Sunday, May 5, 2013

Only in Haines, Oregon

Sign Outside the Haines Mercantile

Here's a Closer Look.  Notice Anything Odd?

Cute little plant that was delivered  from a 4H club and a reminder of the Haines Yard Sale

Have you ever been to our little town?

Heavy emphasis on little.  Maybe 300 people?  One grocery store, two restaurants/bars.  Post office.  Cute city park.  And the Haines 4th of July Rodeo.  That's it!

We are on the Anthony Lakes Scenic Byway.  Traveled by lots of out of towners, tourists. Goes right by my house.

Yesterday was our big community wide junk garage sale.  LOTS of people came through! 

Asaragus.  Really? 

The kids and I joked about it all week! It's actually a hard word to say when you are playing around.

I've been tempted to sneak over with a sharpie and insert the letter P.  Might just do that today.  The real 'test' will be if I can correct the sign that is inside the store,  in the produce section - also misspelled, but with e's.

Such a rebel.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

National Scrapbook Day - A Card for one of the Studio Calico Challenges

My take on Lisa Spangler's Studio Calico Sketch - version 2

My first take at the sketch.  I just didn't like it!  So dressed it up, above.
Lisa Spangler's Sketch for a Studio Calico NSD Challenge

OK.. So this little card?  Took forever! 

In actuality, it probably didn't take all that long, but with my Adult Attention Deficit Disorder (the kids diagnosis, not a physician, mind you) and my tendency to get sidetracked with:  having to tidy up my scraproom before starting anything (which includes dusting, going through product, etc), then doing laundry, making lunch, snacks and dinner, and answering the beck and call of my kids? 

Yeah.  It took all day for me to get this accomplished!

So, there you have it. One card made for today's festivities for National Scrapbook Day.  Via the Studio Calico blog.

And of course, I used my Studio Calico Card Kit for April.  That would be 'Spencer'.

Thanks for looking!