Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Celebrations!

Isn't This the Cutest Card?
It came with a special gift from my Cousin Guy!
Thanks Guy!
The book is a hit!
His friend/student illustrated a beautiful children's Easter Book!

This is what 2 nights of 'no sleep' looks like - Scary Larry!
(Do not enlarge this photo! You will be knocked
back out of your chair by the luggage under my eyes!
And, I did not shower. Yep. My family REFUSED to WAIT!)
Darn those egg hunts before noon on a Sunday!
(Sorry, Sunday is my lazy PJ day!)

Easter Egg Hunt #2 - Back Yard
(starting to green up!)
Sami's fashion boots?
Irrigation Boots/Mud Boots
A necessity in every ranch girl's wardrobe!
And boys, moms and dads!

Sami getting Assistance from the Chickens!
The chickens were hilarious. They would find the plastic eggs and peck them,
and they followed the kids everywhere!
Good thing they did not peck the real eggs!

Sami's Bunnies Came out To Play Yesterday
Along with the rest of the managerie
Click to enlarge and see the 'free bunny' moving around!

These guys are fast!
Not a good idea to have more than 1 running loose!

Easter Egg Hunt #1
Cool Cabin, eh?

Easter Egg Hunt #1
Our little town of Haines has an awesome hunt at the park!
Sami's on the Left - Go Sami!

Tonight's Dessert Hot Cross Buns!
(Let's skip dinner, OK?)
I picked this baby up in La Grande (30 miles away) when I did deliveries on Wednesday.
I gave the owner/baker a dozen of our fresh eggs.
(Too bad I didn't get a discount or a trade deal!)
An d, darn, it! Somethin' fell on the box and squished the frosting!


It's 5pm and we still aren't finished with our Easter Celebrations!

Easter is a very hectic time around Casa de Sexton...

First, there are the Easter Deliveries! Lamb and eggs are a big hit, uh, Easter, ya know? Wednesday I drove to Baker and La Grande, snuck in an egg delivery on Thursday in Baker, Friday to Boise, and Yesterday back to Baker, again... dang!

Now, toss my car problems into the 'driving' mix!
It's sitting at the shop.. It's been there since Thursday! Not sure when I'll get my 241,000 mile 'road warrior baby' back! Somethin' about the bearings in two different places...(transfer case, and differential - yup. In the four digit cost category)... Not the wheel area.. that was diagnosed at the first shop, which sent me to the 2nd shop and told me 'no driving' because my car would be dead on the road when 'i't decided to stop!
Ha ha ha ha!
But heck, no one could tell me when my car would drop dead! Typical Doctors... Do they know where I drive? NO MANS LAND!!! So, I'm playing it safe and letting them have it, and driving 'ranch rigs' until it's repaired.

So,anyway, my knight in shining armor picked me up Thursday evening, and then we had to pick up Jake who was stranded at Cub Scouts wondering where the heck his mother was (why yes, I do have a cell phone, but it's a new phone! let's not discuss the cell phone issue - new carrier, new phone (not my choice!), and I did not have my car with my directory!)...

Anyway, my husband gave me his gorgeous rig the following day. He even cleaned it! Boy cleaning style (windows clean, dashboard clean...) (Big Fat Smooch!) I drove my husband's Big Ol' Diesel Dodge Ram Truck to Boise.. 5 hour round trip thank you very much...which was actually fun! People do not know what the heck a chick is doing driving a big ol' truck with that big ol' grill on the front and the awesome aluminum tool box and fancy goose neck hitch...I was stylin... except when I try to go into reverse... hard gear to find!! Tee Hee!

Then Saturday arrived. Dang. Dick took the fancy truck for his own hauling trip and I had the flatbed to drive the kids to an Easter Egg hunt in Haines (7 miles away), then pick up another kid, then I had to drive the bucket of bolts down the highway to 'town' (17 miles away) to make a delivery. The flatbed is ugly. It's slow. And it's definitely the ranch rig. It looks like it has hit just about everything that has crossed it's path! HA!

Then, on top of the whole rig situation - Sami woke me up Friday night with ear ache #1, then again last night with ear ache #2. Dang... Dangity dang dang! Poor little munchkin! Needless to say, we both had sleepless nights. But she is her happy self during the day.. We will see how tonight goes. The good news? The moon was gorgeous at oh, 11 pm, and 2 am. and 6am!!!

Anyway, needless to say.. by the time Easter arrived, well, I felt worn out, run over, and that I had finished my Easter duties...

Uh, apparently not!

So, we had Easter Egg hunt #2 - in the yard.. and a great brunch featuring deviled eggs, potatoes and lamb sausage with eggs... (whole lotta eggs now with 70 hens!)...

And, tonight? Lamb Kabobs! Asparagus! More Deviled Eggs! And the Easter Hot Cross Buns...

Just give me the dessert, will ya?

Thanks be to God for the Resurrection... Thanks be to God for Renewal and Everlasting Life.


Peace be with you..

(ps. I had to come back and edit all my typos! Boy!)


Dawn said...

Happy Easter Andi, Sami's hair got really longgg! Love the pics. Glad to hear the day was fantab.

Sweet Blessings said...

Hey there..I think you look quite adorable without sleep for 2 nights! Most of all, your family is so blessed to have such an ALL-OUT Mom! Good luck with your auto issues....and, may your Easter celebration continue on until the sun comes up tomorrow! Sweet blessings!

Suzanne C said...

Wow! What a busy weekend. I thought we were going around but you always make me feel like I am a slacker. And to share your picture with no sleep! :) He is risen! Hope Sammi is better and you both get some rest.

Diana said...

fun day! Peace to you too

Anne said...

Hi, Andi! Cute card! Love all the pics! Easter dessert looks scrumptious! Hope you get some SLEEP and a SHOWER soon! And I hope you get your wheels back quick and cheap! :-)

Sue McGettigan said...

Happy Easter Andi, I'm a little jealous - our little hometown bakery was all sold out of hot cross buns!! I usually phone in an order ahead of time, guess I'll have to go back to that routine next week.

You look great, sleep or no sleep, and the egg hunt looks like a ton of fun :)

*karendianne. said...

What a great post! I cracked up with the photos of the Easter Egg hunting. And Andi, you're just hilarious with the 'no sleep' photo.

Dig the menagerie and Sami's cool boots. As a former ranch chick, I appreciate it. She's way more fashionista that I ever was.

Jacqueline said...

You have such a gift with journalling - I wonder what your accent is like - love the American accent!

Kelly Booth said...

Hi Andi....Loved sharing the photos of your Easter celebration....Your Pictures are wonderful.....
Love those bunnies too!! Jammy days are the Best even if it is Easter.....

Lisa Carroll said...

Heehee! Andi, your sweet posts crack me up. I am NOT laughing at your plight with the car! That would be absolutely horrible... hope it gets fixed SOON. But, I just love your take on life..... :)

So, I gave you an award over on my blog! No pressure to participate, just wanted you to know how much I appreciate you and your blog. :)


glitzen said...

Sounds like a busy weekend! Love the bunnies running around, too fun. I want the snow to melt SOON so our bunnies can nibble on blades of grass. We just got snow again last night. Ugh! :(

ginny said...

Andi, you know why I read your blog? Because it reminds me how easy peasy my life is. Of course the trade-off is that I don't have that Kodak Moment Cabin. Way cool in all it's chinky-ness.

Anne said...

Hi again, Andi! I've nominated you for a blog award. Click through my name to my blog and check it out! :-)