Monday, September 24, 2007

Appreciation Day Results - First Post

This Photo is from our pasture walk.
Two guests helped put up an electric fence and
move the yearlings into a new paddock.

The Extra Special Beer Flavors -
Courtesy of our Partner, Tyler Brown,
of Barley Brown's Brewpub in Baker City
( I think we had about 6 different flavors! My fave is the Espresso Stout!)
Sorry, I did not take a photo the 10 assorted bottles of wine that were consumed!

Photo from a top the Hay Ride

The Smore's Crowd hangin' around the fire,
and catching the Eastern View of the Sunset!

Sigh... The Day has come and gone and what a great event we had! We were so lucky! No rain! No Wind! Curses to the weather forecasters who had my stomach in a knot! Our Lamb Sausage Test was a huge success... Our guests helped us rank 11 different varieties and we will be featuring the top 5. I'll share the results later..

As always the pasture walk and hay ride were fun, the fire pit was a huge hangout for the s'more makers and story tellers, and boy, what a wonderful meal shared among friends! We cooked up Lamb Shoulder Roasts and our guests provided the side dishes and desserts!! YUM!

My fellow parent com padres at the Haines Elementary School PTCO helped us by being hostesses, sausage servers, bartenders, meat cutters, food servers, cleanup crew and overall great friends who came to our rescue - all 4 of them! Thanks Buddies!!!!

Thank you to the Pendleton Farmers Market Vendors that sent gifts our way (corn from Wolf Farms, and Apples from another Vendor - Jack and Sharon will have to help me with the name!).... We did not get a chance to roast the corn, but we will tonight... The apples were very tasty! The guests loved them - and we put the remainder in our cold room.

Thank you to Sean and Katherine, our friends and fellow vendors from the La Grande market for bringing pumpkins! We were able to send home sweet orange orbs with all the soon to be ghosts and goblins - regardless of their age, and we have three beauties sitting on the front steps along with my yellow mums... a beautiful fall display!

Back to the weather... Like I said, we were lucky! On Sunday the temp. dropped and the wind howled all day! TODAY it was 25 degrees at 6:40 am -(the bus stop temp)! FALL has arrived! Kick up the temp will ya??

Our only 'casualties' of the day involved both my kids... Sami was playin' around with her buddy, on the firewood pile, and apparently (details are sketchy folks) they were taking turns doing funny poses on a big stump... Well, Sami fell and landed hard on her elbow. She was crying hard! She is not one to cry so I was very worried.. This was about 2 minutes before the pasture walk and hayride... Needless to say, she missed the hay ride... and boy was she crying at bedtime about it. So, I talked to 'the head boss' and we decided to give Sami and Jake their own private hay ride Sunday morning... in the wind. Hey, she was happy - sling and all!

Now, Jake, spent a lot of time on the trampoline with the boy crowd... Not sure what exactly happened to him, but the side of his face by his eye was 'raw'. Hmmm... He said he was fine, no biggy. Jake is our crash test dude. I'm guessing this incident involved some sort of 'getting pulled' across the trampoline... Oh well!

I have tons more photos to share.... catch ya on another post!


Dawn said...

Okay, Did sami have to go to the hospital?? You said she was in a sling..Ouch, Hope she is okay. I expected a little boo boo on jakie pooh, but Samigirl....SOunds like a wonderful day!!

*karendianne. said...

Ha! How fun to read about the day. The kids - OMG they're hilarious. You've got it goin' on there, girl!!! Not only was the day great as far as activities but the planets aligned so the weather was perfect. Ahh, I'm so so happy it all turned out. I knew it would of course! cosmicvibe Love, *karendianne.

Kerilou said...

Well, at least you didn't have to go to the hospital!! Poor kids! I know what you mean, though...they can hurt themselves is such strange ways!! Boy, you had some generous donations, and every detail was fabulous. Wish I could have gone! Keri