Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Quick Share... T Minus 8 minutes!


The house is blissfully quite! NO TV! NO Radio! Heaven! I love a quiet house..

We are all head down in projects...making our Last Day of School (aka Last Darn Minute) projects for our beloved teachers, friends, etc. The kids have to be in bed in 8 minutes (well, after the 8pm bottle feeding) and it's crunch time! Tomorrow is the last day (only 1/2) of school!

  • Sami is making jewelry downstairs at the kitchen table. Every now and then she freaks out and I run down to assist... So far we have raided my supplies for wire, and some good needle nose plyers to bend wire into itty bitty spots! Earings are hard to do!
  • Jake - well you have to know him.. He is also at the table making boy noises while he molds glow in the dark silly putty into little men. Not sure if these are gift for other boys, or just for him! But he is busy and creating.. Along with those funny rocket noises!
  • Dick - In his office doing office work. Not a peep...
  • Me? I gotta get cracking on those last minute Teacher cards!

Oh.. Wanna hear my Mother of the Year moment? I was blissfully out mowing the lawn earlier today, and came in about 10 am. Did I mention today is just gorgeous????

So, there was a message from the school wanting to know if I was going to make the 'Student of the Lunch' lunch - (parents come eat with their children) to be with Jake, and if so, if I was going to eat cafeteria lunch or not! Uh.. Lunch is at 11:30!

CRUD! It was on my calendar but I am running a day late (dollar short)!
So, quick shower...
Bottle feed lambs...
Quick trip to the grocery store in the small town of Haines
And wella! I was at the table eating lunch with my boy!


Ever have one of those days?

It ranks right up there with my earlier in the week stunt at the tooth fairly... Let's just say, the Tooth Fairy does not have a great memory in this house... She pulled a smooth one on Monday - let me tell you... sly hand manuever under the pillow, switch, and back behind the back!



Suzanne C said...

Always have those kind of days... Keepign track of everyone's schedule is tough!

Anne said...

Hi, Andi! I honestly don't know how you do all that you do! But, you do it well! :-)

Kelly Booth said...

I seriously do not know how you keep up....Children and The baby Lambs are a handful alone!