Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Recap of Our Vacation

Huckleberry Crepes, anyone?
She ate the whole thing!

One Pancake!
He did not eat the whole thing!

Water Fun!
Two kids and a glimpse of their Dad..
In a Lake. A cold lake!

Jake and Sami
Getting used to that open water!
About 3 minutes was all they could handle...

Sami Tubing!
This was fun..

At the Marina
That's our boat company...
The morning before we launched

Jake Tubing!
This really was the best part of the whole boat experience...
For the kids, that is!

Jake, on Payette Lake
My kids have never been in a lake, on a boat, water skied, or been on a tube like this.
They rocked!

Sami Getting In for Her turn in the Tube
See those skinny arms?
No body fat on her or her brother.
The lake was cold cold cold!

I skied.
Dick skied.
The kids did not ski.

We ended up shortening the boat trip.
We had:
Two cold kids (who ended up crying)
One cold mama. Who was ready to throw the captain overboard.
One impatient Captain. Who just needed to 'Chill'.
I'll spare you the details.
Some things are best not said!!!

Jake and I In Front of Our Hotel
We had an awesome hotel!!!
Notice those long sleeve shirts?
Not good boating weather!

Our hotel had a wonderful indoor pool and huge jacuzzi!
We all ended up in it after the boat trip.
The kids swam each day.

Last week sure was a doosie!

I mean, seriously... If we look back from Tuesday, Aug. 25th to Yesterday, Sept. 1st... I can't believe I survived!

Tues: Aug. 25th: Dick was out of town. The kids and I had to do morning chores, load chickens, do the chicken run, shuffle boxed meat, come home, get Sami to Volleyball practice, meet a meat customer, eat dinner.. Then try to keep from having a breakdown - i.e. crying fit. I was so glad Tuesday ended!

Fri/Sat/Sun: Vacation. Great hotel. Great pool and Jacuzzie. Cold Lake. Impatient boat captain.
Sunday: Husbands birthday
Monday: First Day of School
Tuesday: Another Chicken Run

So there you have it.
The end of our summer!

And THAT is life!


Karen said...

Look at the size of those breakfasts!!!! WOWzers! Where exactly did Sami put it???

Your pics of the lake sent me flashing back to our summer vacations at Lake Shasta as a young kidlet. I only have a few sketchy memories that are mostly flashes as I was quite young.

Where were you? It looks delightful! Glad you had a good vacation!! :>:>

Tami B. said...

Now I want a pancake. My hubby loves to take us to really cold places on vacation, looks about like what you posted. Must be a man thing. We twisted his arm to go to Cabo this year. We rarely get out way to go tropical. Maybe next year you can go to a warm place. Here's hoping.

Louise (KardKrazy) said...

Andi -- sounds wonderful. I have to laugh every time I hear "chicken run" and other animal realted phrases. So off my radar screen, but such a normal part of your life.

Suzanne C said...

Glad you had a mini vacation! Back to the very busy life of the ranch wife & mother!

Sweet Blessings said...

I've been looking & waiting for posts about your get-away...sounds like some good times happened and some great food was found :D As for the grumpy part...was is a vacation without a few moments like that..ha, ha....! I was so praying for you the whole time...and I soooo hope you ALL get away again soon! Sweet blessings!

Sweet Blessings said...

Oops! Apparently my spell-er is broke today..I meant to say "what's"! Sweet blessings!

Lydia said...

Great photos looks like fun, but OMG That pancake is enormous!

glitzen said...

Looks like so much fun! Wow, I never thought about kids not being on a lake before. We have a million lakes here, spend nearly every day doing something on the water, or near the water, or with a view of the water. I'm so glad your kids got to experience it, and that they loved it. But you are right, its ccccccold. :)

*karendianne. said...

Wow! What a trip. How fun and funny, too. I cracked up thinking of tossing Captain Ahab there overboard. Its a woman's prerogative me think's...

Lauren said...

Looks like a lot of fun! And that is one BIG pancake!!