Saturday, July 10, 2010

Candy, Little Girls????? A Couple of Shares!

I know, what a teaser!

OK.. I just had to share with you that the Midnight Rooster girls are giving away a free mini kit! You MUST go and get your name in the hat! I signed up last month for the full kit subscription, and also won last month's add on!!!!! I have just recently cut into a few of the papers! OH! That is SO HARD! I am such a HOARDER! ACK!

Anyway, since I love you all, go play and good luck!!

PS... I'm working on a little book! I will share it when it's ready, Freddy, spaghetti. Hint: It's for when the kids and I hit the friendly skies and fly away for a GREAT vacation with my little sis! Yep.... MY little sis!

Sami is making one too. That girl has too much talent. She is blowing me away!

We both watched this awesome video to get our inspiration...

It just cracks me up how two people can see the EXACT same thing, and come away with different ideas.

Just like memories. We each have a different story of the same event.

Speaking of memories and stories...
How's your summer going?


Suzanne C said...

Can't wait to see yours and Sami's book! Vacation! Sounds great and fun with family.

Karen said...

Go, Andi, Go!!! You cut into paper!! As a member of Hoarders Anonymous, I congratulate you for your great accomplishment! :>:>:>

Have a great vacation with your sister! Our summer has been busy, but with little triumphs rather than great summer escapades to report. Next up? BBQ with friends next weekend! :>

Kelly Booth said...

Can't wait to see the Books...I use to subscribe to several scrapbook kits monthly but I am a hoarder and still have all of them!! Sounds like a fun Family Vacation.... Oh and summer id Flying by for busy with life!!