Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Few Photos - Looking Back.

Me - Waiting for a Customer (Uh, a ranch customer!)
Sami took this photo last Thursday. I had picked the kids up from school, had them change into their soccer clothes for their game, then we went to meet a meat customer.
This is my portable office.

The Inside of My Purse
A few survival goods.
I also had my car worked on that day, 2 hours stranded in town.
After already driving in the opposite direction to deliver meat
to a restaurant, for Saturday nights big dinner.
Oh, and yes, that is a Stampin' Up bag to the right!
Got some new goodies...
Don't think they will play until November!

A Fall Gift
While we were waiting the wind picked up.. Leaves blew about.
We then drove to the kids game and lightening and rain hit!
The game was canceled - but we had to walk out to the field to find out.
Dang. And I was one of the snack moms.
Cut up oranges anyone?
We still have some!
Dick had a nice, hot, beef stew waiting when we got home. Yum.
VP debate night as well.
Can only handle so much of that stuff.
I so much prefer the SNL versions...
Afterall, it is all a joke, eh?
Go Tina!

Apple Art Day
Friday's are no school days.
Sami had a friend spend the night and
all the kids made apple faces! I love sending the kids out to play...
Our Apple trees are loaded so no great loss!
The other things they did:
Climbed way high in a tree - and left a dog leash up there!
(I sent Jake back up on Sunday when I needed it).
The leash was used by them for some sort of hanging device.
Better not to know.
Sami locked herself in a dog kennel - on accident
Board games
pancakes for breakfast
goofyballs. Everywhere.
I had a 'big' customer come out and pick up some meat for a conference the following day.
150 people.
Way cool.

Left at 7am.
La Grande Market
Home at 10:30pm.


Arlene said...

Sounds like it's been busy.

How do the kids like soccer? I love it.... used to play on a co-ed adult team. You know why I love the game - it is really an hour long - no time outs unless an injury takes a player off the field (carried off) and that's rare. YES... we have a time limit here... and I always know where the darn ball is. It's not tucked under someone's arm. Plus the rules are fairly easy to follow.

And Andi, thanks for your wonderful comments on my blog. Clarian's Hawk... really just Arlene :))

Sweet Blessings said...

Happy Wednesday...I Love your Office, it looks very homey :D And, it looks like the kids have a great time wherever they are...wish I could capture that spirit!!! It's way tooooo cold here this morning, so I'm thinking it must be freezing at your place??? SO, hope you find ways to stay inside and warm! Sweet blessings!

Lauren said...

cute photos

*karendianne. said...

Love all the photos and the apples, too! Funnn stuff. Enjoyed peeking in your purse, too. And as usual, you look great.

...Yeah, I prefer SNL because surely, it must be a joke. Please! Let it be.

Tami B. said...

I seriously don't know when you stamp my friend. I'm thinking it must be at the cost of some sleep at night. Getting very tired of the news these days and I so agree that SNL helps add some laughter to the mess.

Julie said...

Just love the apple pic. very cute.

Kerilou said...

You are such a cutie, Andi! A change, being in front of the camera for a change!! Those apples are adorable!!

Jacqueline said...

Such lovely photos, so cozy!

Anonymous said...

Apples....Tammy and I have been doing fried apples as a treat...Pretty simple,Apples, Brown Suar, Butter and Cinnamon... THe amounts of each depend on how gooey you like,