Sunday, October 21, 2007

Boys Will Be Boys!!

Yes, This is my Son!!! How about Those Ears?

Sigh... My sister Paula is probably running to the bathroom to save herself from wetting her pants right now... You see, Paula has been keeping a 'Stupid Book' of all the things I have said over the years about what my perfect children would and would not do, in their future lives... The majority of these things were said before I had children... You know the type.. Those obnoxious people who know all about parenting but have never had kids... The ones who say 'my children will never be babysat by the TV or watch cartoons before the age of 5', or 'my kids will never wear scary horrid things or dragons or rude sayings on their shirts'. Get the picture? I, was/am on of those obnoxious people.. And to top it off, it was usually said in response to something I observed about my Godson/nephew, Andrew (now, choke, almost 16!)...who is Paula's only perfect child...... OK, one last thing - I eat crow quite a lot!

So, as you can see, my perfect son, who is 8, is sharing with all of you part of his costume for this year. Jake is so into the scary and gory stuff. He is one of those kids who makes shooting noises and likes swords, dragons, and things of that nature...He even has a little book of 'spells' he has made up..And, he plays a game called 'Fate'. He was shooting things long before he ever watched TV.. I promise! (I will say my kids only watched the public TV station and yes, were plopped in front of the tube before the age of 5 to watch Sesame Street, Barney, Tele Tubbies, and a few other cute friends... )

Anyway, back to the blood and guts attraction of small men ... I swear these things are in their 'male' DNA! UG! They must be born with it!

Wait till you see the rest of his costume! Sami and I, on the other hand, will be wearing Mother/Daughter costumes of the Pirate princess variety!


Sandy said...

lol! How on earth do kids learn to like gory scary stuff when they are so durn little??? I'm always amazed by the punching/kicking/fighting urge, they're such sweet little things and suddenly want to be monsters! lol. Hope you post pics of the whole outfit...yours and Sami's too!

I took Becca her hat and mask today and she HAD to go get her princess dress to put on with it! Her dad took pics, I'm hoping he'll email them so I can post her in her little outfit!

ScrappyPam said...

What a great mask - it looks perfect on him! (That's a compliment. Really.)

*karendianne. said...

Oh what a hoot! I'd love to see that list Paula has - I can only imagine what's rolled off that hispanic tongue of yours. Naturally I can't relate. hee!

All boy, all man! DNA. Definitely has to come from that testosterone oozing husband of yours, too. You attracted that handsomeness and look what it did? A REAL MAN you created. hee hee hee. ;P

I'm thinking this entire outing is going to be a blast and all the more fun because Mom is participating. Now I can hardly stand it until photos arrive. Oh this is going to be fun, fun, funnnnn!!!!!

And a bottle of rum Love, *karendianne.

Michelle said...

It's so true about boys! Our son is into all of that stuff too. Skulls, dragons, warriors, wizards, gory type stuff, you name it. He plays things like Runescape, and AdventureQuest. He just loves it!

His Halloween outfits, since he has gotten older have all reflected this. I just posted on our family blog a couple of weeks ago, a picture of him in this years mask with his new weapon. It is here if you want to take a peek:

I used to worry about the gore and fighting stuff, but you nailed it...boys will be boys!

Kerilou said...

It IS in their male DNA..Cody is the same. But I heard something from someone a long time ago that runs through my mind on an almost daily basis.."choose your battles." Some people are mortified at what I let my son do...If it isn't hurting him, or anyone else-who cares? Is blue hair gonna be detrimental? I don't think so...and you know what? He (unlike his mother) is very individualistic and could care less what people think about how he looks, acts, or what he does..It is so refreshing, that is is enjoyable to see people look at his blue hair and have him not care! Just make sure your little guy doesn't scare the pants off some toddler and you should be fine! LOL..

Michelle said...

Eek, that's a pretty scary mask!