Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Welcome Spring! (yeah right!)

I'm still complaining over here...

We got 2 inches of snow last night.. It was a beautiful storm, I must say.. Big ol' fat flakes.. My husband was in Hermiston and had to drive over two passes with a trailer full of cattle... GADS.

But he got home safe and sound. Thank goodness for answered prayers.

A neighbor who has lived here all her life called... I thought she was calling to give sympathy to the poor Californians... and give a tease or two (we are the Californians, who have been here 9 years).. BUT she was complaining too! She called to see what was on our Christmas List, since Spring/Summer/Fall have decided to leave... We had a good laugh.. Unreal. Even the natives have had enough...

The sun is out now, and it's 26 degrees.. The 10 day forecast shows higher temps in our future.

Fingers crossed!


Lauren said...

AUGH! I hear ya. While there isn't any snow on the ground at the moment - there was yesterday, it just melted midday - there are DARK, OMINOUS clouds looming and SNOW all over the forecast! NOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Spring began LAST month... did our states get the memo???? ;)

*karendianne. said...

Wow. That's serious driving for Dick. I know he's fully capable and all that but still. Prayers. Plus, as far as he's concerned - he's a man, he can handle it. He's right.

I send Florida sunshine to the Garden Zone.

Shining in the Distance Love, *karendianne.

Sandy said...

Oh I hope it warms up for you!! We have sun and warm temps today...maybe 70! So it's bark and soil day, I have 6 yards on the way to my house this morning!