Tuesday, September 4, 2007

First Day of School - Updated

Here are Sami and Jake on the front steps of our little school!

We have 80 kids at our little rural K-6th grade school. Sami and Jake are
now in 4th and 3rd grade and they are in the same classroom
and have the same teacher. And yes, that is an obnoxious dragon on Jake's shirt!
It's a skateboard dude shirt. Don't ask.
Sami has a boy's shirt as well as her 'fashion boots'. Long story, but each year, during our shopping extravaganza Sami requests 'fashion boots'. We will keep this up as long as we can! Her closest girlfriend is a camo loving gal, and Sami is slowly crossing over to the 'dress down' side... RATS.

Here they are with their teacher! Mrs. Black

My kids are lucky. They have an awesome teacher! Sami had Mrs. Black last year (combined 3rd and 4th grade class). I love how she has the door decorated in a Western Theme.. Mrs. Black is also a scrapbooker.. A gal after my own heart! She totally appreciates our handmade gifts!

It's 12:20 pm and the house is quiet. I don't know about this back to school stuff. I got up at 4:30 am to prep breakfast, get the kid's snacks ready, and drive them to school. I ran my errands, came home, and here I am. Tired, lonely, and melancholy for summer. Both Dick and I feel like we got the short end of the stick. We were just getting started with our summer fun! Jake is the only one who was counting the days for school to start... not that he is 'into' school, he just misses his buddies. We don't have any pals close by. And Sami is perfectly content with her critters and helping her dad with ranch projects.

Here we go! So long summer, seems we just got into the groove and now it's back to the grind.. Rats. We love summer... the next two months are going to be crazy! School, soccer and still doing the Markets... run mommy, run! I am so looking forward to November!

Found this on my daily Mary E. calendar:

There is a garden in every childhood,
an enchanted place where colors are brighter,
the air softer, and the morning
more fragrant than ever again.

Seem's just right for a summer sendoff!


Dawn said...

Sigh**the house is quite**unsigh...LOL Great poem

Dawn said...

okay I want to see the fashion boots. I also want to know why they have long sleeve and jackets on...hmmm, is it not warm out?? They look sooo cute. Love Sami's shirt. just my style. and jakey pooh looks just handsome..

Erre54 said...

hallo !!
in Italy school begins on 10 of September

Kerilou said...

Oh, now you have me all teary eyed, as my darling is gone back today!! I felt exactly like you...I didn't know what to do, but had a TON I could do! I got a nice consoling call from a message board buddy and that made me feel better! And believe me--the screen print t's only get worse...my DS wore one with Homer Simpson playing air guitar in his underwear to school for his first day! We have dragons, video games, dragons, motorcycles, dragons, and more dragons....Heehee..Kerilou