Monday, October 1, 2007

RAK from Ronnie and Dawn!

Here's a lovely card that Ronnie sent me.
It was made by Flexie.

Here is the RAK that Ronnie and Dawn set!
OK, there's story on how these beautiful cowboy Christmas images got into my hot little hands! I just happened to be checking out Ronnie's blog one day, and she posted a beautiful card with the image... I liked the image so much, that I left a comment asking if we could swap goodies... Ronnie is a Prima flower 'virgin' and I have tons of Primas! Well, my super good friend Dawn was working behind the scenes with Ronnie to get the images to me w/o me in the loop! Poor Ronnie.... There I was bugging her about trying to get the images, and she was doing her best not to spoil the surprise! Both girls sent them to me as a RAK after our sweet guard dogs died.... such angels... I am looking forward to turning the image into our Christmas Card! Thank goodness there is more than one - I am coloring challenged.... Thanks Girls!!!

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*karendianne. said...

Oh I love that card Ronnie sent you. I might have to "thief" it in the middle of the night so watch out.

Midnight Robber Lover, *karendianne.