Thursday, February 11, 2010

Where Did I Stash the Valentine's Day Candy???

Jake's Valentine Notepads
Girls get the cute ones (embellished with felt goodies and ribbon)
Boys get the dinosaur or surfer ones (no hearts allowed! He covered up the cute cover).
Note: Boy child did not want any frills!
He is now,a full fledged man child.

Sami's Decorated Secret Lunch Box
So, we had to find a box (stashed Christmas Slippers box - check!)
Decorate it (My daughter's work - check check)
Make a fun nutritious lunch (hey, isn't that a oxy moron?)
I know.. I am such a cynic.

Mom's Lunch Idea:
I suggested cute egg salad sandwiches (farm fresh eggs!)
cut into heart shapes, accompanied with orange slices.
There was a slight meltdown.
We have whole grain wheat bread in our house.
You thought I had poked my daughter's eyes out
to even suggest that some 'normal' child that is raised on white starchy carbohydrates
would have to have a sandwich made with our bread! And oranges!
And apparently, no one else on the planet eats egg salad.
Daughter's Behind My Back Fixins:
The lunch was a peanut butter (organic) and jelly (organic) sandwich,
cut into hearts, and made with our yucky bread
and a banana.
No doubt the child who picks it will starve.
I threw in a cute embellished treat bag of M&M's.
THAT made the world right:)


Project 365 - Day 41
My work Area
My go to happy place


So.. Last night was February 10th... And the night 'we' had to get any school Valentine's Day projects done for today's festivities (my kids do not have school on Friday's).

So, here's how it all played out, again. Reminds me of Halloween!

5th Grade Teacher sent home list of kid names for school party. She get's an A+. This was done a week ago. I love organized teachers!

6th Grade Teacher sent home a paper YESTERDAY with child - (as in the day before the event!*) that had two things on it:
  • Instead of doing Valentine's, we will be having a Old Fashioned Box Lunch Party tomorrow (oh how fun!!!). Please have your child decorate a box, and bring a fun, nutritious lunch to school in the box. Also, the lunches will be auctioned off! The kids will be purchasing the decorated boxes with tokens. (Slight problem.. We live 17 miles from town, and child got home close to 5pm. WE had to wing it! No last minute shopping allowed!)
  • We will also be going to the Elk Feeding station. Have your child dress warm - we will be on a horse drawn sleigh for 2 hours. Umm.. It was snowing when we went to bed, and snowing when we woke. Ever notice how older kids do not like to bundle up? I mean, you just can't dress them anymore! My child did have snow shoes on when she left. I'll give her that. But, I'm probably up for another Mother of the Year - Don't you Know Jack award!
*Footnote: OK.. I love the 6th grade teacher and the activities she puts together.. But the DAY BEFORE??????? Now, maybe the note actually went home on Tuesday, instead of Wednesday. Tuesday was the day I took Sami to the dentist, and she never made it to school, and we were in town and could have shopped!!!! How I wish these teachers would just send an email note!

So.. Back to the title of this post. I know I bought some cute Valentine's Day candies! But where the heck did I stash them? I'm feeling an emergency chocolate fix!


Tami B. said...

LOL Andi. I'm feeling the need for emergency chocolate tonight, too. I've subbed in 6th grade, and I'd be willing to bet that note was sent home a few days ago, but only made it to you last night. That's how they roll in 6th grade. Love the notebooks.

Suzanne C said...

Love the cute and if Jack is looking rad notepads. The lunchbox is too fun. Like the idea but hate when things show up last minute! Keep looking for the chocolate you need one!

Guy Magallanes said...

My sides ache from all the laughing. No don't tell me it's true, little Sami is noticing "normal"! uh-oh.
You have such a great perspective. I want a dinosaur notepad....

Elise said...

Oyyy! Is right! You are SUPERMOM! {I'm signing!} SOOOOOPER MOM! These projects are SPECTACULAR! You and your wholesome and wonderful ORGANIC fixins makes my heart happy! I won't tell you about our last minute dash to Target and CANDY CANDY CANDY, pre-printed c--- that me and the wee- girl put together last night.... {SHAME!} But that's what I did with the LAST MINUTE list of Valentine's wishes from 28 children! {again, OOY!} I adore you and your creative brood! Thanks for the great share and your 365 card looks wonderful!

Anne said...

Hi, Andi! What lovely Valentine's goodies! I adore the photo of your workspace. So many treasures to feast one's eyes on. The distressed chipboard butterfly is gorgeous! :-)

an east coast (soon to be western) family said...

LOL! WHAT a tale! Did I ever mention that I found the notice for all the info for when they would be leaving, etc. for the Teton Science adventure in pile of papers (unpacked from the teenager's backpack that he took with him on the trip) on the floor…after he left! Another classmate's mom found it under her daughter's "bed," again after the bus had already left! them. But sometimes…Arg! Yes, he hissed and yes I wanted to give him what for, but it WAS 6:30 in the am on a Saturday morn. It's a constant battle, getting him to do what "I" know is best for him. Unfortunately here, there are not very many good role models. Kids go to school in shorts...shorts!...when the temps are below freezing! The university kids do it too, and sometimes wear sandals too boot! At least he wears a jacket and a hat (baseball...gad!) everyday. BTW: Love Sami's box, and the lunch! I would love your bread…sounds yum, and egg salad too! As usual, you pulled it together, girl! No doubts about your amazing ability to ALways pull it together. Happy Valentine's Day to you, sweets, you deserve it (and I’m sure they all know it! Hugs, K

Diana said...

Awesome notepads. Love your work and visiting your blog Andi! Happy Valentine's Day!