Sunday, May 11, 2008

My Fifteen Minutes of Fame! And a President on Mother's Day!

So, remember the card I made for the 'Oldest Hero Arts Stamp' challenge? Well! I was one of the winners! Yep. Three of us were selected randomly. The way I read it, is the judges pick all their favorites, then pull three out of the hat, and wella! I was one of the three!

What does this mean? It means my card is up on the 'our recent challenge winners image roll' on the Hero Arts blog! Yep. I have placement right now at a major website's blog! My closest encounter to being published.

Tee hee.

Oh, guess who I saw today?? Former President Clinton. Yep. In flesh and blood. Crazy, eh? There we were, leaving the Mexican Restaurant, after our Mother's Day boogy (plant shopping, the Mexican Food with Margaritas), and we saw the streets blocked off near the courthouse, and lots of men in uniforms! So, we, being the adventurous family that we are, drove right up to the barricades and said 'What's going on'? The officer said, President Clinton is talking.


So, being the good little Republicans that we are, and always open to listening to all sides (we watched all the debates - our entire family - my kids know who all the candidates are!) we found a parking spot and went and peeked at President Clinton! We 'back packed' the kids so they could see. How awesome! A real president in our poky little itty bitty town! I took photos, but they aren't nearly as good as Bev's!

My friend Bev, of BELLA had a very close encounter. Go check out the Bella Blog for the up close and personal peek!

I tell ya, all the big cheeses go to her store. The Gov, our State Reps, and now, a President! Lucky girl ...


Dawn said...

Good thing I allready have your autograph!!!!

Lauren said...

Congrats on your "pub" :)