Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Windy Day and the Lucky Number '51'

This last Thursday was a very chilly, rainy and windy day...A typical 'what the heck is our weather doing now' day in Eastern Oregon.. I did panic.. I am not ready for summer to pack her bags. We started out with 35 degrees, which motivated me to start working on our Fall Newsletter (Ranch business - for our customers).

We decided it was time to take down the tent. Which is a bummer. It's fun having it outside for the kids to play in, sleep in, and just looks like summer! But, it was to rain during the day, so Jake and I got to work. Here's some trivia about our tent.
  • It is 51 years old!
  • My in-laws got it for their honeymoon trip to Alaska (they were guides on a packing trip. See where my husband gets his work ethic from? My father and mother in law worked on their honeymoon! ).
  • They used it as a couple, then for family camping with their 3 young children (rumor has it that they bought a second tent as the kids got older and separated the boys from the girls),
  • then my husband inherited it.
  • We used it when we camped as a couple during our single days
  • And then, all four us slept in this baby when we went camping last summer...
  • The last time it was used was when Sami was 6 months old (during the Walsh Girls family reunion ski boat/House boat trip at Oroville Lake, CA) - 10 years ago!
  • We are looking at a repeat performance later this week (the four of us camping and fishing)! Oh boy!!!

Late in the afternoon the sun came out, the clouds parted, and Dick and the kids flew a kite. Notice my husbands garb? That's his cold weather work gear! Mr. Carhart.

What cracks me up is Dick and Jake went and got their 'buz' cuts.. right before the cold snap! But, alas, today's high is to be 97, so all in all, perhaps the buz cuts weren't too premature.


ScrappyPam said...

I love your stories!

noble pig said...

What a cool inheritance! Those skys are beautiful too!

Vintage Papers said...

wow! the tent has so much history -love that their is a tale behind it. I am sooo not ready for summer to end .. I hate hot temps...70 - 75 would be great for me year round.
I will shed a tear with you - summer wah!

Kerilou said...

Who knew a tent could have such history? They don't make things like they used to, that is for sure! Mr. Carhartt will be arriving shortly at our house, too. Seems too soon! I want to cry!