Sunday, March 2, 2008

It's FINALLY March!

I have LOTS to share with you. I LOVE March! This is the month I can finally find a patch of bare grass (aka not covered in snow) somewhere within the snow drifts in the yard and THANK GOD for longer days, and warmer temperatures. I am so not a Winter girl. I love the warmth of the sun.. I love summer. I really love spring! And I miss all the warm places I love to visit. It's 39 degrees here, which is WARM for us! Yahoo! But it did snow I must enjoy one day at a time.

Here's my 'Why I love March' list:
  • The days are getting longer! I love daylight. I am a morning person.
  • I can start my morning walks again.
  • The highway is not covered in ice and I can drive 55 mph instead of 15 or 20
  • The robins will be back sometime this month bopping around the yard
  • The red wing black birds are here singing their lovely morning songs
  • All our colds and flus are behind us. See ya, germs!
  • Sunshine in March is beautiful! It's the welcoming sunshine that you let into all the windows, not the hot stuff.
  • It's too cold to mow the lawn (some years the snow has melted by now) yet warm enough to enjoy the great outdoors!
  • Spring Break is at the End of the Month.. When the kids and I hit the highway for adventures! See ya Cabin Fever!
  • There's still a ton of snow, but I know it is melting little by little each day!
  • This is the month I get to mostly play on the weekends instead of work! My last Hurrah before the markets start up again.
  • My metabolism seems to 'rise and shine' in March! I get back into my 'I think I want to be an athlete mode' and busy bee mode. The athlete thing usually peters out.. but this year could be different! Dick and I were on a diet (today is the last day) and I have lost 10 pounds! So, this March is extra special. I am a new person! I have a new attitude. And I want to keep this momentum going.
Below are some photos of latest events here at our corner of the world, as well as long posts... you can read em, or skip em.

Have a great day!

Yep. Spring, in Eastern Oregon
Finally! March has arrived! The kids decided to go fly a kite on the last day of February, since it was a beautiful 30 degree blustery day... Patchie is in the right corner, offering assistance.

Pencil Pushers... Ranch Style.
So, what do you do when you are bored and it's too cold outside to play? My husband is in charge of entertainment here at home (I'm in charge of off the ranch fun stuff, like dates). Well, for some reason, the kid's fearless leader (aka their father) asked if the kids could balance a pencil on their nose. My husband, apparently, is a pro! Little did I know about his hidden talent. Another one of those 'many years into marriage you discover ....' things. Wish I got a photo of him doing his demo, but he is a sly ol' fox!

Jake, eagerly offered 'Sure, I do it all the time at school'! Um... This would be one of MANY reasons that I bought Jake a Sponge Bob Square Pants shirt for Valentines' that says 'Uh, Could You please Repeat the part after Listen Carefully?".. It was more for his teacher than for him.. He is always preoccupied with his own priorities... sigh..
Now Sami, on the other hand, has never tried this trick. Nor have I. As in, good girls in school! The boys excel in this category of useful skills. Spoon dangling off your nose? Now that's something I can do! My three musketeers spent a good portion of one afternoon having contests.

Remember All My Complaints About My Woodstove?

Well here is the beast. Ripped apart. This is what my living room looked like for 3 weeks. Let's just say, the woodstove has been a very long winter saga. The saga of the woodstove that refused to work right. The topic of many a Husband vs Wife discussion...
He said: "It's just fine, you don't know how to operate it!"
She said: "It shouldn't be smoking! I'm tired of breathing in Smoke! It's not good for us!"
He said: "I'll fix it!" (About October, I might add).
She said: "OK, the stove is still not fixed. Can I call a professional?"
He said: "No, I said I would fix it!"
Repeat the above for about three months... then..

Finally, He got up on the roof to clean out the woodstove. He was waiting for the snow to clear (Hello! It's Winter!). This happened about two months ago. Then he lit a fire. Still smoked.. (I could have told him it would, but I let him find out for himself. I just knew the darn thing wasn't working right. I have my sources.)

Then, about 3 weeks ago, HE started the ripping apart process. Remember when I was sick? Well, on the very first BAD DAY OF SICKNESS HE sent me to the store to get parts while HE tried to do Ranch Payroll. Hello. Role reversal. I hate being out in public with a runny nose and scratchy throat. It's even worse waiting around for about an hour, with no tissues! Sleeves. Thank goodness my son was no where in sight to see me doing what I constantly tell him NOT to do! No telling how many people I infected. And everyone said 'Oh, you poor thing, are you sick?' Except what's his name. I'm still not over it.

THEN parts had to be ordered. Week goes by.

THEN he was too busy to fix the stove. Another week goes by.

THEN FINALLY on THE LAST DAY OF FEBRUARY the woodstove get's fixed! Yeah! Too bad this didn't happen oh, FOUR MONTHS AGO!!! I've been freezing my toes, and other pointy body parts for months!!! Sure, we have central heat, but there is no heat like wood heat. Which brings me to the next paragraph.

Today is March 2nd, and it's hotter than heck in the house...I think about 80 degrees worth. I better not complain. 'The woodstove is working just fine, darlin'!' I have the windows open upstairs and I am wearing a T-Shirt with my sweaty betties. And I am barefoot! The sun is out in all it's glory, AND IT'S 39 DEGREES OUTSIDE! Spring has sprung, baby.


Dawn said...

Wow, you are one heck of a lady, ANdi, I can't believe you put so much into your blog. I feel like we know eachoher!! lol I am glad your lovin' this march weather. HEre on our side of the states, it's a little warmer and breezy..

Sue McGettigan said...

LOL Andi, finally spring arrives AND your hubby repairs the stove - commiserations sweetie, such is life, right?? AND you have to say 'thanks honey' just to make sure next time you need something fixed he's right on it!

Kerilou said...

Are you my long lost sister and did you marry my husband's brother?? It is like reading about myself...I agree....It is a whopping 24 degrees right now, but I have been up for 2 hours, and still have bare feet!! No sun today, but considering that it was -22 on Friday morning, I am not complaining. I love to crank the heat and open the windows this time of year! No robins or blackbirds yet, I think I may cry when I hear my first one!! Keri

Lisa Renéa said...

Andi, I truly got the biggest kick out of this post! I love reading your blog & save it for when I have time to truly enjoy the read. Heard the birds chirping here, last week and the trees have bitty buds on them so maybe spring has sprung? Oh, how cute are those red wing blackbirds? Love your new blog look, too. Have a super week! Hope the Mother Nature continues to smile on you!!

*karendianne. said...

I read every sentence with fun!


Patchie and Kites
Kids with Pencils on noses
Saga of the Spouse that Springs into action Suddenly... then probably wants *Sugar* for Slaving to fix the Stove (I'm thinkin'). Oh and Sleeves Andi. Me, too!

Super Story Love, *karendianne.

*karendianne. said...

Hello! Karen? Are you paying attention?

CONGRATS ON THE 10 LBS...where did you find it to lose though?


Karen from the Porky Side of Our Familia.