Monday, October 1, 2007

Autumn Greetings - Happy Fall Y'all!

The kids and I by the Poplar Tree

Front porch color

Poplar Leaves!

The Poplar In All Her Glory

Hmm...The view of the Mountains! Winter is at our Back! Or, is that Front???

Hello everyone! Well, I am 'blowing off' Sami's soccer practice and just hanging out at home. Feeling cozy and homey and just not up for 'running around' crazy. It was a group decision. Sami decided she wanted to help her daddy at the shop, and as you can see, a storm is coming in.... and, why yes, that is fresh snow in the Mountains! Sigh...
I was so grateful when I got home from my trip that the Poplar Tree still had it's fall coat on. As I drove off on Thursday, I glanced at it and thought 'I sure hope I get a chance to take some fall photos before the leaves are gone!'. Well, I was at a campground 1 hour from here and it snowed all day Friday (did not stick, thank goodness!), then it rained yesterday, and when I got home it was blowing hard, and it rained in the evening! Yet the leaves are still on the tree! Yahoo!! I have a great view of this tree from my computer desk up here at the 2nd floor loft... straight out the window at my height I get to watch the branches sway in the wind, and the colors blazing... I love it! I watch the seasons change from up here... the view is breathtaking and inspires me when I write.. When I am not inspired I just stare out the window and get lost in the view....
Soon Winter will be here.. I am holding onto Fall's outstretched hand as long as she will let me!


Kerilou said...

Hi Andi!! Great photos of your fall scenery!! We will be at "peak" in about another week, and I can't wait to get some photos! We have had an unusually warm fall thus far, and have not even had a hard frost yet!! Love your pumpkins and mums! Keri

Debra Day said...

Beautiful pictures and I love trees! How nice to watch the seasons come and go from your perch. I'd love to visit you but you'd probably have the hardest time kicking me out!

*karendianne. said...

Oh Andrea, I love all these pictures but I'd have to say the one of you and the kids is my favorite. They are SO LUCKY to have you for a mom. So blessed.