Sunday, November 9, 2008

We're Back! Back in the Saddle Again!

Smile Everyone!
In Cabellas' on Saturday - Boise

Nothin' like a free museum to play in!

Goofing Off at TGIF
Favorite Restaurant #2. Jake decided since it was Friday, we
had to go to TGIF.

Playing at the Discovery Center - Boise
Hello! What an awesome place!
The kids were entertained for hours on Friday!
This is Jake practicing his wizard skills.

Too Darn Tame Geese!
A herd of them came up to visit us..This is near the Discovery Center,
and by Julia Davis Park. Awesome place.

Playing at Red Robin
Favorite Restaurant #3. Dude! They had all sorts of fun art on the walls.
Including a Led Zepplin poster!

Playing at Red Robin!
Sami took a series of very goofy photos of me.
I'll share them one of these days.
Killed me. We were laughing too darn loud.

Breakfast of Champions
Our fab hotel had a great free breakfast lounge.
Sami and I would sneak down each morning at 6am to get our warm drinks,
in our cozy clothes and slippers, and load up on goods,
and bring it back up to our room. Later all three of us would go down again for
real food! We did add waffles and fruit.

New Under Armor Getting Broke In
Oh did we shop!
REI (Under Armor, Gloves),
Target (Winter Clothes, and new Bath Towels), Big 5 (new swimsuit for Sami),
Archivers (2x - they kicked us out Thursday night
so we returned Saturday during the big holiday event)!
Toys R Us, Petco (the kids love to go
check out all the funky critters, it's a mini zoo) and lastly,
Cabella's to tour the displays.

Playing at Olive Garden
Favorite Restaurant #1
Oh the wine? That's mine!

We are home!

We had such an awesome get away... We left Thursday, about noon, and our first stop was the kid's school - for teacher conferences. I banged those babies out (it was the reason the kids were out of school!). I am so glad I did the conferences before we left - I got to hear how marvelous both kids are! Jake is reading at a 6th grade level and already has all his points for next quarter, and he is a math wiz! Sami is a delight to her teachers, and she is also good at math and all subjects. Her main teacher wants to push her more.. Gosh! My little heart sang for my kids! So, along our 3 hour drive I was scheeming on how best to reward them....

Let's just say, we all had a great, relaxing, spoiled rotten trip doing the things we all love! Sami and Jake love to swim - so each morning and evening, they swam until they did not want to swim anymore! A first, really. Normally I pull them out after an hour. I'm getting smarter. This time I was the mom with her speedo and scrapbooking gear! I did a swim routine first, and then scrapbooked the majority of the time afterwards! Hello!!! What a brilliant idea (if I don't say so myself!)... And I got lots done (I am putting together Ali Edward's December Daily Album)! I was in heaven doing my thing and so were the kids! Oh the joy of it all...

One highlight was another parent, whom I actually know, was in the pool area with his 2 daughters (a popular get away place) told me I am a beautiful swimmer! Oh gosh... I tell you.. a girl sure forgets the things she is good at and has tucked away as part of her 'before kids and marriage' life! Note to self: Do more of the things that I am good at and love!!!!

We really had a wonderful time. The trip length was perfect. We left Thursday and came back Saturday late afternoon. No stress. Lots of laughs. Lots of peaceful moments.

I'll share all my scrabby pages in another post!


Sweet Blessings said... sounds like you had the most amazing, perfect get-away..too bad the Mr. couldn't of tagged along (but, then, you know, they don't always follow our agenda's as well..ha, ha)! I LOVED all te places you favorite's too...most of all I LOVE that you created a magical, get-away, memory-filled, fun weekend for your kids! It will be one of those memories they will one day share with their own children! You are the BEST Mom...and you do have the cutest kids...!!! How fun that another MR. complimented you too..that always feels good...I hope you do get to find time to do more of those "things" you are good at! Thanks so much for sharing....I know all your hearts are filled right now with the peace & happiness of time spent simply enjoying life & "being"! Sweet blessings!

Suzanne C said...

yeah! Your mini vacation sounds wonderful and relaxing. I am glad everyone had a good time and you were able to scrap! Whoo Hoo!

Debra Day said...

I'm so glad to read of your restful, relaxing and fun getaway. You so deserve it. It must have been special to have just you and the kidlets. You guys looked like you all had a great time. They grow up so fast but those are memories they'll hold fast forever. You Go Mom!

glitzen said...

OOOOh, I love a good road trip. Your get a way sounds like the most awesome time ever. You guys did a lot of fun stuff, and took time to just relax and say ahhhhhh. Good job on the kids' conferences too! I homeschool, so my girls always get glowing reports, then I go smooch on the principal. Tee hee.

Tami B. said...

What a perfectly delightful getaway. I need to take a page out of your book and try this. It looks like a most wonderful time for all.