Monday, October 12, 2009

The Popsicle Diet, Markets, and Rants

Sami's BFF Helps with our Apple Picking!
(yes, my grass does need another cut!)
(And this girl was up until midnight - doing fun stuff)

Dick And Sami Compare Favorite Apples
(She was un until Midnight - doing fun stuff)

Hi cute boy!
He was not up doing fun stuff.
Nope. He was home, doing boy stuff.
It must be rough, being a boy.

Friday Night Market
Was Take Your Family To work Day!
In our house, that is!
Sami was awesome!
She can count change back very well!!!!
And this photo is before the temps dropped about 20 degrees...
OH.. That lady asked if I was Sami's Grandma...
That is the first time it has happened!
Concealer, anyone? Help a girl out??????

Before I get to the popsicles, First let me share another 'what the heck was I thinking' moment...

Wednesday I 'filled in' as the volunteer manager for the Baker Market. I had a bazillion other things to do - like, get my meat pre-orders ready, but what the heck. I needed some 'good girl' points. And I froze. I was not dressed appropriately for the winds that picked up and blew over our snow covered mountains and came across us.

And, I witnessed something that bothered me... One of the vendors was selling goat milk (illegally) out the back of her car...The car was parked right were the customers should park and I could see everything!!!!! She would meet customers and take them to her car, and then return and take their money. I told my husband. I have not shared my concerns with the Board or the PAID manager yet. You see, I am their black sheep right now. Besides, one of the milk shoppers was the Board President. Great. What bothers me? The sale is illegal in a Farmers' Market setting. At the farm? Perhaps it's legal. I don't know. However, Just like selling meat, goat milk is regulated by the USDA. I guess if I have to be legal, everyone else should, too...

Another thing that really bothered me? Her business has a Christian Name. And it really bothers me when 'I'm a Christian and I will tell the world' people do bad things. It really really really bothers me.... Anyway.. I am saving this discussion for a board meeting... No doubt another 'Black Sheep speaks out' meeting.

OK.. Thanks for listening... Now onto the 'crazy world of Andi' again! (BTW - this should be slowing down soon! At least I keep telling myself that!)...

Friday, I did a market in Pendleton. Ot was our last one, and to celebrate we did a 'take your family to work day'. Yep. We all went. And froze our patooties off. First we stopped in La Grande and dropped off a bazillion preorders! We were hopping!

Saturday, since I did not freeze enough the night before, I did a repeat performance at the Baker market. And froze again... Really really froze. And there were only 2 vendors. Hello? Why bother? We cut out an hour early... Brrrrrrr!

During this time, Sami was enroute playing volleyball. she had to catch the bus at school at 8:15am...

Then, I met my 'day job' boss. You know. The place I work 4 hours a week? We loaded her car/rig with all our Crop Til' You Drop Night supplies for that night's crop.

So, that night, Sami, me and her BFF Hannah went to the Crop and I worked until Midnight. Score! An 8 hour day! That's 2 weeks worth of a paycheck for me!!!! But, too many people told me I looked really really tired! Oops!

Hannah Spent the night.

We slept in until 7am!!!!

We had Big Dutch Babies for breakfast.. Yumm..

Sunday we picked apples.

We picked plumbs.

And, we cut firewood.

I also made a HUGE pot of Chicken neck stew...

And then...
Sami started throwing up at 5pm. Every 30 minutes or so, until 10:30 pm.
Not fun...

You know the type of throwing up I mean, don't you? The kind that makes bodies shake when they are done? And, they can't breath during it because it's a combo of gag/choke/convulse during the process?
Poor little body.
We had a system. Kleenex, Bucket, wet towel. And repeat trips to the bathroom...

Yes, this all happened last night!
I slept on her floor.
And today, she is so much better!

And on the Popsicle diet. An all fruit one that is staying down! Yeah!!!

And, I have a huge headache...

I might need a popsicle, too...

Thanks for listening!!!


Suzanne C said...

Oh you poor thing.... no wonder you look tired. I am tired just listening to your days... Hope Sami is better, you get rest... be the black sheep... sometimes we need to speak out to make change happen.

Sweet Blessings said...

Oh sweet girl...I'm sending healthy prayers your way...that Sami is better and that everyone else can avoid the bug! Most of all..praying you get to sneak in a little extra rest this week, so everyone will leave you ALONE about looking tired :D You so always make me, may your week be filled with many, many smiles in return! Sweet blessings!

Guy Magallanes said...

I love a good black sheep, and honey when you see something wrong get mad and get baaa-aaa-aaad! Sorry couldn't help myself. The nerve of some people, so high falutin and all, go get 'em.

Robin Kirkpatrick said...

Good God, woman, I don't know how you do it. I'm exhausted just reading about it. First and foremost, take care of yourself. And I'm totally with you on the hypocrite Christian thing.....

Anonymous said...

I read your blog. Sorry, I need to take an aspirin and go straight to bed! Your family's activities should be brought to the President's attention for award of a Medal of some high sort. The All American Award, that's it. All of you 4.
As for the goat lady, would you consider telling her upfront what you plan to do? And not harpoon her in front of the Board? Gives her a chance to clean up her act first. Or, wd that be cause for worry? Any way to chk if it really, really is illegal? I agree with you wholeheartedly because your board members need to be totally committed to the market.
Be brave.....Sami, you feeling better? aunt alice.

Lauren said...

HOpe everyone is feeling better!

Don't worry, I'm not antiCSA or farm now... I used to work on a veggie farm as a teenager and I used to work in economic development, so I really get just how important the small american farm is. I will not be doing a CSA again anytime soon, but I WILL go back to supporting our local farmers market (just not this one farm if they happen to be there) like I have in years past. I have even gone a few times this summer. I am also hoping a small home garden can supplement some of the items we like a lot of.

We don't eat beef much. That's because my hubby is a hunter/butcher so are freexers are filled with things like elk, antelope, moose, deer and buffalo. I'm sure a good grass fed beef would be wonderful, but store bought feedlot beef just seems so plain these days! And not too mention fatty!

Anyways, I digress. Thanks for listening! :)

Linda aka Oz said...

oh Andi, what a life you lead. I have to tell you, my BIL was telling us how unfair it was that his pay was cut at his job one Thanksgiving. When the entire story came out, it is not that his pay was cut at all, it was that he and the other mechanics were over billing this one company and had been doing this for some time. The company found out and took their business elsewhere. Now this is a deacon in his church and the first one to preach about someone else's wrong doings, but when I mentioned that he is lucky not to be jailed for stealing you would have thought that I had just punched the Mother Mary in her stomach. I am so glad I am not part of that "religious" family anymore. Stick to your guns sweetie, the easy way is not always the right way and the right way is ALWAYs what we need to teach our kids.
BTW, I think you look lovely and strong no matter how dark those circles get! wink wink Oz

Sue McGettigan said...

Oh poor Sami!! Hope she's doing better now, I just hate nausea, it's such a lousy thing! Help yourself to a popsicle, you're earned it!

Go ahead and be the black sheep Andi, rules is rules, and where food is concerned they are there for a reason. What a shame that lady is abusing the system and selling under the table, not cool! Shame on the Pres for aiding and abetting.

Joshua Jiraffe Designs said...

Poor Sami...(and you too!). I hope she's feeling better. At least she and her BFF got to have some fun beforehand!!!

I SIMPLY CANNOT IMAGINE how someone could take you for Sami's grandmother!!! They need to get themselves to the eye doctor, but quick!!! But I do know how lack of sleep can make one feel and how it can effect how we MIGHT FEEL how we look (even though we don't look like we feel). Did that make sense?

As we try to teach J, rules are in place for a REASON and if we break one rule it makes it easier to break more and more and if we all break them and don't care, well chaos ensues...a somewhat difficult concept for a 13 year old boy.

He was so embarassed with me back home when I stopped a man, in his convertible who had just picked-up his teen boy, because he ran a stop-sign. He said..."I can't believe you just did that!" My response, "if you had been in the street you might be in the hospital right now!"

I agree with see if there is a good way to approach her before presenting to the board. I got sucker-punched once when J was in 1st grade by another mom (total non-issue from our end) but she went to the teacher before approaching me and while it felt terrible for a day or two before it got sorted out it totally backfired on her. Would hate for that to happen, especially with the Pres. (or Chairman?) of the board buying form her.

Good luck with whatever you can be hard!

Warm hugs to you and yours...K

Tami B. said...

I hope Sami gets better quickly. That's a terrible kind of sick. Good job on calling out the illegal goat milk selling christian. Just live a good life, don't proclaim it then do the wrong thing.

Anne said...

Hi, Andi! It is no fun watching someone have that bad a flu. And trying to make sure they stay hydrated! Hope Sami is feeling better soon! :-)

glitzen said...

Oh boy, where to start...the FLU..Ugh and double ugh. Sounds like crazy market stuff, and YES, i agree about the Christian name and illegal practices. Not right, and I can see why you would be frustrated. Bummer!
You had better slow down Girl, but not before you go and have some fun. A crop retreat..weee! I did one a few weeks ago. Need to post my projects soon.