Thursday, March 22, 2012

January Layout - Just the Way You Are

Just The Way You Are

This layout was created for a challenge (yes, that's right... I made something!) over at the Scraptastic Kit Blog.  The Challenge is to create a layout with a filmstrip (created my own) and use a song title on your layout.  My song title is 'Just the Way You Are' by Bruno Mars.

About the photos:
In January Sami turned 14.  For her birthday we did 'girly' things.  Jake (her brother) and I took her clothes shopping and she picked out clothes that she wanted for herself (we have Beale's, Maurice's and Walmart in our area). 
Then, I scheduled her for a hair appointment.  She wanted her hair layered.  And so, layers it was.
The bottom photo in the home-made film strip is a pile of hair -that looks awfully light!
And, I captured myself in the mirror - with her watchful eye.

This was one of those days where Jake did a lot of sitting... and playing on his Ipod. 

October 2011 Blissful Sunshine Kit, Scraptastic Kit Club
March 2012 Be Amazing Kit (butterflies), Scraptastic Kit Club

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Elise said...

This. Is. Just. Soooooo LOVELY! Gawd, girl! I just CHEER for you, ALL THE TIME! I, for one, know there is courage, MIGHTY courage, required for each and every inch you are taking. To the most minute and the grandest, it takes a BOATLOAD! Your strength does not go unnoticed. And you WILL be rewarded {I'm sure you ALREADY are!}! This layout is OUTSTANDING!!!! I'm SO inspired by you! Just coming back into scrapping after 3 YEARS of drought for reasons to OUTRAGEOUS to list, but I must say, you HAVE inspired me - TRULY! I adore you, sweet gal! GREAT to see you DOIN' your THANG!!!!!

adele holcomb said...

So pretty, Andi! I love the way this has the feel of a photo strip without being one!