Friday, September 3, 2010

Our Beautiful Vacation in Missouri - Photo Share - Batch #1

Salt Lake City Airport
Jake at the same airport
First, let me say, I have lots and lots of photos to share with you.  So, we will have to do this in separate posts on separate days!

Day 1:  We left at 6am (which means I got up at 4am and woke the kids at 5am) and drove 2.5 hours to Boise to catch our plane.  We ended up with a delayed flight when we were to connect in Salt Lake City (super big wind storm - so all planes grounded) - and arrived two hours late in St. Louis, Missouri.  By the time we got to my sister's place, it was 10pm!  The heat shocked us all when we stepped out into the St. Louis night air.  But, once at my sister's I was loving all the wild thing sounds!  I love those singing insects - loud and wild.... The kids perked right up when they saw Paula's 2 itty bitty baby kitties!  However, one of the older cats, MO, make it a point to hiss and swat us at every opportunity. 

Sami with one of Auntie Paula's itty bitty kitties
Our Family House, Chesterfield Missouri  - For Sale, Again (3rd time since we moved)
Green Trails Lake - Our Lake, where we walked to to play, swim, find turtles

Day 2:  After clothes shopping (for school - we did it in Missouri, and sent the box home - it arrived Wed. the following week), we took the kids to see where we grew up.  Lots of great memories in this old neighborhood.  My father died in 1990 (twenty years ago!) and my mom decided to move to Seattle, WA and live with her sister. So, our house was sold to our older sister, and then she sold it, and now it's for sale again.  My sister married in 1990 and lived on a farm down 'in the bottoms' in Chesterfield Valley.  She is now on her own, about 30 minutes away or so, in Ballwin. 

We dined on all sorts of fun stuff at Houlihan's!  My signature drink is an Arnold Palmer. 
This is my compassionate, silly, fun, ever so loving Baby Sister.
These two clowns are blowing air at each other - two peas in a pod, let me tell you.
Jake and my 18/19 year old Nephew, Andrew - 'Gaming'
My nephew is now a man.  Freaky.  Not the wild child who ran around when he was 3 at my wedding.  Not the smarty pants who told his dad 'you aren't my father' at a 7-11 in public, and almost got my brother-in-law arrested for kidnapping.  He is now a young man.  Gentle voice, sweet to his cousins. 
And, Our Playground, Day 3-6.  Tan Tar-A Resort, Lake of the Ozarks

Day 3:  We drove 2.5 hours to the Lake of the Ozarks.  A beautiful drive!  I love Missouri.  The trees, the insects, the scenery.  Oh what a great place! 

Our real adventures start here.  So, I will have to share with you on tomorrow's post how we spend 'our days'.  Remember the little album I made?  It will all make sense starting tomorrow!

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Crafty Creations said...

Wow - looks like a nice time was had by all!! That pool looks amazing! I'm sure you had fun there!!
I'm glad to finally get back to your blog. I had tried about a month ago (or maybe more) and the old one was still up and not updated.
So, now I'm following you!!!
Thanks for your sweet comments on my friend Jen!!!
Hope all is well :)

Virginia L. said...

Looks like you had a FABULOUS summer, especially spending time at your sister's in MI! PRECIOUS moments! I enjoyed all the photos that you posted! Thanks so much for sharing your awesome trip. xox

Karen said...

So glad you all had a great trip to your sister's!! That itty bitty kitten has the same markings as our cat (well, at least on top!). And the last pic has me wanting to dive in!! Looking forward to seeing you put your cute travel album to use! :>

Lin said...

Thanks, Andi, loved seeing your family, the old homestead, and am looking forward to more of your adventures!

Louise (KardKrazy) said...

Enjoyed the little "visit" so far -- looking forward to more:)

Elise said...

Ohhhhh, my GOODNESS! Who knew there was such an exotic looking place RIGHT here in the good ol' USA! That positively looks like another country! WONDERFUL! Looks like you guys had a FANTASTIC adventure! What GREAT pics.... You're making me feel "well traveled!" hee hee

Suzanne C said...

How wonderful to have time with your family and looks like a beautiful place you were staying at.