Monday, April 27, 2009

Back from the Retreat - And A Hair Cut

I'm Back!!!
The retreat was wonderful.
We stay at a State Camp Ground.
There was still snow, and it was 'cold cold cold' in the mornings!!!

While I was at the retreat, I made this Album!
This is a BoBunny Chipboard album, that I altered.
It's my Christmas Past, Present, and our Traditions book!
Yep. All filled up! I got it done!
Super fun.... The papers are Basic Grey, Cosmo Cricket, Making Memories, Little Yellow Bicycle, and all sorts of embellies, stamped goodies, and fun stuff!

I also got a few other layouts done.

Apparently I hardly sit down when I scrap.
I stand and really don't notice it at all.
All day and night.
One of the gals commented
I guess I was making her tired!
The funny thing is, my partner stood too!
We were well matched, I'd say!

After a while I was just slapping photos to paper.
That's when I decided I was done!

While on Retreat... We had some treats
Big girl drinks.... the 'bar' opened at 3pm - daily.
Whole lotta special concoctions were getting made...
Serious cocktails!
The Strawberry Margaritas were a hit!
Basically, it was a caffeine/sugar/cocktail's induced event.
I drank more soda on this trip than I do in an entire year!
One each day. Dr. Pepper. Full lead.
Super Tasty.
In addition to coffee.
With M&M's as a chaser.

Vodka, anyone?
In my little world, there is only one flavor of Vodka.
And it really does not have a flavor!
Geeze.. These girls are serious!

The retreat was awesome. I had my own cabin.
You could tell which mom's wanted some 'just me alone at night' time.
That would be those of us who had our own cabins.

Since I am an early riser, I was in charge of unlocking our building, and plugging in the coffee pot.
I could deal with that! The first morning I arrived at the door at somewhere close to 5am. It was still dark.
The next, I arrived about 6 am.
I kept getting later, and later!
Each morning after I plugged in the coffee pot I went and hit the showers which were in a separate building.

Ever showered at a state campground when it's about 25 degrees?
Dang those tiled rooms are cold! Brrrr.
So, after my shower I went back to my ever so toasty cabin, and crawled back into my sleeping bag. And took a little morning nap!
Oh it was nice... Then back to the building about 7:30 or 8am...or 8:15am...

Our breakfast was at 10 am, dinner at 5pm.
That was it! All the other times we scrapped, snacked, laughed, etc.
I actually stayed up until am Saturday morning/Friday night!
Oh my!!!!
My bedtime is usually 8 am.

I am still detoxing the sugar out of my system!
And, trying to get back into the saddle, again.


Hair Cut Anyone?
Sami's Hair

The After Shot
Sami and I have had on going discussion about her hair...
She does not like to brush her hair, and
she does not like anyone else to brush her hair.
She has had a 'rat's nest' at the back of her ponytail for quite some time.
Finally, we both reached our limit.
'Cut it now' was what I heard.
So I did.
Last night was 'cut it' night.
Obviously, cutting hair is not my strong point.
It needs some professional help.
That's the next step.
But, at least now, she can brush it.

This is the 'before' shot.
I know... long gorgeous hair.



Dawn said...

Ouch, what a knot huh! Were you able to get enough to donate??

Her hair did get really long! WOW, glad you had fun on your trip!

miss ya!

Sweet Blessings said...

Yeahhhh for YOU! Sounds like you had the perfect grown-up get-away..filled with ALL the BEST things!!! So smiling for you...and I think Sami's hair looks adorable and very stylin' :D Praying your family missed you so much you are getting the royal treatment ! Sweet blessings!

Anne said...

Hi, Andi! Sounds like you had a great time at the retreat! All that fun AND chocolate??? Great times! I know it is hard to cut off all that hair, but hopefully her new shoulder-length locks will stay less tangled! The chipboard album is fab! :-)

Crafty Creations said...

Wow Andi! The retreat sounded so great (except for maybe the showers at 25 degrees out). I really like the idea of the Big Girl's drinks :) - especially the M&M chasers!!

that's a lotta hair you chopped off your daughter, but I think you did a great job! I'm off to get mine chopped tomorrow too!

noble pig said...

I remember those scrap weekends, they are always so fun. And the hair, love it!

Suzanne C said...

So glad you had a nice scrappy weekend and the album is adorable! I have one of those tween girls with the long hair that we can't cut but have to struggle through the knots. :O
Her hair is beautiful both ways so she doesn't need to worry!

Tami B. said...

That sounds like an amazing weekend away, Andi. So happy you got to go play with the big girls for a while. I love that you finished the whole album. Sami's hair looks gorgeous. So much fuller and shinier since it's shorter.

Kelly Booth said...

Glad you had a Fun trip...your book is awesome and Sami's hair is so CUTE!!

Charity, CEO said...

I have the same problem with my daughter, and she has long hair as well. I just spray her hair down with detangler and use a hairbrush that has rubber tips on the ends.

Diana said...

Oh, how fun. Great haircut. Welcome back!

glitzen said...

Your trip sounded awesome! I had a wonderful scrapbooking retreat this year too. Isn't it the BEST to just get out with friends and relax? We had margaritas too. Yum!

sideoats + scribbles said...

Hi Andi! Sounds like you had tons of well deserved FUN! AND! You are a very brave woman, I'd have been too chicken to cut that hair! Now my husband, I don't mind cutting his hair, tho he hardly ever lets me...!

Sue McGettigan said...

Glad you had such a good time at the retreat, love the cabin-to-yourself deal, way to go!

I remember my first major haircut from super long to shorter hair, about 13 years old, LOVED it!! No more fussing around, hope Sami's enjoying that too!