Thursday, January 3, 2008

Quick News

Howdy partners!

So, I've embarked on a new project.. A new blog for our grass fed lamb and beef customers... The address is: .
When I created Perfect Gravy I had hoped to make it an all inclusive blog - ranch, customers, my musings, art, etc... I think it was 'too inclusive', so now we have a special place for our they don't get 'lost' and also so I am focused on meeting their needs.. Focus, Focus, Focus. I need to to that from time to time...

It's the Sexton Ranch Round Up... the blog header...

But friends can visit too! OK, family also. I like it... So, guess I will be double blogging... Seems to be my 2008 theme... I am running two computers as well... OH! Did I Forget to Tell YOU???? (tee hee)... Santa Baby brought me a new computer! I now have Windows Visa, a flat screen monitor, lots of bells and whistles, and it only took me about 3 days to load some of my old files, setup my email account, etc... I DID NOT setup the website email account on my new computer.... I am so sick of the gross spam I get off that thing... I loaded the website email on the old computer, and I had 1135 email messages since December 25th - all gross nasty spam things... Disgusting... not one 'true' customer! (our frequent customers have the 'bat line' email address, my personal one)...

I'm running both computers because, well, I can't find the original CD's for two very important programs (QuickBooks Pro and Microsoft Access...).. DOLT! Maybe I'll find them...I don't want to purchase them just for this computer!

Other Quick News Items:
  • I am juror number 172. Criminal trial for tomorrow morning was settled out of court (Thank GOD!)
  • My 9 year old angel is turning 10 on Saturday!!! We are having a very special party, at a place called 'The Little Pig'... Kids get to make ceramic art... Woo Hoo! Love Art.
  • Woodstove is smoking... and driving me crazy... Needs a fixin'.
  • No sun for 2 days. Humf.
  • Little puppy now has a name! Patch! I will be showcasing him soon. Photos. Not weird dog clothes. That's a no no.
  • New mail lady does not deliver our mail until about 5pm. Gives new meaning to snail mail. Ponder that one, will you? Got a good visual? Good.
  • Have a meeting at the school in oh, 30 minutes. PTCO stuff... I am the President. Big event on Feb. 1st, our Chili Feed, Raffle and Live Auction. Send Money. We are trying to raise about $4,500 for our little rural school.
  • I want to chop my hair off... Drives me crazy...
  • I want to sit in my craft room and play! Wah!!! Maybe tomorrow....
OK. That's enough. Thanks for listening...


Vintage Papers said...

Happy New Year Andi!!! I am looking forward to knowing you better in 2008!!

Dawn said...

My dear Andi, I need a nap just thinking of all the stuff you have going on. ANd I have been told I am very very busy,. Shoot next time I hear someone say that I am sending them to your blogs.

Did you take some of Sandy's mojo & energy?????? I want some I want some!!!!! Love ya!!

*karendianne. said...

Doublemint Gum for you! Lots of great stuff for us to look forward to I see.

Ceramic ART - WAYYY FUN! I can't wait to see the pics from this fun event. More to look forward to.

Unveiling of Patch should be so cuteamous and finally - you have no idea how bad I want to lop off the hippy hair i've got going on Andi. I'm with ya.

Appointment Soon Love, *karendianne.