Sunday, March 26, 2017

2017 Family Vacation to Oahu - Thoughts

March 19, Sunday Adventure: Jake (almost 18),  Andi (almost 55), Sami (19) - Kualoa Ranch

March 17, Friday Adventure - How We Spent St. Patrick's Day:  Luau, and Breath of Life Fire Show

I am still recovering from Jake's and my big adventure to Oahu to visit Sami.  This was definitely one of those 'once in a lifetime' adventures (I hope I am proved wrong) for all three of us.  The trip was planned last November, and we had lots of time to think, research, etc. Well one of us took that opportunity.  It was also helpful having our own tour guide, Sami, who knew all the hot places to go.

Since I shared lots of photos on Facebook so I am only sharing the two above.

Jake is a senior this year, so this was his grad present.  And, I haven't seen Sami's campus, or her dorm, or any of those 'move in opportunities' that other parents get when their kid goes off to college.  This was that trip and it was so wonderful to see 'my baby girl' in her 'first time living away from home' life.  Wow.  She just loves being on the island and she is thriving. 

 Our trip was full of all sorts of adventures.  Not just our daily 'outings' but mishaps as well.  Driving a rental car, in a city whose street names you can't pronounce had some major challenges.  It was very frustrating driving around Honolulu.  I was frustrated, Jake was frustrated, Sami was frustrated.  Sami drove when ever possible. 

And some days were a little harder to get motivated than others.  I was actually sick the entire time - I took my cold with me to Hawaii. I was perfectly happy just being in the sun, in the heat, doing absolutely nothing.  It felt great.  The humidity actually helped me breath better than in the hotel air conditioning, where I would have coughing fits. 

We did good.  My favorite part was just being a fly on the wall and listening to Sami and Jake together.  They were amazing.  They interact so well.  My heart was happy just being near the two of them, capturing some of their conversations, and just having those moments.

You probably are guessing that my 'empty nest' emotions are peaking and I am having some difficulty realizing how close we each are to living our own lives.  It is hard.  But I also am proud and relieved that they 'can do it'. 

I hope we get to do this again.  It would be great to experience adventures together at different stages of their lives - college years (which we are now entering), married years, with their babies, etc.  All of those milestones.

I sure hope I have that chance.