Saturday, August 22, 2009

Whazzzzz Uppppp??? - LONG POST!

Sami Calls this 'Mommy's Drive to Nampa'
I do the Chicken Run Every Tuesday.
I Leave at 5:30 am. When I am feeling sassy.
I should leave earlier.
But this is getting old!
I get up, load chickens and deliver them to the processor.
And, often drive to another location, to store last weeks,
or do the same with lambs.
And move boxes around in a freezer!
Then come home to whatever jobs are waiting for me here at home.
And, construction is in full swing on the Interstate.
OH Joy. Chip sealing, bridge work, etc.
45 mile zones, with a truck and trailer.
For lots of miles!
One kid usually goes with me.
Did I say this was fun???
And to think I was going to move all these itty bitty cars to storage!!!

I taught this week at the Crossroads Carnegie 'Summer Art' Program
We made summer scrapbooks.
The big kid? He's their counselor.
Not sure what that job description is!!!
It sure isn't keeping snotty nosed kids in line.
I'll tell ya what...

for the Carnegie hosted 'Missoula Childrens Theatre' performance
One of Sami's closest buddies was in the play.
We had to go and see it!
Awesome, awesome, awesome.
Sami brought roses.
And my kids wore some of their new school duds!
We did this when Dick was out of town. Our weekend of bliss.
I mean, weekend of fun adventures.
He leaves again this Monday.
Our excitement?
See that traffic jam above?
Tuesday Chicken Run.
I feel a rebellion coming on.

Jake's 13 Inch Brook Trout
The family went fishing this last Thursday.
I went to work.
Somethin' just ain't right.
But the fish was darn tasty!!!
Thanks family!

Our Kitten had Kittens
They are about 6 weeks now.
They were born the day after Aunt Alice/Uncle John left!
They missed the delivery.
Sami was the doctor, assisted the kitty,
and had a note on the laundry room door to be quiet!
Too darn cute.
The bunnies also had bunnies.
But, they did not 'make it'.

One of our Play Days
We need more.
Well, I need more!
Only one week left before school starts!

Sami with Her Buddy, Hannah
Hannah is sportin' Sami's Face painting skills!
Hannah is our friend that was in the play.
She is a wonderful, sweet, smart, loving girl.
Just like Sami!
They are hookin' up Monday to go to a water park.
Yeah for girlfriends!

Oh... Let's Chat About School Supplies!

So.. We went school supply shopping.
Our First.
My kids are starting a new school on August 31st.
We are going to a Charter School. Seven Miles from Home.
Same distance as our beloved Haines School.
But, our School District (aka the Evil Empire) pretty much moved all our teachers and there
is a new slate of staff at the school. Both my kids would have had a new teacher.
So, since we were going to transfer anyway, we did it a year early.
Why have a new school two years in a row??
Sami is now in Middle School.
And, she is going to play Volley Ball.
And, she has a locker!
That all happened on registration day.
Jake doesn't register until August 31st, their first day.
Hope he has a full slate of fun lined up, too!
So far, lovin' that Charter School!

So, back to school supplies.
We have never done this before, and spent about $100/kid.

And, here I am... I am in one of those moods....

It's Saturday evening.. Before I have to make dinner... thank goodness it's fresh trout. And fresh corn, and fresh tomatoes, and whatever else I pull out from the Farmers Market 'stash'. I did a market last night and today. Hence, the mood.
Yet, one of the perks of being a vendor, is other vendors give you goodies! LOTS of goodies! I was sent home with bags of corn, mellons, cukes, bread, and a box of peaches! I bought tomatoes, a pie, strawberries, some squash, and eggplant. Who the heck is going to eat all this stuff???

And, my head hurts.

Actually, my ears have been ringing/whooshing/sensitive to sound for about 5 days.

But, life is good! Even though I wouldn't wish my life on anyone else (the jobs, the hours, the work, the fatigue) all in all, life really is good.

This Friday we are 'leaving' on vacation! We are going to a resort, renting a ski boat, and gettin' some fun in to celebrate my husband's 50th, and the last weekend before school starts...I am looking foward to sleeping...

And tomorrow?

I hope to get in somed needed inky time.

Catch ya later! And, thanks for listening!



Suzanne C said...

What's up is right! Too much for you! WOW! that's all I can say. Looks like you find plenty of time with your family which is good. Glad to hear you are taking a much needed little break this weekend. Loved all the pic's. The kids are adorable! And the traffic jam is too funny!

Tami B. said...

Life has a way of filling in when you weren't looking. It all sounds good, though. The new school sounds like a great place for the kiddos. So happy to hear you are having getaway celebration.

Guy Magallanes said...

It seems to me that Sammi is turning into a conceptual artist! I want the vitamins you eat! Enjoy the big weekend!

*karendianne. said...

Awww, look at those little kitties brought into the world with help by Sami. Such a neat life.

Man alive all the cash for school supplies but you know my neighbor has one starting high school this year and was telling me she had to drop a load of cash and was sure that wasn't the last of it.

I sure love the thought of those freshies you get there, Andi. Wish there were some fer moi! hee.

...and boy if anyone needs a vacation - it's you!

Sweet Blessings said...

OH sweet is for sure happening at your Casa :D Love your cards...there is just something about hot pink that makes you feel good! The kids looked adorable (oops! I mean GREAT..they'd probably prefer that term at their present age to "adorable :D) in their new school clothes ! And, as for your ALL deserve it soooo much. I'm going to be praying it is the BEST time ever...with totally carefree days and sleeping in! If I lived closer I'd offer to be your critter sitter :D May this week be the perfect last one before the reality of school begins again! Sweet blessings!

Lauren said...

Holy wow cow! Long post! Looks like you have had a lotta fun and some cute new kitties a foot...

Sue McGettigan said...

Andi you've been so busy! Hope you enjoy the family vacation, and the kids enjoy their new school.
LOL about teaching at summer camp - been there, done that :)