Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Christmas Goodies, RAKS & My Blog Candy!

Check out These Magnets I found!

Can you see the Bahumbug Sheep? Too darn cute... I love the birdies, the trees, and the girls!
I bought these. I love them.. I had to have them. I might part with one or two.. still thinking about it...

This is a project from stamp camp last month... A Christmas Box... All supplies are Stampin' Up (except the box )
Inside of the box has some premade tags... I really should give this package away - before Christmas!!!
Hmmm... Blog Candy anyone? Read below if you want to win this!!!

Here is an awesome package of great stuff I rec'd! I won a RAK at Buzz & Bloom!

These are my fantastic new toys to play with! Thanks Buzz & Bloom!
Go check out their fabulous products - and be sure to tell them Andi send you!!! By the way, they have a design team call out right now.. Applications are due Dec. 1st!!!! Go get 'em my creative friends!

And, another RAK I won from Wendy V. she is a designer for Maya Road, and makes some aswesome stuff!

This cute train chipboard album already has a purpose! I helped with Sami's 3rd grade field trip last April to the Sumpter Valley Rail Road. Chuga Chuga Chuga, Toot Toot! I have lots of photos and ephemera to put into this baby!!!! Thanks Wendy! You all go visit Wendy's blog. Check out her art and tell her Andi sent you!!!

So, my cup is truly running over! Seriously... I'm busting at the seems here... I also had a visit from Charlie Brown (our UPS guy is named Charlie, the kids & I call him Charlie Brown) who brought my new Zutter Bind It All... and, get this, My new Prisma Color Pencils arrived (not the ones from E*rotten*bay - I totally was taken advantage of on that rotten egg of a deal - lost $)... Mr. Dick Blick sent me a better set...

How lucky am I to get all these great goods, eh? So, let's do a give away!!!
Blog Candy Time!!
Who all wants the Christmas Box I made above with the tags inside????

Here's how you can win it:
  1. You must leave a comment on this post - no anonymous folks..
  2. Share with everyone a funny Christmas memory....
  3. And, if you had a Secret Santa, tell us what you would wish for!
I'll pick a winner in 1 week! Uh huh.. That's right.. one Wednesday, as in December 5th!!!!!

Hope to see lots of posts!!!

fa la la la la!


Sandy said...

Ooooh oooh candy candy candy!!! Let's see....funny Christmas story:

Every year at my office, we decorate our dept tree...and I make everyone do a "stupid craft." And that's not stupid in the generic sense. It's true stupid-craft. We're a creative team, designers and writers etc, so this gang takes on a stupid-craft challenge like nobody you've ever seen. We've had macaroni art, sheep made of cotton balls, decorated cds, styrofoam balls with all sorts of things pinned on them! It's pretty hysterical, but someday our Charlie Brown fake tree will fill out with ornaments. (It's pretty cheesy--and empty---even with years of ornaments!) I'm stressing about this year's project, because it's actually kinda I have to find a way to "stupid" it up. Maybe add macaroni?

And as for secret santa...I should ask him for a new driveway. I've been putting it off for a long time and really need to get the work done! As well as putting in a mantle and hearth. I'm sure Santa would prefer coming in through a nice entryway. But...I'd settle for some Magnolia stamps, just coz he's travelling across the world anyway, he might as well pick up a few little things while he's in Europe and fly them my way, right? :)

Merry Christmas, Andi!

Jan Scholl said...

years ago, one of our cats bit into the wire for the tree lights. He didnt come out for days. It was the last time I Put up a tree, too.

Suzanne said...

YEAH! You are VERY generous to give away that beautiful box!

Let's see....Christmas memory.....The ONE year in ALL my 31 years that we had snow on Christmas! It was after my parents had divorced. We were at my father's house and he borrowed my uncle's diesel duelly to take us to my mother. When we got to her house, the snow drifts were over 5.5' (YES FEET) tall! You couldn't see my mother anywhere! LOL She's about 5' and VERY petite! We spent most of the day using the duelly to pull people out of ditches!

Kerilou said...

Okay, here is my non anonymous post: Where did you find those cute magnets??

I love the Christmas box..quite adorable!

Glad you got your buzz goodies! I just got some new stuff to use for my Dec. assignment..their products are awesome, are they not??

Funny Christmas memory--
When I was a kid on the farm, my Dad would always walk back in the woods and find us a tree..He would also get one for my Grandmother after Papa died..So UPstate NY, two trees, every year, thigh deep snow..I was a big deal to me, right? SO in fourth grade, my teacher, Mrs. O'Neil asks if anyone's parents could bring in a tree..I proud as punch raise my hand and say "my Daddy will do it!!" Marched home and announced that he needed to get a tree for my class!! Apparently he was quite defeated..finding one decent looking wild tree is one thing, but three?? Typical self centered kid, huh? Looking back now, I wonder why he did not choke me! He walks on water, always has, always will..
Secret santa-if I had one I would wish for hmm...basic grey/or cosmo cricket paper? I love paper!! So probably that... Great post! Keri

Diane said...

First off I'd like to Thank you for the great candy giveaway...whoever wins this will be one happy lady!!
A funny Story...One year my neighbour which I used to babysit for (when i was young) asked me to be santa for her kids. I said sure I could do that,she lent me the whole suit with boots and everything,when I got to her house...Natalie which was 2, was sooo scared of me she just started screaming and crying. I had to take off the suit and she still didn't want me anywhere near her.Her older brother which was about 6 had the Santa thing all ruined for him cause I had to take the suit off. We all laugh at that now that they are adults themselves
If I had a secret Santa I would ask him for anything he could bring that has to do with making cards whether it be big or small.


*karendianne. said...

I made notes of all my little comments when I was looking and reading. Here they are in line with the pics...

1. How Fun!
2. Wow!
3. That is SOOO cool.
4. Well that's nifty, who knew?
5. My goodness this is serious crafting!

I learned lots today. Totally fun to see this stuff.

Monika said...

Wow, what a great job on that Christmas Tin. I LOVE it! It is just too cute. Every year on Christmas Eve my parents would lock the living room door and decorate the tree! We where never allowed to see it until after dinner that night. Well being curious george we always would try to peack through the key hole and try to get a glimpse of the tree. It's kinda funny now too look back at some good old memories. And for my wish from Santa would be....mmm a bigger house with my own craft room, but I know this won't happen so I will be happy with some new clothes or stamping supplies.

Jacqueline said...

Thanks Andi for your heart-warming comment on my last blog entry.
I would love to join in as that Christmas box looks so delightful but I've been thinking and can't come up with a funny story!
Glad you have been so blessed with all those lovely goodies!

Shutterbug said...

Id love to win! That box is adorable and it would definatly be put to good use. Funny Christmas memory..well, my husband-to-be- spent Christmas with my family and my sisters thought it would be great ti give "us a gift. They made a mock party favor and the funniest little storybook album about how we met. It was too funny and we laughed so hard. It was a Christmas that we will always remember.

clhenry99 said...

Ok, here is my post
One of my funny xmas stories is the year that we sent my little brother up to mom and dad's room to ask if we could open our gifts now. He came down and said we could so when my parents woke up....we were done!! ahahah!!!
And I would love lvoe lvoe some stuff to pamper myself since i am needing some pampering!!

Linda SS said...

My son was in Kindergarten when the older kids started telling Ryan that Santa isn't real. One of my husband's co-workers was playing Santa at a charity event and my husband asked him if he'd stop by afterwards and peek in our window. We were all sitting in our family room watching TV when all of a sudden my son's eyes doubled in size and his mouth opened wide in disbelief. There was Santa outside our window peeking in and had a giant sized pencil and a long sheet of paper like he was making up a list. Ryan could barely talk for hours, it was like he had gone into shock. But he believed in Santa for many years to come:)

Michelle said...

Ok, funny Christmas story...not sure how funny it seems from the outside, but it always makes me giggle.

My sister and I - I was probably 5 or 6 so she was around 10. Anyway, we were playing chase in the house and running literal circles around our Christmas tree. Mom told us to stop, and you know how that goes...we would get away from the tree for about 1 minute, if that, then we were right back there chasing each other around the tree. Mom must have told us a dozen times to stop.

Under the tree was already packed with presents and Mom was very concerned about one in particular - a clock for my great Aunt that was very fragile. On my final lap around the tree, I stepped right on top of one of the gifts. CRUNCH! And I do mean crunch; the package was demolished! Guess which gift...the clock, of course!

It certainly wasn't funny at the time, because we got in BIG trouble. My sister and I still laugh about it though :-)

Let's see...if I had a secret Santa, I think I would want Cuttlebug Embossing Folders.

tyrymom29 said...

WOW what awsome Blog candy !!!
Now for the funny story Well lets hope my MOM doesnt see this ..One year at my grandmothers house on the 24th (she lived on farmland)My dad had forgot some gifts back at home and he had already taken a few drinks when they realized OH oH forgot gifts SO anywhoo My mom didnt like driving in the winter (or the cold weather ) so she was a lil upset so she asked me to go with her Of course I had to go so as we were leaving she was just talking On how upset she was and SHe slid...In the front snowbank ...face first in the snow .....trying to get up she kept sliding well laughing I go to her side and try to help her get up well ........We finally get in the car and guess What ????LOL
SNOW wasnt the only thing she fell in .....OMG I think I gaged all the way home ...hehehhe and laughed One of the cows had obviously been there Anywhoo she had made me Promise to be quiet but when we got back alot of people had noticed as she had changed ...18 yrs later we still talk about it and laugh ...IT was just so FUNNY!!!!Thanks for the chance!! And letting me tell my MOMs crazy story!!!

Paula said...

that's a very pretty box. I love your snow picture around the tree.

When I think of funny stories, I remember the year Santa got my kids an Atari game console (oh, I'm dating myself.) Santa (me) didn't always have a lot of money to spend on Christmas, so that was a big purchase. The girls acted so suprised on Christmas day! I smiled all day, cause I made them so happy.
Years later, after they were grown, they admitted to me that they KNEW what was in the box.

reflections:0) said...

I always thought that christmas was done for me seening as how my B-day is within days of it... It was many years befor I found out it was for christs birthday... Oh, to be young again....hehehehe I soon found out that I got the bad end of things the other kids got parties and I got the line here is your christmas and birthday gift... Not funny but, sad...