Sunday, December 2, 2012

Grandma Marina's 100th Birthday Party

Back Row:  2nd Cousin Cathy, Auntie Alice, Cathy's daughter Catie, Uncle John.  Seated:  Grandma & Aunt Katie
Back by the door:  Cousin Paul; Front: Grandma, Aunt Gloria, Cousin Guy.  Grandma is holding her '100' napkin

Photos of Grandma

Auntie Alice - Such a hottie.  I love how she dresses! She is one amazing woman

Uncle John.  A man with a heart of gold

Cousin Bobby is behind Aunt Gloria (who looks ALOT like my mother), and Aunt Rachel's fiance is on the right - Bob?

Grandma and Auntie Rachel

Thanksgiving Weekend I went to California for my Grandma's 100th birthday celebration.  The party was on Sunday from 2-5.  I actually flew into Sacramento on Friday, after driving to Boise from my casa, and stayed with my friend Erin until the party.

Erin drove me to Milbrae for the party, and drove me to the airport bright and early Monday morning.  She did a good job of keeping me 'grounded' (I tend to panic when I am not around my kids, especially out of state, I feel 'lost' - and as if I am doing something terribly wrong if they are not with me).

It was too expensive to fly into SF.  And the weather is never ideal this time of year to drive straight to CA.  Had it been in March, I would have drove and brought the kids.  Part of me still feels guilty for going!  I wish I would stop doing this to myself, and just give myself permission to go, have fun, relax. 


My grandma is 100!  She didn't recognize me, and that is understandable.  It's been a few years since I have been to see my mother's family (my mother and I are estranged).  My Grandma has done so well all these years.  She was feeding herself at the party.  And she looked absolutely lovely.  I hope if I make it to 100, that I follow in her footsteps!

I am so grateful to my Aunt Alice, Uncle John and Cousins Guy and Paul for taking such good care of her.

I do regret that I could not stay longer with my family. I'm sure they thought I was rude. I did not want to talk about my divorce, and what I am doing, and how my life is, and all that stuff. 

I wanted to the party to be Grandma's.  And for everyone to celebrate her. 

On my bucket list is a visit to the bay area again, when I can take the kids, and when there is time to just visit amongst ourselves. 

For my family members, thank you for understanding.