Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Recap (2009)

Christmas Eve- Games After Dinner
We hosted dinner at our place.
Our friends/neighbors came over.
Two families for a total of 8.
Recognize that big guy on the left?
That's our favorite babysitter, Jarrod.
He's the one who supervised the 'gingerbread condos' last year!

Notice the Home Made Egg Nog and Wine?
That's Robbie, her dad Alan, and my husband, The Dickster.
Robbie now goes to school in Pendleton.
She agrees with me about Hamley's - the place I bought the hat.
We both want to 'hang' there...
Just need gobs and gobs of money...
Back to the drinks...
Makes for an 'interesting' next morning.
Which came way too fast.
Especially when your son shines a flashlight in your face at 4am!!!!!
Oh blessed be the children.

Up to the Last Moment Decor
The Star getting put on the Tree - On Dec. 24th
Sami and Dick finishing the tree.
That's my desk.
I look over the world from my lair.
Two big huge windows are across from me and I see the great outdoors.
Pure Mayhem.

Christmas Eve Gingerbread Scene - Western Style
The three wise kids
(Jarrod, our favorite babysitter, and my two, his apprentices)
attempted to make a gingerbread house.
But, thinking they were super smart, they put it outside to get the frosting
to set. As in 'outside' - in the great outdoors - not in the garage.
Um.. We live on a ranch, remember???
Kids? What were you thinking? Critters?
One of the critters (dog? cat? Skunk? A band of mice?)
found it within 10 minutes and destroyed it.
So.. Western Scenes were created instead.

And, the three wise kids also made a manger and baby Jesus out of Gingerbread.
It was beautiful.
And kind.
And reminded us all why we were gathering.

Christmas Day
Jake's Favorite Gift - A remote control helicopter
See how itty bitty that thing is?
It's adorable!!!!
Thanks Grandma Pat!
That little thing has flown everywhere... up up high, 20 feet high, indoors.
It's crashed into all sorts of things - the woodstove, the head mounts, my desk,
and people...
Good thing it came with it's own repair kit.
I think we need 'bets' on how long that baby is gonna last.

Sami's Big Present - 2 Snaredrums
Ya know.. They aren't as bad as I thought!
I just got done taking out my frustrations on them.
(I'm really mad at the piano man right now)
Very very very liberating...
Think I'm gonna like having access to these babies..

Jake's Big Gift - A New Guitar
It has vinyl strings - not metal.
It's gorgeous.

My Gift? This Hat
Not the fancy digital camera I had hoped for.
Nor the new winter red or white wool pea coat.
Definitely not the ipod shuffle or any MP3 player.
Apparently, I'm easy.
(Do I hear snickering in the audience?)
This hat, in truth, was also on my list.
You likey???
I think it will go very well with my new very sexy knee length black 'leatha' boots!
Holy crud. They are wicked.
Oh my... Thanks Grandma Pat!
I need to do a million leg lifts to 'pull them off' JUST right!

Our New Family Game - Cranium Dice
Many rounds were played Christmas Eve.
I have photos of Pam, the mom of Jarrod and Robbie,
balancing dice on her nose.
I'm saving it for a special occasion!
This game is a hit, folks. Trust me.
You will laugh out loud.
And, it was played again on Christmas Day,
prior to lunch.. which included Tamales!


So.. I started this post on Christmas Day.. But I was too darn tired and emotional and beat to send it. I do believe I had the Christmas Blues... that big crash after all the rush... Oh my..

Then, I edited it again, yesterday, about the time the Piano Man called, came, and left. Then I was mad, and did not want to send it. Stinkin' Piano Man!

And, here I am, once was such a better day! I did not get out of bed until 6:30 am. Noticed I did not say I woke at 6:30am? I woke way too darn early. But stayed in bed. Wow. And, I actually got to spend the entire day in my jammies.. It's been awhile since I did that. It's my favorite Sunday activity. And, I finally feel 'like me' again... KWIM?

And, I got inky. Love that! It's my therapy... I am now on Tag 7 of Tim's 12 Christmas Tags... I'm hoping to get them all done by the 31st... and then I will share them!

Oh! I also worked on a few of my Christmas Cards today! Yep... They should get out sometime this week! Just doing a batch at a time...



Kelly Warren said...

love the hat! and why didn't we get to see the wicked leatha boots? :-)

Karen said...

Jammie time following Christmas really does help restore order, doesn't it?! That's how all four of us spent the weekend. There was oodles of lego building, a movie from Christmas, some football, and all of us just enjoying our time together with no agenda (other than rest and getting better from that darn bug that hit us before Christmas!!). :>

I had quite a visual with that itty bitty helicopter!! And it looks like you had a lot of fun with that new Cranium dice game. :> know what gave me the biggest smile?? Your crafty home overlooking all!!! What a great place to play!! Glad you got some of that inky playtime in! :>

Sweet Blessings said...

Looks like your Christmas was perfect! What an adorable hat..hope it cost as much as the Mr.'s :D Most of all, so glad you found a jammie day! Sweet blessings!

Kerilou said...

Hi Andi! As usual, I am exhausted just reading your blog!
Your Christmas looks divine, and I gotta say, the western gingerbread is cool! Love the hat! Thanks for the peek at your Christmas!

Elise said...

Hi, funny friend! Love the tales from YOUR journey. I think you should win Tim's goodies just because you really do create from the heart of THE JOURNEY! Anywhooo, YEAH for you and JAMMIE DAY! 6:30am, huh! You sassy, decadent thing! Wow! {So not a morning person! ~ I have to DRAG myself out of be at 6:30am EVERYDAY! Not pretty!}

So, did I say I love the RECOUNT of the events! Especially the poor gingerbread fiasco! Oh, goodness!

I think I'm on Tim's tag #8 or is it #9.. The one with the vintage pictures and the filmstrip! What fun hunting for OLD picts! Next job ~ scanning! Ack!

You can DO it! So glad for the ink! I adore you, crafty friend! So glad you had a Merry Christmas, in spite of Piano Man!

glitzen said...

Wow! Cool presents, and I love that western scene. we did gingerbread houses too, and had trouble with icing too. :0 Will have to check out the dice game. We love all things Cranium.

Suzanne C said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family! Hope you get some rest in the new year!

an east coast (soon to be western) family said...

Holiday blues...glad they passed quickly. Would love to hear about the "stinkin piano man" and I LOVE the hat...looks good on you too! I have a problem with hats (my head is too flat so I look...just don't look good in hats). But I need one living in Wyoming and I spent a lot time recently in REI looking at hats...expensive hats for $30 and $49!!!! Found one on sale for $12...makes me look like one of those Chinese terra-cotta warriors, but I like it. Might must just have to send you a photo...