Wednesday, May 20, 2009

OOPS! Spoke Too Soon! New Lamb in the Box!

And Who might you be?
We won't know until the kids get home and name him.
I want to call him Skunk.
But the next letter is 'L'.
That's blue grease marker on his head.
Dick does this so I know who is who.
Like branding.
The marks are in different spots.
Actually, it helps him 'catch them' later, if he marks one,
he comes back to find the lamb he marked!

The Rest of the Bummer Lambs
They are trying to suck on me...
Looking for the nipples.
I mean bottles.

I love this Photo!
You might want to zoom in on this one!
Look for:
The Ducks
The Chickens
The sheep out the field
The Backhoe (working on ditches)
The bummer lambs
My husband!

This is when he 'caught' me and gave me a new job..

No going to town until later!


OK... So I went outside to take photos of the bummer lambs...

Oh my.. What a gorgeous day! It's 47 degrees, no wind, and I was just in heaven!
For 30 minutes, that is!

There I was minding my own business. And my husband 'found me'.

'Oh, by the way, there's another lamb in the box'. He said to me.

'Do I need to feed it'? I asked, full of shuga' (short for shug)-I was hoping to get out of it..

'Yep. You're feed the rest at 11, right?' He said, all throaty....

(Excuse me, I was trying to work on a romance novel there for a moment!!! All that warm toasty sunshine!)


Oh yeah! 11 am! '

Yes! I'll be feeding them at 11!', my heart beat faster.
With the realization that time has once again gotten away from me.

CRAP.. It's 10 am. I got lost in my photo-shoot.. AKA, carried away.. Not only did I get the bummer lambs, but I also got carried away with the cows!

You will see why later!

Off to the next feeding we go!

Then town.


And Lunch.

I'm hungry!


Anne said...

Hi, Andi! Hope you get some lunch! It's 2pm here and I'm just now off to find mine! Love the picture of all the fun farm animals! :-)

Suzanne C said...

My girls were just here oohing and ahhing over those babies... Thanks for the adorable pictures and I didn't spy your hubby. I might have to take anotehr look.

Jacqueline said...

How sweet - I hope she get called lucky because that's the name of our cat..

Diana said...

Oh how very sweet!

Sweet Blessings said...

I so LOVED the pictures your captured..and your perfect sense of humor in your story telling! Does your Mr. know how blessed he is :D ??? Sweet blessings!