Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Excuse Me?? I thought it was a 'School Night!'

Woodstove Issues
Our woodstove decided to start 'leaking' stuff.
For some reason when it snowed/rained,
a slow drip would come down 20 foot long pipe
carrying black nasty stuff along with it.
And then a leak snuck out that metal plate, on the ceiling.
Black nasty crud. On a white surface.
Well, we have four days of snow and rain coming.
Which meant, more of these surprises.
So.. Today?
Clean the woodstove day!
(hopefully, we got the problem solved)

Ranch Log: Almost 6pm... Tuesday... Feb. 23d...

It's 36 degrees out, cold and windy, dark, and the wood stove just barely got cranked up (cleaned again today) and snow is on the way.

A nice yummy lamb stew is on the stove for tonight's dinner..

Sound cozy? It is, but after three days of sunshine I want more!!!!!!! Rats.. 4 days of winter are on the way... oh well...

Oh.. and get this...

For some reason the natives are partying.. Don't ask me why!

Sami has her playlist going.. Shania Twain with 'Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under' is blaring down there in the family zone.

And guess what? Dick and the kids are playing poker. Yep.

5 Card Draw.

I guess we can call it a lesson in math.. It is a school night after all!

Well.. to be honest.. the kids are recovering from colds (sick Fri, Sat, Sun, Monday).. Sami went to school today and Jake stayed home... he returns tomorrow... so, partying is a good sign - they are healthy again!

OH.. The Playlist changed to 'I'm Having a Party! A Party of Two'. Another Shania song!

Have a cozy night!


Karen said...

Glad the kids are feeling better and it Does sound like there was fun to be had!! And stuff leaking down from the wood stove? That can't be good...........oh shoot!! That just reminded me there's some black liquid stuff in my crafty tool bag.........I had to leave when I found it this afternoon to pick up my boy........ohhhhhhhh...hope its not somehow a StazOn reinker??!! What WOULD it be doing in there??!!! Well, now that I've remembered it, about six hours later!, guess I ought to go see what it is...........wish me luck!!! I'm going in!!

Lauren said...

You know, it always sounds like you are having such a good time!

We enjoy our life together and love our dogs, but are beginning to think about the next stage of our lives: kiddos. I need to be a little healthier first, but I'm definitely beginning to notice the desire! LOL

I bring that up because I was raised in a big extended family and so much time was spent together having fun and living life with them. When I read about people such as yourself who obviously love, enjoy and spend lots of time with your family, well it makes me long for that...

*karendianne. said...

Wood stove bummer! :<
Poker fun!

Anne said...

Hi, Andi! After days of being sick and a long winter, many natives become restless enough to party and play poker! Sounds perfectly normal to me! :-)

Guy Magallanes said...

Andi I'm giving you the "Sunshine Blogging Award" for all that you're creating. Please go to my blog to get your award and to see the rules for acceptance and why I'm offering this award to you. Still don't know how you do it all...

glitzen said...

Ah yes, we have been feeling the "crud" lately too. Last week I hardly got in two normal days of school, I had no energy and my normally whirlwind-y daughter has been sick. Today was her 13th bday, and she is not back to her old self yet. Glad you guys are on the mend. We found the Olympics to be a nice distraction, since we all felt lousy anyway! :)

Tami B. said...

Sounds like a fun night despite the wood stove issues. I hope they're both feeling much better.

Suzanne C said...

Glad everyone is on the mend and hopefully the wood stove is too!

Jenn Biederman said...

Hi Andi! Sorry to hear the kiddos have been sick. Lots of bugs going around right now. We are supposed to be getting rain this weekend...probably the storm you got a few days ago is hitting us now. :) I'm such a terrible blog visitor...my visits are few & far between. Sorry for the long absence...miss ya! ;)

Deborah said...

Thanks, Andi, for leaving Gigi a happy birthday message - made her day!!!

I hope that black goo goes away....

sanjeet said...

I need to be a little healthier first, but I'm definitely beginning to notice the desire!
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