Thursday, July 17, 2008

In Line Skates

Each Wednesday the kids and I try to have Vacation Wednesday. It's our 'carve some time for us' during the summer vacation whirlwind. Living on a ranch equates to lots of projects, emergencies and 'easily falling into a working rut'. If you recall, last Wednesday was no exception! We had a fencing project to start the day with. Hmmm.. I should take a photo of our handy work!

Well, we did manage to 'split the scene' and get at least 2 hours of fun in! The kidlets attempted some inline skating. What a chore that was! First, we drove to the Leo Adler parkway/walkway (we have no pavement out here). It's a cool path along the Powder River. Perhaps too narrow for lessons!

WE have lots of practice to do for these skates! WE, because I get to hold those two kids upright on the tricky stuff! Next time will be in a parking lot!

So there you have it Auntie Paula! We did it! Thank you for the awesome skates!

As you can see, Jake has a few balance issues to work out..

After the skates came the scooters... Definitely a faster mode at this stage of the game! Then came Charlies Ice-Cream in Baker City. I'll have to get some photos of our favorite hang outs!


*karendianne. said...

How totally fun is that.

Again with the cool Mom stuff. It goes on the list of things I admire you for.

Listing Love, *karendianne/ Living Life at LeeHaven

Arlene said...

Glad you can carve out some non-work time - skating and scootering. It looks like everyone had fun. Glad you enjoyed your night out. :)

Dawn said...

Keep on rollin'

Kerilou said...

What a nice thing to do on a sunny day! Taking time for yourself is so important! Haven't had my skates out in ages! Kerilou