Sunday, September 14, 2008

What a Party!

The Facilities
You would be amazed at the amount of 'stuff' that travels from site to site
for Cycle Oregon! Location: Guyer property of Medical Springs Highway

Our School Informational Area
We set up an awning (normally used at the Farmers Markets by Sexton Ranches) and lined it with kid art. The 'A' Frame is an informational board about our projects for the school. That's little ol' me being an info guide.

Lunch was Eaten Anywhere
As you can see, there were lots of open skies!
Not much shade out in that country. The riders were found lounging in the oddest of places - sitting in the horse trailer opening where we dumped the trash, sitting on the backs of some of our vehicles, sitting in the display awning, anywhere shade could be found!

The Masses
I'm not sure what is with Mr. Atlas. Most riders do not have thighs like this dude.

Part of our Crew!
This is part of our PTCO work crew at the begining of the day, all fresh and smiley. I'm the one all the way on the left! Cycle Oregon's theme this year was 'The Wild Wheeled West'. Oh boy, did they ever get a taste of the wild west when they 'got to' sit in this field to eat lunch! Lycra and stiff grass do not go together well! Ouchy Mama!
A whole lot of cardboard was passed around for seats.

Part of the Student Entertainment
The first rider came through about 8 am. What a hammerhead! A young guy, very nice. He took a lunch anyway. We started to scramble after that. And boy, were we hopping!
The trash kept filling up... lots of runs to the service truck for more supplies.
The school bus arrived about 11am - a very busy time!
Part of our little school of about 80 kids sang to the riders - just the 2nd 3rd 5th and 6th graders. The little guys stayed at the school. And, they skipped the 4th grade. I was bummed! Jake's class did not come out! Can you imagine the 'pumping up' I did about this event in my household????
Poor buddy..

The Field Trip
OK.. See the biker chic on the left? With the Baker City jersey?
That is my ever so cool friend Bev, of Bella Main Street Market in Baker City!
She is a rider. She is amazing. She is so darn wonderful! OK, she's HOT!
Bev came out to the school the week prior to give a bike safety seminar with another rider, Brian. Bev managed to get some helmets and safety equipment donated from the Oregon Department of Transportation. So, our kids were ready to roll!
See Sami? She is in the front, on the right, on her bike, pink shirt.
That would be Super Sami. She wouldn't wear my Pullins Jersey from my Chico rollin' days.
Oh well.
But I love that girl!
OH.. Back to the story.. (just a mommy moment there)
So Bev and Brian came out and met the kids (5th and 6th graders) at the site, to take them riding on part of the Cycle Oregon route!
Oh My God!!!!!
I used to ride, and let me tell you, I was one nervous cat.
(Before I learned who the guides were)
Single Lane?
Hand Signals?
On your Left?
2,500 riders????
Kids weaving in the lane?
Kids with abrupt stops in the road?

It was awesome! Thanks to Bev and Brian.
The kids had a blast and a few new 'cyclists' were born!

A View of The Road
Our location was off the Medical Springs Highway,
about 25 miles from Haines

This Chick Rocks!!!

Beverly Calder
Biker Chick Extraordinar,
Owner of Bella Main Street Market, Baker City
You are one Hot Mama!
Thanks Girl!!!!!


Do you remember me giving you the head's up about our PTCO (Parent, Teacher, Community Organization - aka PTA) serving 2,300 bike riders for Cycle Oregon last Monday? I had volunteered our group to be in charge of one of the lunch stops, in exchange for $1,500 for our itty bitty rural school. Because of my 'we can do it' , my job was to get 20 volunteers to was down to the wire! We had all sorts of great folks helping out! Neighbors, Farmers Market Managers, moms, dads.. It came, it went, we all survived and it was a success!

What a Party! We arrived for work at 7 am. We worked until 3pm. Basically, we setup a city, setup all sorts of equipment, emptied trash containers, served the masses, broke down camp, and waived at our darling children as they arrived, biked, sang, and left. Oh the joys of being a parent who loves to 'be in the thick of things'!

I just love field trips.. And this was one HUGE kickin' trip!

And THAT was just the first week of school!

This week we have our Open House and Dessert Auction, along with three soccer games and a few ranch related projects to get out the door! ACK!


noble pig said...

Very cool! I love it! What a great event to participate in!

Sweet Blessings said...


You are one AMAZING girl! Looks like it turned out perfect...You totally managed a successful event...way to go! One down, on to the next one....Enjoy your week..Sweet blessings!

Suzanne C said...

I love that you organized that event for your school! The pictures were great!

Dawn said...

yikes those are scary thighs. I was not sure if you were talking about harleys or cycles...It looks like a fantastic day, lots of fun all around. Your a super lady!

Kerilou said...

Wowsa! What a huge event! Good for you for getting through it! Loved seeing all the pics!

Tami B. said...

What an amazing event for the riders and for the kids. I love every bit of it. My hubby is one of those guys with the bike shorts :) Maybe we can get up your way for cycle oregon sometime. It sounds like a great event.