Monday, December 10, 2007

Calling All Lamb & Beef Clients! Input Needed!

I need some assistance... if any of you reading this blog are our lamb and beef clients I would truly appreciate some input.

Our website continues to need 'upgrades' in order to serve you, our clients better. I emailed our new prices to our web designer two weeks ago, and we are still having design issues with how to get the interface more user friendly.

I try to email pricing sheets to those that request them and it is a tedious process at best.
So here is my question.... (actually 4, pick one that best serves your needs!)

1. Would you like to see a separate blog dedicated to the ranch business that has pricing data, product data, and delivery information, and a place for me to answer common questions, or
2. Would you prefer the data was at this site, and you could just access the appropriate archives (data on the left side, do the same as in #1) or
3. Would you prefer to get all info at the Web Site or
4. Everything is cool, and you are fine with the emails...

If you don't feel comfortable answering on this blog please email your answers to andisexton at cascadeaccess dot com. Sorry for the funky address, just trying to reduce spam (and I get tons from the website! Viagra anyone? Apparently the world web thinks I need it, as well as bigger body parts that would involve a sex change!)...

Thank you for your help!


Lauren said...

LOL! I hear ya about all the SPAM! :) said...

I'm not a client - although I probably would be if I still lived in Oregon! - but I have a suggestion for your problem. Why don't you put your prices on a blog, with a big link to this blog on your products pages? You can make the blog with similar/same colors so that it's not too different from your website. This way, you have control over changing prices but the website only needs to be updated once (to put the new link on). You can link both ways, so it will be almost seamless.