Saturday, May 2, 2009

Today I....

Today I woke at 3:20 am. On purpose.

And, left at 4:20 am... On purpose. After loading the rig with 4 full ice chests of meat/eggs, and all the tables, chairs, etc.

Drove 2 1/2 hours in the rain. Mostly in the dark.

Then stood under a canopy, in the rain, for 4 hours - after getting drenched during setup - at a Farmer's Market in Boise, ID. Sami went with me.. She was cold and drenched.. So she got to hang out inside a warm pizza place near my booth... lucky dog. and she got to read a book! Super Lucky dog!!!

Then, drove home, 2 1/2 hours... Oh.. After we scouted out Office Depot so Sami could redeem her gift certificate! Office supplies, go figure!

The boys stayed home nice and cozy... had it been sunny, then would have been doing ditch work. Yep.. real ditch work! You know, back hoes, shovels, etc.

I should have stayed home for NSD!!!!! DANG IT!!! I missed out!!!!!!!!

My socks were soaked inside my boots... my gorgeous favorite Ariats... they are not waterproof!

But, now I'm dry... and tired....and just wanna veg...

I'm gonna crack a Corona...with some lime.

And, I'm gonna sit in front of the TV - I hear Sponge Bob in the background...

Hope to get to play tomorrow, before the kid's 4H meeting time!!!

Most likely I'll be up before dawn!!!

Take care Peeps!
Hope all of you are dry, inky, and having fun!!!!


noble pig said...

You are superwoman...seriously.

Louise (KardKrazy) said...

What incredible women you and your daughter are! (I'm dedicating today's Gothic Arch to both of you:)

Sweet Blessings said...

Hi there :D

We so both lived the same day yesterday...I posted a response to your comments on my blog comment spot! Thanks for making me smile...and for being YOU! Sweet blessings!

P.S. I hope you get that "playing" time today! I'm thinking it's going to be another rainy/wet stay inside day :D

Anne said...

Hi, Andi! Sounds like a long day! Kudos to you for getting out there, working your family's business! :-)