Saturday, September 19, 2009

Tonight At Midnight.....

CaardVarks Meets Studio Calico Meets Heidi Van Laar's Sketches

Are you going to play???
It starts tonight.
One sketch a day.
For seven whole days!!

I'm clearing the deck!!

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This Past Week...

  1. I'm down to 9 hours a week at my job. Frustrating for me. Frustrating for my boss. It's slow and she can't afford all of us. I told her I would look for another job and not to worry about me... Big Girl that I am:). So, I applied for 2 jobs. Yep. Tough Times.
  2. So, since I didn't have to work on Tuesday, I did a 'go fetch the chickens' run and meat run. Joy. Lots of heavy lifting.
  3. I wrote a letter to the editor. Dang they printed the whole thing and gave me a photo and everything! I used to be a freelance writer for them. Cracks me up. My file photo is as old as my kids! HA!
  4. I stayed home today. Got up at 3am to get ready for Boise, but ack! Got the blas... Flu tummy type of stuff. So glad I stayed home. Lots of running to the lou. I have scrubbed 2 bathrooms so far.. one more to go. When people are sick the germs freak me out. I clean bathrooms to send them far away! Weird. I know. But after landing on the kids toilet, and sitting in who knows what.... it was all I could stand! (or sit..)
  5. Sami was home from school on Thursday. She caught a cold. I think #1 came from #2
  6. Yesterday, I managed to take Sami shopping for volleyball shoes, shorts, a ball of her own and pump. Kaching! I told her before we would not do this unless she stayed on the team. Looks like this sport is a stickin'! She's on the B team. She got to catch a bus at 7 am last Saturday, go far away, and sit and watch the A team play. Poor thing! She got home about 4:30 pm - I interecepted her and took her to the crop til you drop. She dropped at 8pm. See #2. I told the coach I was keeping her home this weekend..
  7. Jake was supposed to sleep at a little friend's house last night. We did a trip to town and I took him to the 'house' (read: shanty). Did a 'run through' of the house because something was just nagging me. Intuition? I was totally grossed out by the living conditions...Nasty. Big Dog smell throughout. Dirty dishes, nasty dirty carpet, clothes and naked beds. Every room we walked through was converted to a bedroom. I did leave him there, but I could not take it. I needed an escape clause. Sami and I ran errands (#6), and then I went back, got both boys and brought them here instead. Told the mom 'why don't I take the boys instead to give you a break (from your 4 kids and three extras and what ever it is that occupies your time all day)? I'm still very bothered by the whole thing. She was to come get her boy at 11 this morning. She did not come until 12:15. And that was after I asked her son to call her and find out what was up. And there I was. On my couch, feeling icky.. waiting for her so I could go to bed! Double ack. The boys had fun, got lots of big outdoor playtime (their yard was pulverized dirt) and they were none the wiser. I'm glad the 'right voice' came out when I needed it the most. That was a very awkward situation. Just hope that kid doesn't get the flu. But, I think his immune system must be dang strong!
  8. It's gonna rain. Well, it's threatening to rain. I wish it would!
  9. The apple trees are bursting! Fall has arrived. Soon we will need to cut wood, clean the chimney, clean the garage, the yard, and fill boxes and boxes with apples.
I'd rather just scrap and stamp.
Come on Midnight!


Elise said...

Ohhhhhh, Andi! I am feeling your pain, SISTER! {Sorry that I'm laughing at some of your pain, but I'm thinking you mean it like that!} No, seriously, I could go on and on about the little intuitive voice that you LISTENED to (God bless you, WOMAN!) Sometimes you just have to be bigger than hurting someone else's feelings! Feel better, okay! I'm sure some major crafting deadlines will heal whatever ails ya! Tee hee

glitzen said...

Glad you paid attention, you are a good mom. I am hyper alert too, it makes me tired but my kids stay safe. YOu handled it very well I think, I'm sure she appreciated the break.
Hope you get better soon. Sounds like general busy-ness and stress might be playing a role in all of this. Take care Andi! :)

Laura O'Donnell said...

sorry you're sick! the Caardvarks thing I'm looking forward to also. Glad you'll be playing along too.

Suzanne C said...

Wowzers... All that going on is enough to make you sick and then have to go out and look for another job. :( Good luck on the job hunt! I know exactly where you are coming from on the sleepover thing. Been there and done that...

Joshua Jiraffe Designs said... did so great, gal! That voice...I know all about it and I agree with glitzen, the other mom probably really appreciated it and you made two young boys very happy! What a great mom story.

Sorry to hear you've been sick...and with so much going on too!

Still completely out of the craft thing so missed the Caardvarks hoo.

Hope you're feeling better!

Anne said...

Hi, Andi! Sorry you don't feel well! Hope you and your household feel better soon! It's no fun when it keeps circulating! Even when you're sick you get more accomplished than I do! You rock! :-)

InkyFingers said...

Oh my gosh, I was feelin it with every sentence. I know what you mean about cleaning the bathrooms when you're sick. There is nothing worse than having to look down in to a toilet when you are bring up the last three days offerings and seeing "whatever" has happened there in the last week.

You are a wise woman to offer to take your children home rather than leave them there. I never could understand why parents just let their kids go spend the night with families that they have never met and don't know what they are going in to. You definately win the mother of the year!