Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Praying and Fasting for Lindsay

Sunday night I got a call from one of the ladies that is a member of the same church that Jake and I attend.
I ignored it.  I was in bed.  I recognized the voice, and knew Tuesday night some moms and girls were going to be working on sewing projects.  I'll be 300 miles away at that time for a work related meeting.  Surely, they don't expect me to sew???

But, something just did not feel right. So, feeling guilty, (that little voice), I returned her call at 6:00 am yesterday morning. And apologized for the time.  She was fine.  She rises at 5:00 am, like me.

"Andi, can you pray and fast for Lindsay B.?  She was taken to the hospital today (Sunday), and she is showing the same signs that Sierra had.  We are asking people to fast and pray for 24 hours, from noon, Monday, until noon, Tuesday.  They are leaving for Boise tomorrow".

"Yes, of course", I answered.  Choking up...

I know this family. I just saw them earlier in the day at church.  All of them.

I know her older sister Sierra.  About 5 years ago Sierra got real sick.  It took days to find out what was wrong.

They found out her heart was too large, and her body was starting to reject it.

For months she was in and out of hospitals, on a waiting list for a heart transplant.  She even had a 'fake' one before they could find a real one. She spent time here, in Oregon, and down in Palo Alto, California.   And, she got a new heart.  And has daily injections to keep her body from rejecting it.

Sierra is doing great.

Lindsay, too, it has been discovered, has a large heart.

Pray.. my friends... for this little girl.  Lindsay.

In his name.

Peace be to God...

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Suzanne C said...

Saying a prayer for Lindsey!