Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Day 2008

**** I'm Going To Walk You Through Our Day! ****

Christmas Mid-Morning Scene
(Notice we are all dressed?
We dont' open presents until the cows are fed!)

First: Sami woke up (tapping Mrs. Claus - who was dead tired! Scared me!)
Oh. And perhaps the evening prior's festivities had something to
do with the foggy head.

Then: We opened Stockings
Then: Mr. Sexton went to feed
(The kids were crazy!!! When is daddy going to be home?)
Then: Mr. Sexton came home - and still had to work on Jake's surprise
Tap, Tap, Tap, Tap
(drinks get poured, snacks made, etc.)
Finally! We start about 10 am!!!!!
(seems like for-ever)

Our Christmas Linner
A noontime dinner
The best part??? Tamales!
OH yeah baby. Home made Tamales
A very very very special Christmas treat!!!
Fa la la la la!
And we still have some left!
Fa la la la la!!!!!
(A Christmas gift from our hired hand's family!)

My Sweetest Gifts

This year, our adorable, sweet, thoughtful children
bought presents for each other and us
With their own money.
Makes my heart sing that they did this.
Sami gave me the mommy & daughter figurine
Jake gave me the book!
Jake bought Sami a soccer ball
Sami bought Jake some marbles and a ball
Their daddy got a new mug and chocolates
I gave him some 'meat' tools! Huge roast lifter uppers,
heavy duty meat tenderizer
And chocolates.

Jake's Big Present!
A real bow and arrows!
A shooting range has been setup in the Yellow 'Shed'
(think big ol' shop type building)
Jake, Dick and Sami have been shooting daily!
Well, that has come to a stop, since Sami is now sick with a cold!

Jake Was Sent on a Treasure Hunt for His Big Gift
Here he is decoding one of the messages
(Mr. Sexton worked on this for 2 days!)
Oh my... How cool this was!!!!!!!
Very very thoughtful!

This is how it went over the course of 2 (hectic) days:
Mr. Sexton: 'I need some antique looking paper'
Me: 'Let's look in my stash!' Quick run upstairs
(I get so excited when Mr. Sexton needs stuff from my crafty supplies!)
Mr. Sexton: I need some clear paper (vellum)
Me: I have just what you need!
Mr. Sexton: I need this cut in half!
Me: Oh, let's use my MM Paper Cutter!
Mr. Sexton: I need more antique looking paper!

Me - With my new Hat and Beautiful Hand
Made Sweater
(And bags under my eyes!)
Hat: Courtesy of Mr. S
Sweater: Made by Pat Mom!

Snuggling Up to My New Winter Attire!
Mr. S outfitted me in new 'blizzard' gear.
Let me tell you.. It's Dec. 27th
and we have a HUGE SNOW MESS right now!
A storm came in during the night.

Sami - Opening Her Box of Special Coupons To Redeem at 2pm!
#1: Good for one bunny or rabbit
#2: Good for one bunny or rabbit
#3: Good for one hutch
#4: Good for one feeder

After Linner and a quick 30 min. power nap
(Excuse me, just 30 minutes? I could have slept for 30 hours!!!!!)
we went on our rabbit shopping trip (which was prearranged)
Sami came home with:
2 dutch female bunnies
1 dutch male rabbit
And a Very Big Happy Girl Smile!!!


The best part of the day?
Both kids said
'This is the BEST Christmas Ever'!!!!

We don't go overboard at our house.
We don't spend a lot of money.
No Wii's, No Nintendos. No over the top stuff.
Maybe we would, if we could.

And when we get it just right,
like this year.
It makes our hearts sing.

Me? Tamales, baby.
Simple things.
That remind me of home.

Merry Christmas Everyone.
From our Home to Yours...


Farmchick said...

Just out blog hopping and found my way to yours...I really enjoyed reading through it. The tamales look fabulous! Hope you can stop in and visit sometime. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Tami B. said...

It sounds like a wonderful Christmas. We are planning tamales for new years. yummmm

Suzanne C said...

Just wonderful! Love the recap of Christmas. Glad the kids enjoyed it so much that is the best part of Christmas...

Sweet Blessings said...

Thanks for sharing your magical day with us...sounds like it was totally perfect ALL the way heart is warm for you! Have a great weekend..hope the weather gets better...we are finally melting here today...which of course is going = a BIG MESS!!! But, hey, at least I won't have to worry about frozen hoses...Sweet blessings!

Louise (KardKrazy) said...

Andi, it sounds wonderful -- I'm glad it was. You have such a gift for conveying your family going-ons:)

Debra Day said...

I can hear the angels singing for your Sweet Christmas. Now that's what a REAL Christmas is! I loved it. The tamales helped too. That's the best Christmas story ever. Merry Happy Andi.

liannallama said...

oh, it sounds like a perfectly wonderful day filled with great memories! My favorite part is the tamales, too! I look forward to them for months, LOL!

glitzen said...

Your Christmas sounds sweet and wonderful. Bunnies! How cool! We love our bunnies, named Mossy Meadow, and Tippy. Both boys. One is part Himalayan, and looks like a Siamese cat.

Kelly Booth said...

Looks like you had a wonderful holiday! Loved the recap....
Hope you have a wonderful 2009!

Anne said...

Hi, Andi! Sounds like you and yours had a terrific holiday! Love all the pics and the stories of how special the gifts are. And I especially like that the kids said it was the best ever! How great is that?

Jacqueline said...

Always enjoy your recaps and photos - so so different to a European Christmas!

Arlene said...

Sounds like great holidays. I have known the not enough sleep when my kids were up wayyyyy early and we had been up wayyyyyyy late getting packages under the tree, putting together something, etc. :) Fun times.... sleepy but fun:)

karen said...

Karen Yes when the kids are young there is never enough sleep for moms then when you retire you do it over again with the gran kids and love every minute of it but this is what xmas is all about not the big gifts i live in Ontario so i know what cold is -35 wind chill today but it makes you appreciate summer when it comes have a Happy New Year love your cards you do beautiful work