Friday, May 29, 2009

It's Official! Summer Is Here!

Our Pool
(Not really... But we call it that! This little gem
of the best kept secret is at an RV Park/Camp Ground in Town!)
The California/Missouri girl in me has to have an outdoor pool.
I grew up in pools! Whole lotta swim time...

The Big Pool in town is indoors.
After all, Winter is so so so long...

The Guppy
His shorts are bigger than him!

My Summer Toes!
Man, check out those awesome clouds!!!!
I Love clouds.
Big puffy white clouds.
And Thunderclouds.
Which came by later.

My Summer Whites
See those empty white chairs across the way?
It was just us!
1 hour of pure bliss!!!!
(between lamb feedings)

Cute Fish!
I want her legs..
Youth is so wasted on the young!

The last day of school was yesterday!

It was a great great day - we even got to swim at Our Pool after wards..

.For the First swim of the season (after the first summer hair cuts (by a pro) and first ice cream at the local Ice Cream Parlor)!

Oh I love love love love summer!!!!!!

I'm so glad we made it to the pool. The kids were hot from their last day, and Jake - who ate 6 pieces of Pizza thought he was going to burst and really needed to move around! So tell me, mother's of boys, why do they do these things? Why make bets with your little pals to see who can eat the most pizza????? Gads.

This afternoon a Thunderstorm came through and rained cats and dogs after lightening and thunder...not a swim day.

Hopefully we will go back this Sunday....

Our pool is mostly empty... we love it... it's not really 'our pool' but it feels that way!

I am in a blissful world at the pool. It is relaxing... Hypnotic.. Paradise.

And the next best thing to a vacation!!!!!


Anne said...

Hi, Andi! Wow! Ya'll sure know how to start summer off right! ;-)

Suzanne C said...

What a great treat! Swimming, ice cream and summer cuts! Love the picture of your toes! Made me laugh. You need to scrapbook intro to summer.

Keeneye said...

(pssst) I love "our" pool, too...

*karendianne. said...

Well now! How's this for a dive into summer. I'm so happy for you because (1) it makes YOU happy and (2) the kidlets are fun to see so joyful in your pool and (3) I know this is going to be a great season for you! I just know it.

Tami B. said...

That looks like bliss and just look at your cutie toes. You know how to live.

Kelly Booth said...

Hi Andi...Looks like a relaxing time at the Pool..
I'm sure your summer will be a busy one running kids and feeding lambs....
I want Leggs like that fish too!!!

Sweet Blessings said...

Happy SUMMER Vacation to you! So smiling at this post...LOVE your summer toes, your little "fish" and just that you got some time to enjoy, truly ENJOY LIFE! Have the BEST Week! Sweet blessings!

Karen said...

You sound like you had a mini vacation! :> Cute summer toes!!! That reminds me...I seriously need to get my own toys looking appropriate for sandals! Wait a minute, hmmmm.....maybe if I got the sandals, the toes would come?! :>

Oh yes, and as a mother of a little boy who Inhales food All the time and is Constantly eating these days.......why do they do it? 'Cause they're boys!! :> Last night he had a stomach ache and we promptly took advantage of it and told him it was because he Inhales his food (as in finishes his dinner before his Dad and I can get our plates to the table!!). So, to my utter delight this morning, as he was eating breakfast, I heard him all of a sudden stop and say, "Oh. Yea. That's right. I don't want a stomach ache." And holey camole macarole.....he actually slowed down!! Wow! :>

Hope the rest of your summer goes as well as the start of it! :>

Lauren said...

Looks like a good time was had by all! Totally jealous... would love to go swimming! :)

Diana said...

summer is so awesome!

Stamping Cafe said...

Don't you just love summer!! Love the picture of your toes, we need to see a scrap book page with that photo! :)

glitzen said...

Awesome! We just got back from two weeks in Hawaii, and I know what you mean by relaxing and paradise!! My kids went in our condo pool about three times a day. I was swimming four or five hours a day...doing my favorite..snorkeling!!! Loved swimming with the sea turtles. Your pics are great, love the happy toes shot. Everything looks so summery and FUN!!!