Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Happy Birthday, Sis!

My Little Sis - 25 years ago!

Today is my sister Avis' birthday.

She is 45! And younger than me....

Happy birthday sister dear!

Avis lives in CA and works for the State of CA. She is single, free, never married and a living angel. As in, she works for God.

We need more living angels...

She doesn't read my blog.. Oh well... Perhaps one of her other relatives will steer her over here!'


Kerilou said...

Happy Birthday, Avis!!

Suzanne C said...

Happy birthday Avis! (I can't believe you are the older than 45!!!You look much too young. :)

*karendianne. said...

Happy Birthday, Avis. There is a photo at Auntie Alice's house of her and I. We look so similar in that photo. You'd think we're related. HEE!

I'll go hunt her down!!!

(ps: Y'all really are A LOT older than me. I keep forgetting how much YOUNGER I am than you guys! hee)

Bratty Cousin Love, *karendianne.

noble pig said...

Happy Birthday and how nice to say those things about her!