Tuesday, May 26, 2009

You Know it's Spring When....

Backyard Shenanigans
The kids are actually seeking refuge from the lambs!

Part of the Backyard Scene
See how tall the grass is under the trampoline?
Holy Moly!
Lambs, chickens, cats, kids.
Oh my...

The Far Away View
Dang that grass!
Its grows
It gets cut
It gets raked
It's needs water
But it sure is gorgeous!


These are the signs of Spring at Casa de Sexton:
  1. The apple trees are blossoming and smell so good!
  2. The grass is super tall and we can't keep Mr. Deere on top of it - or a mower person. We mow in sections.. It can be a daily chore.
  3. The grass needs to be raked.... and 'raker people' are hard to come by!
  4. The bummer lambs follow you everywhere - and the kids seek refuge on the trampoline
  5. The chickens are very chatty and like to get into the piles of raked grass
  6. Bottle feeding schedule is out of control! GADS... 6 am for all 10 (2 babies died yesterday); 11 am for the babies, noon for the big ones, 4 pm for the babies, 6 pm for big ones, 8 pm for the babies.
  7. We just could not get away for a decent outing yesterday.. Due to #6, and yard work.. The kids and I had hoped to go swimming! Another day...
  8. More chicks are arriving this Thursday... Mr. Sexton is building the pasture poultry house! Yeah!
  9. The town/shopping list includes:
  • Claritin D
  • Eye drops
  • Wasp Spray
  • 4 bags of chick starter
  • Lamb pellets
  • 3 bags of layena
  • 2 bags of lamb milk replacer
  • Coffee (lots, please!)
  • Lots of fun ice creams and the makings for root beer floats
Yep! Spring has sprung!


Karen said...

That first picture just cracks me up!! And your tree is beautiful!! Early spring here includes the daffodils, tulips, blooming cherry blossom trees, the birdies sweet chirps (well, until this year....the darn blue jays have moved in, steal the cat food, and laugh as they torture me to the brink of insanity with their unending screeching!!!), kitty cats sprawled in the sun, and really pleasant weather. But, I just heard that we are supposed to heat up by thirty degrees by tomorrow...so with hundred degree heat....its gonna be looking more like summer! Good luck on finding time for your outing! :>

Suzanne C said...

Love the picture of the kids on the trampoline and the lambs wandering around by them! Too cute! Wow! what a shopping list.

Tami B. said...

I love the trampoline photo. What a crack up. Spring there is a little more crazy than spring here.