Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring Is In the Air

Our spring break started this past Thursday night! Woo Hoo! Our entire household is on 'Spring Break' mode, meaning, the kids are out of school, I am doing my best not to work (although I have a few obligations to clients and potential clients!) and, as a family, we made a List of all the things we hope to get done... projects, places to go, etc.

So far we are having a GREAT vacation (one of those stay home but have fun things!)
  • Thursday was an absolutely great day for me (as my own boss - again!). I bopped around downtown, landed a new client, and just had fun!
  • Friday was 60 degrees (way out of our norm) - I spring cleaned - washed windows, etc. - had one of our restaurant clients come pick up a nice order, and the kids/husband branded calves and doctored heifers.
  • Yesterday was one of those on and off rainy days, but I was at an all day scrapbook event! I got 7 pages done in 7 hours... the kids and husband fixed the chicken house doors - and managed to make lots of messes in the kitchen!
  • Today, we woke to a new dusting of snow. It's yucky outside but it's a 'still in our jammies' day! OK. I'm the only one left in her jammies (3:30 pm)! Even though I did sneak in some housework -and marked some stuff off the list, I made the card shown above, and we are all just having a great lazy Sunday... Not so sunny - it's more of a blistery snow day!
Happy Spring to all of you!


Kelly Booth said...

Sounds like a great week to me....
Love your card and hope spring comes to you soon!

Sweet Blessings said...

Happy Spring Vacation to you and yours....I LOVE the Spring card...and I am so hoping the real Spring appears soon. We have NASTY wind today :( Wish I could of just staying in my jammies :D And, hey way to go, getting out of the branding!!! May this week be filled with ALL things good...and the BEST of adventures! Sweet blessings!

Suzanne C said...

Lovely spring break! Card was so cute and clever.

Anne said...

Adorable card for Spring! :-)