Sunday, January 31, 2010

Project 365 - The Random Approach - Day 31

Project 365 - Day 31

And the rest of the photos!
My House
(that's my favorite tree, the tall one on the right!)

Dick's Morning Commute
Out feeding critters

Sami is inside directing Traffic
And making sure the babies out of the way

Last night we went out to dinner at some friends. All four of us. The kids had a great time and were the only children yet treated like young adults and part of the festivities and conversations. It started snowing when we left, and had snowed quite a bit while we were dining, laughing, and chatting the evening away. I took a photo of the beautiful table and our hosts - but I left my little camera there! These photos are from Dick's camera that I borrowed this morning.

We got home about 10pm.

I went out to put the chickens to bed and it was gorgeous. Not a sound. Fresh snow. And it was still snowing. A true winter wonderland. And bright! Even with the cloud cover, that big ol' full moon was still lighting things up.

We woke to a beautiful snowy world this morning... Six inches of new fluffy snow.

And, again, our world is quiet.

A beautiful Sunday.

I'm still in my jammies at 2pm.

Life is goooood!

(Dick's computer crashed last week, and it's such a bummer (sure it is!) that I can't do all the payroll reports, end of year taxes, and other nasty stuff that gives me a headache!)...

Guess I'll just have to get inky!


Linda aka Oz said...

I love the quiet of snow. And it makes everything look so beautiful. I remember that feeling of waking up and just knowing something is different, rushing to the window to reveal that beautiful white wonderland. Now that I am older and have to drive in it... I still rush to the window with a childlike excitement!!
Thank you so much Andi for the "congrats" you sent me. Felt like a nice big hug. Oz

Linda Beeson said...

I am so glad you shared those photos! There is something that is undescribable in a snow covered world.

Elise said...

Sometimes I think your life looks like a wonderful Jackie Lawson card! I love it!

Kelly Warren said...

gorgeous photos! especially that first one. though i will say this florida girl is happy they are not in her backyard. :-)

Suzanne C said...

How beautiful is your house and ranch. Lovely pictures and thanks for sharing them. I hope you got your camera back and your computer replaced/fixed!

Karen said...

Looks so peaceful. I love that first pic!! That snow is calling out for a snow angel! Actually, as a kidlet in upstate New York, we were on a corner lot and for some unknown reason, my brother and I liked leaving our snow in the front and on the side (to the corner) pristine....but, in the BACKyard snowballs were rolled, snowmen made, and oodles of angels!! :>