Monday, June 23, 2008

Projects from WSW - Time & Masterboard Challenges

My Entry for Dawn's WSW 'What Time is It?' Challenge

*** Note: This project is also being featured at another Time Challenge over at
Inkurable Stampers
The Theme for June is 'Time'. Sarah Schwerin is the hostess and she invited me to participate! Sarah also hosted a WSW challenge. Be sure to visit her site for other Time related projects.
Thank you Sarah! ***

This baby met 11 of the challenges posted at the 2peas 'WSW' event.
Click on the photo to see more detail.

I got my inspiration from Wendy V.'s (Studio 490) Maya Road Class!
Wendy posted a three-project course for the WSW event.
My 'recipe' and a listing of the other challenges met can be found here:
Time Tag Recipe

Playing with time related stamps on Chipboard

Two different stamps are used above. I 'play around' with ideas before actually making something. I was happy with the little t, and decided to create the word 'time'.
I used the 't' on the right on my Time tag

A creation using my Master Board
The master board is farther down in this post!

Another view of my entry for the Time Challenge
(click on the photo to see all the pieces)
See the little word 'travel'? I stamped it on the master board and cut it out. The 'travel' word is actually taken from one of my favorite SA journal related stamps.

My Masterboard
Sorry the photos are out of sequence!

One of the challenges at the WSW event was themed 'What Time is It?'. We had to use numbers, or clocks in our work and of course, had to use stamps! Another was the Master Board challenge, where you create your own 'base' master board with inks and stamps (create your own background) and use it in other creations.

The challenges overlapped for me and the above projects are what I created.

And, lucky me, I won the Time challenge! Thanks Dawn!!

Thank you everyone for looking!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Have You Missed Me?, and Welcome Summer!

Jake's New Hair Cut! It's Never been this short!!!
I seem to have a different definition of 'crew cut' that the local barber...
I really thought we would get something with more hair on top.
Oh well. He likes it!

Our Visiting Guest - Jessie
We were in the Warm Spring field, where Jessie and Zoe (the llama) are with the ewes and lambs. They really don't like anyone coming near them, but since Dick was with us, we were safe! Jessie stayed at a 'close' distance during our entire picnic.

Sorry I've been MIA!!! Let me explain....

Phew! I'm finally coming up for air! But, boy am I tired. The 'grand finale' of WSW was yesterday, and in between all the other 'duties' I gave it my best shot..

It's been a crazy busy last couple of weeks... Seems that once the rain stopped and the sun came out it was nothin' but runnin' to catch up around here!

Here are the highlights of the week and 1/2:

  • Father's Day: Oh my. I spent most the day cookin' for the wonderful man that is my husband and the father of my beautiful, healthy, ever so busy children! The kids and I made a homemade Cherry Pie (I pitted every single cherry by hand - and Jake sucked on the pits, and Sami helped make the crust, it was a team effort). They cherries came from the La Grande Farmers' Market, and they did not last 24 hours.. Nor the pie! Dick said it was the best he had in a long time!!! Note to Self: Get more cherries, make more pies! We also made potato salad, deviled eggs and then went on our annual Fathers' Day Picnic to the creek.. The kids love to play in the creek and try to catch fish or frogs. Jessie the guard dog came to visit, while Zoe the Llama checked us out from a safe distance.. For dinner I made a Prime Rib roast.. Yumm.... so that was last Sunday!
  • The Week of the 16th: Mainly, mowing the lawn and raking the lawn! Seriously! Day after day. Along with bookwork (track each market's sales, deposit dollars) a slumber party or two for the kids, and finally...
  • WSW! Yes. I played! Thursday and Friday were my big days.. It was fun.. in between making meat deliveries to restaurants and customers, I did get some play time in! I'll share my creations and 'winnings' later! Yep! I won some greatness!
  • Markets: Oh yeah.. My day job! Yesterday it was 95 degrees in Boise, while it was mid 70's here.. What a shocker. Jake was my assistant and even though I am a Sun Goddess, I do not like to work in the heat! We survived, made it home, and chilled. A thunderstorm blew threw lastnight.
So, that brings us to today. This is my favorite day of the week (Sunday). I took Patchie for a jog. Yep. I actually jogged! I was inspired by my sister Paula, who has been walking regularly and recently added a run.. Go Paula! See?? You are my inspiration!

I also did some weed work, and am trying to get the D*&n weed eater working for me! I got a ton of weed eating to get done....

Speaking of eating...

I bought lots of beautiful tomatoes at the Boise market yesterday, along with basil and asparagus. YUM! My favorite treat is sliced fresh tomatoes, basil, mozzarella cheese, and balsamic vinegar... One of my favorite summer time treats!

OH! And a Happy Summer to all of you! The solstice and longest day of the year was yesterday (I'm mad - I missed my moon dance).

I'll share some pics from WSW later...

Have a great Sunday and kick off to summer! I'm off to slice some tomatoes!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Fat Book Pages - Bombshell & Classic Author Pages

Classic Author - Willa Cather

Supplies: Photo images and text printed on 40 lb. Inket Printable Translucent Vellum (created by WorldWin Papers and available via The PaperMill Store! I WON this awesome stuff on the Paper Crazy Blog!); Stamps: SU & Paper Artsy; PP Basic Grey; CS SU; Inks SU & Stazon.

Bombshell - Jane Russell
Supplies: Photo image printed on inkjet printable translucent vellum (same as above); EP Ranger; Stamp: Purple Onion Designs; Buttons: Rusty Pickle; Lace flower cut from old stash; CS SU; quote printed on SU CS.

Fronts with their Backs

**** Commercial Break and a word about the inkjet vellum: Oh do I love this stuff! The images come out beautiful, ready for cutting, no mess. Very easy to work with! I'm adding this product to my favorites stash! You can also stamp on it. I also won a packet of Double Mates Cardstock (two colors & textures- one each side) that I am saving for this weekend's WSW challenges (see link above left). *****

I am in a Fat Book Swap.

The overall theme is 'Women' and each month we are to submit 2 sub-category pages (10 each). This month's assignment is: Bombshells and Classic Authors/Poets. We also have to have a quote on each page. We end in October and the result will be a Fat Book with 100 pages! Whew!

How on earth did I get involved in this you ask (and I ask myself!). Well, I have been stalking Roni's blog - she's a Ranger certified artist, and has all sorts of fun tutorials. One day, there she was, sending out a call for participants. And I jumped.

These babies need to get out in the mail! Pronto!

Thanks for looking.

Here are my pages

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Winter Snow Advisory in Effect!

Life at 3,500 feet.

Global Warming? Not here.

I've said it once and I'll say it again. I totally believe in Global Climate Change, and in our area it is more toward the colder spectrum. With this past long, ever lasting, always snowing winter.. and with our super brief 'no sun in sight' Spring.

Yep. It is snowing... We have a snow advisory from 5pm until 2 am. It's 4:29 pm.. Starting early!

We woke to 30 degrees, and ugly skies... The wood stove is going, has been all day.

Now big fat flakes are coming down! And the wind is blowing. First time in our nine years here...

I actually mowed part of the lawn earlier...with my winter hat and heavy coat!

This is not good news for any local farmers. We have a couple apple trees in our yard, and lots in an old orchard at the headquarters, as well as plum trees and a pear tree... Fingers crossed the new blooms/fruit makes it through the night.

My sympathies to all my Farmers Market friends who have backyard gardens or gardens that are not protected.

It's going to be slim pickings this summer.. Slim pickings.

I'm sure I'll be posting photos in the morning.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Coming Up! The 2nd Annual World Wide Stamping Week!

You heard me folks... World Wide Stamping Week at the 2peas Stamping Board...
Here are the stats:
Who? Any one who has a stamp! Beginners, Regulars, New Gals, Teachers, Rock Stars.. Getting their groove on.
When: June 14-21st:
Where? At the 2peas Stamping Board!

WHAT? Glad you asked! Tons of challenges, hosted by all sorts of folks! Here's the skinny (lifted from Sandy's blog):

Here's the short version of our list of challenges - and this is only so far. More are coming! How cool, huh! The post with more explanation of each challenge can be seen here.
1. Anything Goes (use 3 stamps)
2. Asiana (whatever it means to you)
3. ATC: What time is it? (number/clock themed)
4. By the Sea (shells, lighthouses)
5. Celestial (sun, moon, stars)
6. CFH (any of your WSW cards that are being sent to the troops)
7. Doors (door theme)
8. Four Things (use at least a font stamp, image stamp, brad, patterned paper)
9. Get Inspired (inspiration will be posted on the 14th)
10. Hoarders Anonymous (using up stash on other challenges)
11. Into the Wild (animal stamps)
12. Kiss & Tell (‘kiss’ technique)
13. Long Tall Cards (business-envie sized cards)
14. Masterboard (make a stamped masterboard and use it on cards)
15. Mix It Up (use 3 different manufacturer’s stamps)
16. Naked Stamping (Stamps. Paper. You get it.)
17. Non-paper Stamping (Stamp something else!)
18. Opposites Attract (color wheel opposites)
19. Planes, Trains and Automobiles (transporation theme)
20. Playing Card (use a card on your piece)
21. Punch of Color (3color combo)
22. Quilts (use a quilt –yours or a photo of one- as inspiration)
23. Sketch Challenge (to be posted on the 14th)
24. Skulls and Bones (bring out your bones!)
25. Spin the Color Wheel (adjacent colors on the color wheel)
26. Stamped Embellishments (make your own embellies)
27. Stamps as Tools (using stamps in unique ways)
28. Toying with Techniques (try a new-to-you technique)
29. Winged Creatures (bugs, butterflies, birds….pigs)
Christmas in June (get started early on your holiday cards)
31. Had to Have It Product Review (had to have it but haven't used it? get it out!)
32 . Calendar Challenge (calendar stamps)
33. Earth-Friendly Challenge (recycling, repurposing, nature)

Now is the time to get your supplies, snacks, and family 'prepped' for your plans next week!

Hope to catch my stampin' friends over at 2peas, next week!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Last Day of School! Hello Summer Vacation!

Waiting to go back for lunch!
Notice the snow on the mountains and the overcast sky?
This my friends is our Spring!

School of Fish
Each of the kids painted a fish and they were all hung up yesterday.
The colors are so vibrant and awesome! LOVE them!
Let's just hope the creepy 'bad' town kids don't vandalize them.

Sack Races - Sami is the one in the Hawaiian dress, hopping
See that wooden playground structure?
Our PTCO hopes to raise about $25,000 to replace it with a newer
up to code unit (The work never ends!).

Jake, on the Left - He won this race by a mile!
Nevermind that this boy had a nasty cold. He did not want to miss the last day, like last year! So, off to school he went. On the way home both the kids fell asleep in the car. We all took naps from our super fun busy last day of school!

Sami and Her 4th Grade Buddies
Sami flashing a peace sign - on the left
And that's my BFF - Michelle!
I do believe this is the entire class - plus one 3rd grader!

Hula Hoop Girl
Isn't she just the cutest?

Yesterday was the last day of school for my two kidlets! Hard to believe Sami will be in 5th grade next year, and Jake in 4th! Man, they grow fast! Our rainy nasty weather held for one day yesterday.. We were very lucky.. the sun even came out once or twice!

Our last day theme was a Luau with lots of fun outdoor games. The kids got to wear their real Hawaii clothes (from our 10 year anniversary trip - in '05)!. I'm afraid the clothes are going to have to be 'shelved' now... too small. I need to make something out of them. I refuse to give them up! Jake had a great suggestion - that we all go back to Hawaii! To get more clothes. I tell ya, with the way our winter and spring have been, I am game!

At the awards ceremony I was given a bouquet of flowers and very generous gift certificate to BELLA (our gourmet food and wine store) for my three years service as the PTCO President. This was my last year - I'll still be an active mom and attend the meetings, but we need new leadership and blood! Sami only has 2 more years and Jake 3, and it's time to pass the baton! I also got a beautiful hanging basket full of flowers from my kids teacher! Those of us that volunteer on a regular basis in her room were awarded this lovely gift.

So now we are officially on Summer Vacation! And yes, it is 'we'. When my kids are in school I feel I am in school also - since I help at the school, get the kids up, work with them on homework, and am at every event possible!

I love the summer! We are so relaxed about waking up, eating breakfast, and our approach to the day..Even though the kids have to wake up at 5:35 am to feed the lambs, it's still feels like we have officially started our vacation. After this morning's feeding Jake went back to bed and slept until 8 am.

The challenge will be to make sure we do something fun each week - instead of just our chores and ranch work, I need to make sure the kids still get to see their friends and explore other areas around us! That's the hard part of being on a ranch far from friends. So Wednesday's are going to be our vacation days... Next week we are having a slumber party! Woo Hoo!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Barack Obama Boyfriend!

Oh my...
Well, let's just get one thing out in the open. I am a registered Republican. Have been for oh, let's see, 18 years? When I was 18 I voted for Reagan. Then I did my Democrat stint - along with my vegetarian/earth mama/rebel 'I will save the world' phase for quite a few years.. Then I had to work, work hard, be self sufficient and became self-employed. Alas, I also went back to being a Republican... Not that any of this has any 'true' relevance, but for the most part - I do not like Government regulations, or the government taking my hard earned dollars to feed an administrative bureaucracy. Ditto for the school systems. But that is another story...

Back to Barack....

I am so excited for Senator Barack Obama. I just read on the Google News Home page, that Obama Boyfriend will be accepting the Democratic Convention Nomination on August 28th - the 45th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have A Dream' speech..

When I saw that I teared up! Wow! How darn awesome! What a great world we (finally) live in!

Sure, there's lots of room for growth, improvement and lessons to be learned.

But you go, Boyfriend.

Loving him.