Sunday, August 1, 2010

Family Vacation Recap! Silver Lake, CA and 'The Cabin'

We were so organized at the beginning of the trip!    
We had lots and lots of miles of landscape views          

Silver Lake, Somewhere Near Susanville, CA
The Kitchen in the Cabin (no electricity)
The Front of the Cabin (facing the lake)
A hike atop the rim of Silver Lake
Dick took the kids sailing on a Sunfish - Daily!
Canoe Lessons - Daily!
The Boys get their lesson
The original sign from when my husbands' family owned the cabin
One of our hikes
Sami's Thank You letter
So we just spend four days having a FABULOUS vacation! 

Dick's sister got a hold of the cabin his family owned for three generations, and we brought 2 extra kidlets with us.  This might have been insane, taking someone else's children to another state, and to a place without cell service.  But we did it!  One of the kids had a hard time each evening missing her mom - but we worked through it.  She was such a trooper - jumping into each adventure with an open heart.  The other? We heard a lot of 'I don't want to' (insert snotty ungrateful attitude) - which resulted in our son missing out on a few adventures and opportunities.  Live and Learn.

Anyway, our children got to do the things Dick did each summer when his family stayed at the cabin - canoe, sail, hike, explore caves, etc.  And we added something new:  making a fire out front (this always messed me up!  The front of the cabin faces the lake!) and making Smores.  

Most of the items in the cabin are antiques from the days when Dick's family owned it.  All the lights are gas, and vintage fixtures with gas lines that run to them!  And it's really dark inside!  I had a hard time seeing what we were cooking, eating, and cleaning.  And no showers for the entire time!  ACK!  Let's just say, it's the better form of camping, if a girl had to pick, I would take the cabin over a tent any day!

So, that's a recap of where we have been and what we have done!

And yes, it is good to be home!

Clicking my red shoes, three times!

Our next adventure?  Is in three weeks!!!!!   


Elise said...

Hey, wait! THAT'S MY CABIN!

Just kidding. {I wish!}

That is AWESOME! Wow! What a TREASURE! Treasured memories, now, to boot! I'm twitching with scrapbooky excitement! {Can you say "scraportunity!" ???} Holy moly!

You ranch folk DO IT RIGHT! That's what I'm talkin' about! What a terrific share, SWEET Andi...

You MUST be feeling like an accomplished adventurer, if ever there was one.. or her... SHE is YOU! YEEEEEEE HAW!!!! Anyway, ENJOY that shower and the fantastic memories!

Suzanne C said...

Sounds fabulous! Other than the no electricity and showers. :) WOnderful that you all had some time off and no chores! Other than getting by chores. :)

Lin said...

Sounds alot like the vacations we had as children in Canada, something I will never forget. No fun for my Mom, but wonderful memories for us kids, and your kids will remember this, too. Beautiful place, Andi, thanks so much for sharing. We used to take a bath in the lake at night.....jump in, get out and soap up, jump back in to rinse!! Is that allowed now? Probably not :)