a cute senior who is our basketball star and was the Homecoming King (football star, too).  He offered to give Sami and Jake a ride home, but alas, something was lost in the whole translation to me.

And well, her mommy showed up. How embarrassing.

Today's line up?  Taking the kids to town to get their big Christmas gift.  Smart Phones.  Yep.  This is what they want and rather than spend money on piles of things they don't, we are taking the plunge.

Oh.. maybe some sledding on inner tubes, too.

Here are photos from my play day on Saturday.  Snowshoeing with a gal pal up Pine Creek.

We were the first to break trail!

Taking a break!

Snow shoeing snacks

Appetizer for Christmas Party - fresh mozzarella cheese,  sour dough bread, and two types of olives

the end of the trail

Little ol' me!