Thursday, September 20, 2007

V is for Victoria!

This card is for Victoria, who is in Jr. High, in Texas

I have never met Victoria. But I hope to be part of a 'movement' that sends her well wishes. Victoria is a cheerleader. The girl next door. The girl you hope your daughter turns out to be. Sweet as can be. A cutie pie. She could be your daughter.. and she has cancer. Her teacher is working on a project to get 5,000 cards to her. The deadline is coming up fast!! .... I found out about Victoria from my friend Sandy, via her blog, where she posted a card for Victoria, and with a link to another blog offering some 'blog candy' to those that post cards for Victoria... you can learn more by visiting Courtney's blog.
Please join me in sending Happy Mail to Victoria. And be sure to let her know what state you are from!!!


Sandy said...

What an awesome card, Andi, she's gonna love it!!!

Courtney said...

What a beautiful card! Thank you for cheering up Victoria!!

Tami B. said...

This is a beautiful card and such a wonderful RAK. I got behind on your blog and just read about your beautiful dogs tonight. I'm so sorry to hear they are gone. They were such amazing dogs. sniff

Kerilou said...

Cool card! I love it. I just visited the site you linked, and a card will go out first thing tomorrow! I will link this on my blog tomorrow, too! Kerilou