Monday, May 19, 2008

Promised Photos - Lambs, Birthdays, Spring Program

The Raiders of the Lost Arc - Plus a Lamb!
For the party 'we' had four challenges the 'raiders' had to accomplish before I gave them the clue to find the hidden arc treasure. They were in teams of 2, and they had to help each other:
  1. Swing the farthest on a rope over the snake pit (garden hose)
  2. Untie the bow on the rope swing, above the snake pit
  3. Walk blind folded forward and backward on a log over the bottomless pit (log on the grass)
Those 3 challenges were plenty - since we timed or measured the distances for each group. Then, each team got their clues and off the went! The girls won! The Arc had something for everyone, but the girls split the 'big prize' - Cube world. A set of 2.
Oh. and whenever we go out into the yard, the lambs come running to find us! We now have 6 bummer lambs that are being bottle fed.

Two of the Bottle Lambs - Hanging at the Front Door!
And, ignore those dandelions... I have some serious work to do!

Spring Program!
Jake is the cutie pie looking at the camera
Sami is the cutie in back - hair up!

Sami singing in front!
Keep in mind that Sami does not like being in the limelight.
She is somewhat a shy girl (furthest on the right) - unlike her ever so aggressive mother!
See her cute outfit? I am sure it's from Grandma Grace. Sami adores this outfit!

I still need to share my Birthday flowers from my sister Paula, and a few cards! Phew!


ScrappyPam said...

Wonderful photos! Sounds like such a fun birthday party, and what a great theme!

noble pig said...

Oh the lambs! And aren't you up to date with your Indy party! That's the hottest thing right now!

Sandy said...

That sounds like a great party!! So your bummer lambs hang around loose outside?? With puppies all over???

*karendianne. said...

You know, I read this when you posted it and carried it with me. What was the neatest thing? That's what I was looking for.

Neatest lambs by the front door with the kids.

Sami & Jake and a real bountiful, rich upbringing. And that's what I wanted to say.

Solid Foundations of Love, *karendianne.

Debra Day said...

Lambs at the front door, children singing, kids playing... ah, spring is here in glorious ways! Thanks for that post.

Dawn said...

Ohh, those lambs on the porch look so cute. Happy BD to Jake, and your daughter looks just lovely in her dress.